How to make a beautifully designed profile in Tik-Tok: name, nickname, description, avatar


If you are promoting in TikTok – your page is your face. It is not enough to post good videos, you need to make your profile look nice so that people want to subscribe. This is one of the important steps for promotion in TikTok from scratch.

In this article we’ll tell you how to properly design a profile at Tic-Toc, where to start and who to look up to.

How to decorate the header of the profile in Tik Tok beautifully

The first thing to start with is coming up with a name and nickname. This is the most important part of the profile because the name and nickname should reflect the essence of the channel.


The name in Tik Tok is entered during registration right after specifying a phone/email and a password.

Important: if you register from your email and not from your phone number, the name automatically becomes what is written before @ in the email address, you can change the name immediately after registration.

How do I name my account? If you’re making a personal blog, you can write your real name and surname or a creative nickname. The number of characters is up to 20.

Example – singer Vogel, the account name is a creative pseudonym.

For a website promotion, we write the name of the site. Example – Postium for

If it’s a themed profile, let the name reflect the essence of the videos. For example, if you’re posting recipes, you might call the account “Cooking with Masha” or “Inside Out”.

If you are creating an account solely to drive traffic, such as to Instagram or your YouTube channel, you can make a similar name. For example, there’s a YouTube channel called “Chicken Curry,” you could also name the account in Tik Tok or Latin “Chicken Curry.”

You can also use unusual fonts in the name, usually this is done through or – you write the name, choose a font, copy and paste it in the account settings. Or add an emoji to the name.

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Username (nickname)

The username in Tick-Tock, aka nickname, is the word after the doggy @ sign. It is written in Latin letters and is displayed in the Tik-Tok link: The number of characters is up to 24.

Important: nickname can be changed no more than 1 time in 30 days, so it’s better to think it up in advance. Also it should be 100% unique unlike the name. If the nickname is already occupied the system will suggest you to create another one.

Nickname should be memorable, preferably short and without extra characters, then it will be easier to write it in the search for TT (in the “Interesting” section), in the address bar of the web version of TT browser (after or in Google search.

Sometimes the nickname is a login from Instagram, with the word “inst” in front of it, for example, @inst.vovapalibroda404. It is immediately clear by what nickname to look for a person in Insta.

In our opinion, this particular nickname is not entirely successful (too long), but we show as an example of how you can use a nickname to draw attention to Instagram.

Examples of successful nicknames:

@yanbex – almost like Yandex, short for Rinat Yanbekov.
@mr.andlee – Andy Lee.
@catfiny – account of a cat named Feeny.
@a4omg – blogger’s account of A4.
@mamka_top – sketches.
@labro_nochka – labrador account.

Profile picture/video – what to put on your avatar

Profile ava in Tik Tok is a picture of 100 x 100 pixels in JPG format. You can crop the photo while uploading it. You can also add any video to your avatar – the video is adjusted to the size of your avatar (circle), you need to choose a segment no longer than 6 seconds.

To change your avatar, go to “Edit profile”. Then select “Change photo” or “Change video”.

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What do I want to use as my avatar on Tik Tok? If it’s a personal account, a bright photo/video from your life or your face close-up will do.

Expert account – personal photo.


Commercial profile – a logo. Example – Red Bull.


Advice on choosing a photo for your avatar:

  • try to choose a photo without small details – in a smaller version it will be difficult to see what is shown on the avatar;
  • personal photos look better if they are taken close-up;
  • better avoid photos/pictures with lots of color.
  • Avatar should reflect the theme of the account. If you’re using a kitty cat account, it’s probably best to put a kitty cat on your avatar rather than a flower, heart or soccer ball.


In your profile description, you need to write a few words about yourself and your profile. It also includes your contact information for collaboration (e.g. advertising) or communicating with your followers.

The limit for the number of characters in the description is up to 80. You can add unusual fonts, emoji (via copy-paste) and line breaks.

At the first stage, when you have not yet been given the opportunity to add links, you can write in your profile your username in social networks, the name of the channel on YouTube or the address of your personal site, so you can be found outside of Tik Tok. Later, when you will be able to leave clickable links, you can remove this information from the description and just leave a link.

Link to Instagram and YouTube can be attached immediately, without the active link function.

Links (website, insta, youtube)

At first Tic-Toc couldn’t put active/clickable links at all, then this option appeared for millionaire bloggers, now the link is available for authors of 1,000+ subscribers and all business accounts.

To add a link, go to “Edit Profile”, find “Website” below and type in the link.

What to put in the “Web site” field – a link to a website, an affiliate, a link to a messenger or a social network, a link to a donate, a multilink.

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Still below, there are items “Add Instagram link to profile” and “Add YouTube link to profile” – you will need to confirm the link, through authorization on the chosen platform.

These 2 items are available immediately after registration, that is, it does not depend on the number of subscribers. In the profile are shown as buttons with Instagram and YouTube logos.


To add a Q&A button to your profile, you first need to connect your author account. Then, open the author tools, click “Q&A” and activate the feature.

Once you’ve done this, a button will appear under your profile description.


Each video in the feed should have attractive covers so that you want to click and see what the video is about. The covers are made from segments of the video. It’s better to choose the most intriguing moment for the cover or a fragment with text when uploading the video to Tik-Tok.

Example without text:

In Tik Tok, just like in Instagram, you can add more than one account and switch between them. To do this, go to the main profile page and click on your login with a triangle (located above the avatar). Below will be an item “Add account”, click and go to the registration page.

PSG is an account of a soccer club

Emblem as an avatar, nickname and title are consonant with the name of the club, there is a link to Instagram and website.

Your pet’s account

The avatar has a picture, a link to the site and a button for donation. Overall, there is an emphasis on content.


The design of the page in Tic Toc is an important step in the promotion. It depends on how well the account is designed – will they want to subscribe to you, and will advertisers pay attention.

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