How to make a big “Subscribe” button on Instagram

One of the ways to design an unusual profile on Instagram is to set up a large “Subscribe” button in the header. Firstly, it will help to stand out from competitors, and secondly, those who want to subscribe will definitely not miss 🙂

To configure the button, you need to add an additional communication method and connect the service for online recording. Let’s figure out how to do it.

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How to make a big “Subscribe” button in your Instagram profile header

The final result that we should get.

This effect is achieved due to the appearance in the profile of a new button “Book”, which leads to the online registration service.

We connect to the online appointment service

Step 1… The easiest way is to use the service. Go to the site, click “Free account” or “Register” and fill in the profile data.

Step 2… Setting up the page. We choose any of the templates that match your theme.

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Online registration page design

Once selected, the template can be changed. Please note that you will have a link to this page in your profile – when the user clicks on the “Book” button, the user will go to this particular page. Therefore, if you are not going to use the online booking service, still make at least a minimal design: add one service and fill in its description.

Setting up the online appointment page

Step 4… We indicate the account data. We remember or write down the login data – we will need them in the next step and go to Instagram.

Login details

Add a new communication method and action button

Step 5… We go to your Instagram account from a mobile device and click “Edit Profile”. In the menu that opens, select “Communication methods”.

Instagram communication methods

Step 6… Be sure to indicate your phone number and email address. Below we tap “Select action button”.

How to add an action button to Instagram

Step 7… Find SimplyBook among the services in the list and click “Continue”. Next, we confirm all our actions.

Connecting SimplyBook

Step 8… Using the login data, we log in to the service and confirm its use.

Setting up an action button on Instagram

If everything is done correctly, everyone who is not subscribed to your account will see a large “Subscribe” button when they visit your profile. In addition, a button “Book” will appear – when clicking on which, the user will be taken to the service for online booking. There you can set up a list of services and keep an entry for them, or for a consultation.

Use this hack to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of your audience.

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