How to make a broadcast in Telegram: the most complete guide


Despite the fact that Telegram is a messenger, here you can make live broadcasts (video chats) on channels and make audio rooms in groups (like in Clubhouse). Among the useful features of broadcasts in Telegram: screen sharing, noise reduction, announcement of the broadcast and synchronization with other platforms.

In this article, we will tell you how to launch and conduct broadcasts in Telegram, what features are available to presenters, and how to use them correctly.

How to launch a broadcast in Telegram: step-by-step instructions

Step 1. Open a channel or group.

Step 2. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Select the Broadcast icon if you’re in a channel, or the Video Chat icon if you’re in a group.

We get a menu with broadcast options: “Show me as”, “Start broadcast”, “Announce broadcast”, “Start with help”.

Step 4. Click “Show me as…” and choose whether you want to speak on behalf of your personal profile or on behalf of a channel/group.

Step 5: Choose “Start Broadcasting”.

Step 6: Turn on the microphone and video.

The participants of the channel/chat join the broadcast by themselves. But if you want, you can invite a person. To do this, click “Invite Participants” and select the desired contact.

An unlimited number of viewers can attend the broadcast.

How to schedule an on-air broadcast on Telegram

You can schedule the broadcast 7 days in advance. Then all subscribers to the channel/chat will be aware of the upcoming broadcast and can schedule to attend it.

  • To do this also open the channel and click broadcast, and instead of launching, select “Announce Broadcast”.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Your subscribers will receive a notification of the upcoming event. If you want to reschedule or cancel the broadcast, click on the announcement bar at the top of the screen. Select Exit – Delete Broadcast.
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How to broadcast on Telegram

Telegram is not a streaming platform, and the ability to broadcast is relatively new, so there aren’t many options here yet. Let’s break them all down.

Screen Demo

Screen demo allows you to show live what’s happening on your phone/laptop. Use this feature to show a presentation or the process of a game.

How to do it:

  • During the broadcast, click the triple dot in the upper left corner
  • Click “Broadcast Screen” – “Start Broadcasting.


The demonstration will start in 3 seconds after pressing. And at the top of the phone screen will appear a red bar, which means that the recording is in progress.

There are 2 ways to stop the screen demonstration:

  • Press the red bar and then press the “Stop” button
  • Go back to the on-air screen, click on the triple dot and then on “Stop Screen Broadcast”.

Adding Speakers

One of the cool things about Telegram broadcasts is that you can make up to 30 people speakers at once. To do this, click on the participant of the broadcast, and in the window that appears, select “Turn on the microphone.

Now the person can talk. If you want to deprive him of this opportunity, then go back to the card and click “Turn off the microphone”.

If the person joins the broadcast using the invitation link, they don’t have to wait for permission to turn on the microphone, they can start talking right away.

And you can also give permission in “Participant Rights” so that everyone can talk and you don’t have to waste time getting permission for everyone.

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On Telegram airwaves, you can add your characteristic in the “Add ‘About Yourself'” column. You can read a brief biography of each participant to get to know those in attendance better or decide who to give the floor to.

How to set up a comment chat

Giving permission to each participant present to turn on the microphone can be too time consuming. But if you need to get everyone’s opinion, you can make a post for comments. And in groups, you can correspond during the broadcast in the same way as you normally do.

To enable chat on the channel, you need to connect comments, and to do that, you need to create a group and link it to the channel. Done. Now participants can leave comments under the publications.

After that, before broadcasting, make a publication where people can leave comments. As in the example screenshot below.

How to save the broadcast

It often happens that channel subscribers live in different time zones, and on broadcasts you give useful information that you want to show everyone. Recording the broadcast will help you.

How to do it:

Step 1. Start the broadcast.

Step 2. Click on the triple dot at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Start Recording.

Step 4. Choose your options. You can choose to record “audio only” or “audio and video” and make the screen recording vertical or horizontal.

Step 5: Click “Start Recording”.

When the broadcast is finished, the recording will automatically be saved in “Favorites” in two formats: video recording and audio recording. After that, you can forward these messages to the channel or group, so that other subscribers can also watch.

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