How to make a collage in Instagram Stories: from photos and videos

Collage is a composition of several images or videos that are superimposed on one another. They can be used in Stories to add variety to your content.

In this article, we will tell you how to make a collage on Instagram stories using a standard editor, and what applications are there for creating beautiful collages (since the functionality of the story editor is clearly not enough).

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How to make a collage in Instagram Stories from a photo

On iOS

We go into the story editor, take a photo or download a finished one from the gallery. You can use a gradient background in Create mode.

Select the background and click on the sticker icon. Find the IMG sticker (image icon in a gray circle).

Making a collage in history

Select a picture (or several) in the gallery and add it to the story. Images can be moved, stretched, effects applied.

How to make a photo collage in Instagram stories

On Android

The sticker will soon work on Androids, the principle of creating a collage is the same as on iOS. In the meantime, you can use the old methods – go to the “Create” mode, then switch Instagram to the background mode, find images on the Internet or in the gallery (in PNG format with transparency), copy them to the clipboard, reopen the story and paste pictures into one.

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Alternative options

  1. Use GIF sticker and look for stickers with transparency in the GIPHY library, but there are nuances – there may not be what you need and all the stickers are animated.
    How to make a collage from GIFs to StoriesPS You can save the story as a picture and then re-upload, then the gifs will be static.
  2. Use the Collage tool in the story editor, though there is nothing special about it – just a grid of images.

Go to the story, click “Collage”.

Standard collage in Stories

Choose a template – how many images will be in the grid.

Collage template

Click on the square in the lower left corner to select a photo from the gallery. We get a simple collage.

Collage of pictures in history

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How to Make Instagram Stories Collage from Video: Collage Maker Apps

The Collage tool in Story Editor does not yet support adding videos, so you can use third-party applications.


PicsArt Is a powerful photo and video editor, collage is just one of its tools. It has different styles and templates for photos – frames, grids, scrapbooks, there are special templates for stories. In addition to collages, the application has filters, effects, a background removal tool, hair color change, a make-up function, double exposure, video editing tools, a sticker library (+ you can create your own), paint brushes, ready-made presets for processing photos and videos.

How to make a collage on Instagram Stories

Canva – an application from a well-known editor. There are ready-made collage templates (+ separate for stories), you can create collages manually by moving PNG images in the editor. Pictures can be found in the editor’s library or downloaded manually from the gallery.

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Collage Maker Apps for Instagram Stories

StoryLab – Story editor with over 200 customizable collage templates and 800+ individual story templates. There are various frame styles and effects, ready-made backgrounds, over 50 handwritten fonts to make your story unique.

StoryLab - Story Editor

Mojito – Story editor in a modern minimalist style. With a library of 1,000+ static and animated templates to choose from. Plus the application – here you can create video collages and export the result directly to Instagram.

Mojito - Story editor in a modern minimalist style

StoryArt – similar to the previous editor, there are even more minimalistic templates: 2,000+, of which more than 1,000 are just collages, some of the templates are animated. The app also has 60+ themes with different designs: cinema, retro, minimalism, polaroid. There is a tool for creating covers for Highlights.


StoryEditor – this editor stands out from the competition with its bright neon templates (500+) and stylized filters (crumpled paper, cinema, magazine). New collections are added every week. More than 100 fonts are available to create beautiful lettering. There are 100+ Highlights covers.


Pic stitch – collage editor with 245+ template grids. In it you can edit photos, change the frames of grids, resize collages, create your own grids (if there are not enough templates), change the background.

Pic Stitch - Collage Maker for Instagram

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Collage maker – # 1 application for creating collages on iOS. It has over 10,000 templates, and each layer in the collage can be customized. There is a background replacement tool, adding text (you can also edit it), stickers, effects. You can make a collage from scratch, that is, not according to a template.

Collage Maker is the # 1 collage maker app for iOS

STORIO – in this application you can create templates not only for stories, but also for posts + there are templates for an endless feed (landing page on Instagram). The app has 300 templates, 26 thematic collections and 15 free fonts.

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PS If you mark the @ account in your stories, then there is a chance to get into the official Instagram feed of developers and get additional traffic from it.

Mixgram – collage editor with 1,000+ templates. Grids divided into categories are available for editing. You can enhance your story with 100 effects, text, stickers, color grading, photo cropping, fashion frames, photo split tool.

Mixgram - collage maker with 1,000+ templates

Story – the application is tailored for advertising stories, templates (regular and with collages) are divided into the most popular categories (beauty, travel, sports, business and others). A million stock photos are available to users.

Story - the application is tailored for advertising stories, templates

Cȯllage Maker – a simple editor, which stands out from competitors by the presence of 3D templates for collages and regular updates. New effects and templates appear every week. The user has access to 30 non-standard layouts, 54 regular layouts (but they can be edited), 43 frames, 79 fonts, 18 effects and 115 stickers.

Cȯllage Maker

Similar applications:

  • Layer – Story Maker & Layouts;
  • Kards – Instagram Story Editor
  • Instories: story templates;
  • Unfold;
  • 500 Stories;
  • imin;
  • Nichi;
  • Dazzle – Insta story templates;
  • Smoozly;
  • Storico.


Create collages in Instagram Stories to diversify the content, as monotonous photos or videos can become boring for subscribers. Collages can also be used to post reactions to stories or answers in stories to questions from subscribers.

To make unique creative collages – use the IMG sticker, as well as applications for Android and iOS.

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