How to make a description of a VKontakte group: what to write, how to arrange, examples

Our site already has information on how to create a VKontakte community and how to design it beautifully, today we will dwell on the description of the group in more detail.

A person who first appeared in the VKontakte group does not know: where he is, what he can get here and whether it will be useful / interesting for him. To clarify these issues, the community should have some kind of annotation.

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Today we will understand in more detail: where the description of the community is located, what it includes and how to correctly compose it. Let’s look at some good examples. Plus: step-by-step instructions for publishing a description.

Where is it located and what is the description

The description is located in the group header under the cover and title (“Information” block). Even if the community is closed, it is visible to everyone who opens the page.

Like “Introduction” for a book or a start page for a site, a description of a VKontakte group is its title page. Mandatory design element.

It is also worth noting that the description of the public for search engines is the description of the page. It is easier for search engines to find a community if the abstract contains keywords.

How to make a description of a group in VK to attract subscribers

Step 1… There are no communities “for everyone and about everything”. Answer the question as accurately as possible: “Who is your group for?” This is where the description begins.

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Example: “This group was created for men in love with cars”, “A community of moms for whom not only family is important, but also creativity.”

For pubs with unique names, the description can start with an explanation.

Example: “FOUR LEGS is a charity project for animals that …”.

Step 2… The next question is: “What is interesting / useful in the group?” Even a small community benefit can be a significant competitive advantage. But it is important to write about this based on the needs and pains of subscribers / customers, and not on why you “love yourself.”

Example: “If you have long planned to switch to remote work, OnLine School is ready to help you with materials posted in the group.”

Step 3… Express your group’s advantage in one sentence. For business, this is a unique selling proposition. For thematic communities, these are the key qualities that distinguish this public from others.

Example: “The largest community of nail artists on VKontakte.”

Step 4… Enter your contact information. Mandatory for business groups and desirable for thematic communities.

It is vital for a business to retain customers and be in touch with them. The entertainment public will add solidity to having the opportunity to contact the administration.

Note that you can insert hyperlinks into the description. If the community does not have separate communication channels (phone, mail, other social networks), then notify subscribers that you are ready to reply to them in comments or messages.

Example: “If you want to sign up for a master class, write a comment on the pinned post.”

Step 5… Add a call to action. Namely: call to join the group.

You can write “Subscribe!”, But it is also better to offer visitors a valuable benefit. A privilege that only community members have.

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Example: “Join a group and get a 25% discount on your first order!”

Step 6… Complete your group description text. Check that it meets the following criteria:

  • It is better if the description is short. Nobody likes to read “a lot of letters”, and search engines display a limited number of characters.
  • If the text still came out long, then structure it (break it into blocks, for example) and place the most important information at the beginning (before the link “Show in full”).
  • Do not overload the text with “decorations” (for example, emoticons).
  • Add some keywords to the text for indexing in search engines.

Typical mistakes in group description

In pursuit of brevity, some public administrators refuse the description or write literally a couple of words in it (sometimes they duplicate the name of the group). We do not recommend doing this, because The “incomprehensible” community is unlikely to interest anyone. It is better to transfer part of the text to an avatar or cover (short theses, slogans). This helps to shorten the annotation without making the header more descriptive.

Another common mistake of SMM specialists: insert text into the description that has little in common with the group itself, but contains a lot of keywords. This is done for successful indexing in search engines, but in reality it brings little benefit, because even if a visitor finds such a community, it is unlikely that they will linger in it.

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Examples of good descriptions

The thematic community of authors “Overheard Copywriting” made a capacious, but very informative description. The list of things members can do here and the call to action have been moved to the cover of the group, which shortened the annotation.

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It is important for entertainment communities to convey to the visitor as clearly and quickly as possible why he should “stay” here.

Description of the official community of the electronic discounter “Citylink” is laconic, but at the same time it answers all the questions of the new visitor about the group. It is also indicated that the information here is of an information and entertainment nature, and contacts, which are mandatory for business.

An example of a description of a VKontakte group

Since it is profitable for “selling” groups to convert every fleeting desire of a subscriber to buy a product, it is important to indicate all the contacts of the store so that the client can quickly contact to make a purchase.

From such groups, visitors expect “usefulness” (discounts, gifts, instructions, product comparative analyzes) and support from administrators (sending feedback, getting answers to questions).

Add a description in the community

You can add a description to a group as follows:

  1. The annotation can be written directly in the “Add description” field or filled in in the “Management” section.
    How to add a description of a VKontakte group
  2. By clicking on the “Add description” field, you will be able to enter text.
    What to write in the Information section in the VKontakte group
  3. Enter the text and it will immediately appear in front of you on the group page.
    Where is the description of the group in VK
  4. You can also change the description of the group in the “Management” section in the “Basic information” block.
    How to change the description of a VKontakte community
  5. Enter your text and click the Save button.

The description will appear on the group page.

What is the description of the VKontakte group

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Description of a VKontakte group is a text that “sells” the community in the literal and allegorical sense (it can sell a product or an “idea” / topic). The recommendations from this article will help you expand your audience, improve your group design, and increase sales. After all, a well-thought-out and correctly composed description is a serious promotion tool.

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