How to make a description under a video in TikTok: instructions, what to write


Tic Toc video descriptions can be used to interest the audience and encourage them to be active – to like, comment on videos, subscribe, and re-post.

In this article we’ll show examples of what you can write under the video to get your audience hooked. And also briefly walk through the technical points.

How to add or change a video description in Tic-Toc

Requirements for the description:

  • Limits. The maximum length of the text is 200 characters. But the shorter the description, the better, since the text is superimposed over the video. If you make a big text, and even add hashtags – it will partially cover the video.
    What you can use: emoji, hashtags, mark friends’ profiles.
  • Step-by-step instructions for adding a description to your video:
  • Shoot a video or upload a ready-made video from the gallery of your smartphone.
    Select the duration (you can trim part of the video, delete unwanted fragments).
    Add music, effects, stickers, masks – everything you need to process your video.
    Write a description of your video, add hashtags, tag your friends (if needed), set video access (who can comment, save, shoot duets).
  • Read the full instruction on how to add video in the article: How to add video in Tik Tok. There you’ll also find technical nuances and tips on making videos.
  • Editing text in a published video. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is impossible to change the published video, so you have to do it right the first time. The only option to change something is to delete the video and upload it again with a new description, but we do NOT recommend doing this, as such manipulations can cause a shadow ban.
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Important: try to avoid deleting videos in Tic-Toc at all. If you want to hide video from others’ eyes – make it private (it will be available only for you).

How to move video to private archive:

  • Open the published video, click on 3 dots.
  • In the menu that appears, find the “Privacy” section.
  • Click on who can view the video (the default setting is “Everyone”).
  • Choose “Private”. The video is now available only to you.


What to write in the text below the video in the Tick-Tock to hook the audience

A few tricks that successful ticktockers use:

1. Attracting attention with one word. Underneath the video, it says, “Poor girl?” You want to watch to the end and understand why poor.

2. Question about the content of the video. The author asks: “How many push-ups?”, thereby encouraging viewers to revisit the clip and count the number of push-ups.

Video of the game #submarine

3. A question about the topic of the video. The difference from the previous option is that by asking a question on the content, we motivate to review the clip, and by asking a question on the topic, we motivate to write an answer in the comments. You can combine both, for example, write, “How many push-ups did you do? Write your answer in the comments, and at the same time write how many push-ups you can do yourself.

In the example below, a humorous sketch about going to a children’s camp, the author asks the audience how many times they’ve been to camp in their lives.

4. An intriguing description from which you don’t understand anything, but you want to see the video through to the end. The caption to the video: “Finally I took a photo with my brother. But in the beginning of the video the author stands alone in the frame with his hand outstretched. I want to understand, what is the point – the brother is invisible or the author uses some effect?

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The beginning of the video on the left and the end on the right. The video uses the “Distortion” effect

5. “If you missed someone, write in the comments”. The author of the video shows which music from Tik-Tok refers to which sign of the zodiac. One sign is intentionally left out, which one you write in the comments. You can repeat this trick with anything – the characters of the show, types of people, types of characters, days of the week. The point is that the video then carefully revisited to understand what or who was missing, and then write the answer in the comments, and you get activity.

6. Cat owners will understand. The video shows typical domestic cat behavior – tearing up the wallpaper instead of the scratching post, spilling litter around the litter box. All this to the track “That’s not how you do it, that’s how you do it!” Those who have cats are posting in the comments that they have the same, “Zhiza,” etc. The point is that you can make a video on any life situation and write a suitable description, for example, “Hunters will understand”, “Students will understand”, “Mothers will understand”, “Fishermen will understand”. Surely there will be someone in the audience who recognizes himself in the video and writes off in the comments.

The video can be found by the hashtags

7. Likeing new subscribers. A variant for schoolchildren and “likes” hunters. The idea is that the author of the video promises likes for subscriptions, and viewers subscribe for the sake of likes. “Nothing personal – just business.”

8. What time do you watch? The author asks what time viewers saw the video and writes that she posted it at 2:23 p.m. Interesting move – in addition to the comments under the video, you can analyze what time the video was approximately in the recommendations, and at what time the audience is most active. You get additional data for analysis in addition to the built-in statistics.

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9. Throw in more stories. Shoot serial content, such as parodies of parents, and invite viewers to write ideas for new videos in the comments. Double benefit – comments under the video and free ideas for the video.

10. This is how the new mask/effect/lifehack works. Show new Tic-Toc chips or a tiphack on any topic and put a caption like this. The viewer, of course, is interested to see the result.

11. send it to your friend(s). Take a video of any life situation and offer to share it with your friends.

When I finally decided to go on a diet and my mom bought all the goodies

12. Who’s better – me or the original. You shoot a duet in a top video and then ask the audience whose version is better. For example, duets on @bellapoarch’s video are popular right now – girls who look like Disney princesses. In this example, viewers are also asked if Bella overtakes Charlie Damelio, the world’s most popular tic–tocker.

There are already thousands of duets with Bella and the “Face Approach” effect in Tic-TOcs

13. Are you the first or second type? There are many clips in TT where they compare different types of people or historical periods and then ask which type the viewers are. For example: “What music did kids listen to in the ’90s and what music do kids today listen to?”, “How did our parents dress and how do we dress?”, “How did people meet 40 years ago and how do people meet now?”

What else is written in the text below the clips:

  • If you don’t believe me, watch the video all the way to the end.
  • If you see me in the recommendations – write a comment (give me a “Like”).
  • Let’s see if we can get to the top.
  • Look for the continuation in the next video.
  • When you get 1,000 likes, I’ll do the second part.
  • I’ll post the sequel in 24 hours.
  • Sign up and I’ll do a sequel.
  • Sign up if you want more videos like this.

P.S. You can shoot your video responses to the comments under the Tic Tac video.


Use description to not just list popular hashtags or write what the video is about, but to get your audience to communicate and encourage viewers to watch the video to the end. Remember that any activity under the video (likes, comments, reposts) increases your chances of being recommended.


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