How to make a guide (guide) on Instagram: step by step instructions

Instagram travel guides are a new type of content that began to appear among users in Russia just a few days ago.

In this article, we will analyze in detail what travel guides (guides, guides) on Instagram are, how to create them, and share ideas for use.

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What are Instagram travel guides and why are they needed

Travel guides Are collections of posts, places or products on Instagram. After creating your guide, a new tab with your guides will appear on the main page of your profile.

With the help of travel guides, you can combine several publications on the same topic, make a selection of products or places to visit. For example, share your travel itinerary.

For business, it is primarily the ability to combine sets of products or publications on the same topic. For example, goods for winter holidays or how to properly plan your trip during a pandemic.

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How to make an Instagram travel guide: step by step instructions

Follow our instructions to create your Instagram travel guide.

Step 1… Open your profile home page and click on the plus icon in the upper right corner. A menu will appear at the bottom where you need to select “Guide”.

Also, go to the creation of a guide, you can leaf through someone’s guide to the end, there will be a button “Create a guide” at the bottom.

Creating a guide on Instagram

Step 2… Choose which collection you want to create: places, products or publications.

Which type of travel guide to choose

  • Places Are collections of geolocations from Instagram. Ideal if you need to indicate several offices on the map.
  • Products – here you can only add products from other stores or from your store, if it is configured.
  • Publications – these are collections of your posts.

We’ll look at an example of a travel guide from publications.

Step 3… Select the publications in the order in which they will be in your guide and click “Next”.

How to create a guide on Instagram

You can choose an unlimited number of publications.

Step 4… Write the title of the guide and fill in a short description. Try to be informative so that when a person opens your guide, he immediately understands what he is dedicated to.

Name of the travel guide on Instagram

Step 5… The cover of the guide is a photo of the first publication. To change it, click “Change cover photo” here. You can put any photo published in your profile or a photo from saved publications as a cover. You cannot upload a custom cover!

Step 6… Post design. For each publication, you can add a title and a short description separately.

Title of posts in the guide

Step 7… If you want to change the order of posts in the guide or delete some, click on the three dots next to any post and select the desired item. “Remove from the guide” or “Reorder posts”.

How to delete a post from a guide on Instagram

When you change the order of posts, just hold down the desired post and drag it to a new position in the list.

How to change the order of publications in the guide

Step 7… When you’re done with all the settings and styling, click Next at the top and on the new screen, click Share to post the guide.

How to post your travel guide on Instagram

If you are not sure that you are ready to publish it right away, you can save it as a draft.

If you want to edit or delete a guide on Instagram, open it, click on 3 dots to bring up the menu and select the desired item. Here you can copy the link to the guide or share it in messengers.

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How to edit a guide on Instagram

How to share your travel guide to Instagram Stories

To share your travel guide in Stories, first open it, and then in the upper right corner, click on the send icon. Select “Add a guide to your story”.

How to share your travel guide to Instagram Stories

Create a guided story, write a call to action, and what you expect from your followers.

Ideas for travel guides on Instagram

Now here’s a list of ideas to help you create your first profile guide.

  1. Office and store addresses… Only one address can be specified in the Instagram profile, and with the help of a place guide, you can combine them in one place.
  2. Step by step instructions… For example, the design of a profile on Instagram is a rather extensive topic, which consists of several points: a header, a single visual, current stories, and so on. Travel guides will allow you to combine all of this into a single collection.
  3. Stories… If you have a life story or business-related story that you tell from time to time, then you can combine all the posts regarding this story.
  4. Marathons and Challenges… By analogy with the previous paragraph, you can combine posts dedicated to your marathon or challenge.
  5. Catalog… You can combine products that complement each other, such as bedroom furniture.
  6. Content rubricator… If your blog is dedicated to several topics and previously you used hashtags to separate them, now you can do this using guides.

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