How to make a live broadcast on Tik-Tok: broadcast topic, preparation and broadcasting

Live broadcast on Tik-Tok is an opportunity to communicate with subscribers, answer questions, remind about yourself, and also receive donations, because so far this is the only official way to monetize on Tik-Tok.

In the article, we will analyze how to prepare for live broadcasts, how to launch and broadcast on Tik-Tok.

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Preparing for live broadcast

How to prepare

First you need to decide on broadcast theme – what to talk about at all. Then we choose the format – lecture, presentation, question-answer, broadcast of events, just friendly communication with subscribers. At this stage, you should already have a good idea of ​​your audience – how old are the subscribers, what their interests are, how they react to your content. Also take into account the specifics of Tik-Tok – people come here to have fun, long monologues on serious topics may not come in. But a lot depends on the content. Match the chosen theme of the account and the expectations of subscribers, if you are a lawyer – talk about law, a dancer – talk about dancing.

Next, you need to choose a suitable publication time and think over the structure of the broadcast (we schedule everything in time) – how long the main part should last, how much to devote to each item, when there should be questions. We advise you to write everything down on paper and keep your cheat sheet with you during the broadcast. But if you are confident, you can take a chance and improvise.

When we have decided on the topic and prescribed the structure, we think over our appearance and furnishings. We set up the lighting and technology, check the quality of the connection so that our live broadcast is not interrupted at the most inopportune moment.

What to make a broadcast theme

The theme, like the broadcast format, depends on the content and your main activity. Discuss what is interesting to your audience and is relevant to the topic of your account. You can talk about the new rules of Tik-Tok, events in the world, discuss contemporary music.

Be sure to do at least a few introductory broadcasts – subscribers watch broadcasts and stories (on Instagram) to learn more about you and your life. Tell about yourself, show how you live, answer questions, tell about an important event in your life, discuss content with subscribers in order to understand whether you are moving in the right direction, what needs to be changed and improved. Let the ethers be different.

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If this is a personal account – stories about yourself, meeting subscribers, question-answer, discussion of events in the world or your life, discussion of content.

If this is a specialist account – analysis of the submitted works, an overview of the latest innovations (the release of new laws for lawyers, Insta updates for SMMs, life hacks for personal care), an answer to subscribers’ questions.

If this is a business account – presentation of goods and services, company news, stories about the “internal” business kitchen.

If this is a famous person’s account – stories about yourself, Q&A, backstages and behind-the-scenes footage, broadcasts dedicated to specific projects (for example, a concert tour).

How to announce

When a live broadcast starts, Tik-Tok sends out notifications to subscribers. Some broadcasts are included in the recommendations, so you need to be prepared in advance for the broadcast. But we advise not to rely on TT, but to additionally warn subscribers about the upcoming broadcast – you can make a separate video with the announcement or talk about the upcoming broadcast in other social networks.

Advice: make the broadcasts regular and broadcast at the same time so that subscribers are waiting for new broadcasts. For example, every Friday night. So you will have your own audience of regular viewers.

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How to start a live broadcast on Tik-Tok

The online streaming function is available to those with 1,000 TT subscribers. It turns on automatically when the required mark is reached. If someone unsubscribed, and there are less than a thousand subscribers, the function disappears.

To start a live broadcast on Tik-Tok, click on the add video button.

By default, the normal shooting mode opens, but if you already have 1,000 subscribers or more, then Live will appear on the right, move the screen to the left to switch to this mode. Next, we write the title of the broadcast and click on the button “On air”. After that, the broadcast will begin, and subscribers will receive a notification.

How to make a live broadcast on Tik-Tok

How to broadcast live correctly

Broadcasting recommendations and structure:


First you need to greet the viewers and introduce yourself briefly, even if you are on the tenth broadcast. You don’t need to tell your entire biography, but at least give a name or a creative pseudonym.

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For example – I am Misha Zapupishny, artist and author of the book How to Be Misha. Since the announcement of live broadcasts periodically falls into the recommended one, new viewers can watch you. This is a short block, you can devote less than a minute to it.

Broadcast theme and rules

Next, you need to designate the topic of the broadcast. Even if it is indicated in the announcement and title of the broadcast, you still need to voice it. For example, “Today we will talk about how to react to grandmothers sitting near the entrance and calling you a drug addict.”

It is also worth voicing the rules. For example, if live involves questions from subscribers, then discuss the time when they can ask questions so that they do not write to you throughout the broadcast. On the first live broadcasts, you can warn subscribers about the prohibition of flooding, swearing and insults.

The bulk of the broadcast

This is a topic around which all the broadcast revolves, and it takes up most of the time. This can be a lecture on a voiced topic, a presentation of a product / service, answering questions, a dialogue with subscribers, an online broadcast from the scene (for example, you can show how you are relaxing), an interview, or a joint broadcast with another blogger. You need to prepare for this part of the broadcast in advance – to paint the structure in time, when to say what. Unless, of course, you have not reached the level of skill when you can broadcast without preparation.

Block of questions

Live broadcasts often involve questions to the broadcast author. Subscribers love these broadcasts very much, and this is good for engagement. There can be several formats:

  1. All broadcast is a question-answer… Then a separate block of questions is not needed. You can prepare subscribers’ questions in advance and answer them, you can answer what is asked in the chat during the broadcast (that is, work without preparation), you can combine both options – for example, you answer the first part of the broadcast to pre-selected questions, the second part to those in the chat.
  2. Discussion question from the author… This is when you yourself ask a question to subscribers and, depending on their answers, build a further discussion. For example, you can ask if they like your content on TT, what videos they like more, what to shoot more often, at what time. Discuss the videos that the subscribers came in and ask why they came in, what did they hook? And also ask about those who did not enter – what they did not like, what needs to be changed.
  3. Questions about the broadcast… This format is often chosen by authors of lectures and presentations. First, you lead a monologue, and in the second part, subscribers ask their questions in the chat, and you answer them. And here we need a separate block after the main broadcast. It is more convenient this way and it must be immediately indicated in the rules so that you are not interrupted with questions at the beginning and in the middle of the broadcast.
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Advice: If you are still an inexperienced blogger and are afraid that you will not be able to answer the questions right away, tell your subscribers that you write down all their questions from this broadcast and answer them in the next one. So you can at the same time stir up interest in the future broadcast.

Closing block (sale possible)

Here you need to thank the subscribers for their participation and say goodbye to them. If the broadcast was conducted for the purpose of selling goods / services / participating in the webinar, then you need to make a call to action, for example, “For participants in the live broadcast we have a 50% discount – go to and sign up for training.”

You can also immediately voice the topic of the future live broadcast, and when it will take place (if there are plans to hold a series of broadcasts).


The advantage of live broadcasts on Tik-Tok is that the social network can itself promote the broadcasts of interesting authors, announcing them in the recommendations. That is, you can not only chat with subscribers, but also get new ones. And during live broadcasts, you can receive donations-gifts, which are then withdrawn into ordinary money. Since Tik-Tok does not yet have the usual monetization, as in YouTube, ethers remain the only way to make money within the social network, if you do not want or do not want to sell ads and look for other ways to make money on TT. You’ve probably already heard the long-standing story of Chinese gamer Meng Lei, who earned $ 167,000 by playing the game “King of Glory” live on his smartphone. Of course, they will donate or not, and if they do, how much depends on your audience in TT and the quality of live broadcasts.

The structure, essence and purpose of live streaming are almost the same in all social networks, so we recommend that you also read our article on how to broadcast live on Instagram. The main difference is the audience. If on YouTube you can conduct long broadcasts on serious topics, then in TT they mainly come to have fun, this must be taken into account when preparing for the broadcast.

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