How to make a live cover for a VKontakte group. Format, examples, templates

In December 2018, VKontakte introduced a new functionality that helped revitalize company communities – live covers.

The community owner can upload up to five images or short videos that automatically change. Such a cover is guaranteed to make the group’s design on VK more memorable, help tell your story, show the main products and services.

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Live Cover Examples

A thoughtful cover can even replace the description of the community. This is the kind of dynamic cover used by the official community. Nike

And this cover was made by the community promoting the Play Station game console.

Examples of live VK covers

Live covers are already shown in the latest version in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Benefits of live covers:

  • they are four times larger than regular covers;
  • harmoniously combined with the action button, name, avatar and community status – the visitor still sees all important information at a glance;
  • live cover can be opened in full screen with one click and turn on sound.
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Live covers are available for all VKontakte communities.

How to create and download a live VKontakte cover

You can download the live cover in the community settings.

  1. Create covers using any online graphic service. You can use Canva or Crello.
  2. Go to Community Management. In the basic information section, there will be an option to customize the cover. Click “Manage”.

live VK covers2. At the bottom of the page, you can upload photos or videos, which will automatically replace each other. This will be the live cover.

live VK covers

Technical requirements for live covers

Live covers in communities

  • Sizes of materials: 1080×1920 (vertical) or others in the ratio of 9:16.
  • Video: MP4 format (h264 aac codec), 15-60 frames per second; duration – up to 30 seconds; size – up to 30 MB.

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How to use live covers: a few examples

It is an effective tool that you can use to develop your community. For instance:

  • Cafes and restaurants can show their most delicious dishes;
  • Hotels can do a “virtual tour” of the rooms;
  • Clothing stores can present a new collection or talk about promotions and discounts;
  • Music groups can post videos from a past concert and offer to buy tickets for an upcoming concert.

Visitors to the page will see the new format in iOS and Android apps. In the mobile and web versions of VKontakte, the usual static cover will still be displayed.

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