How to make a newsletter in Telegram. Bots, programs and services


Telegram messaging is a new replacement for mailings – it’s cheaper and more effective.

For the mailing it is best to use bots or services – how and what kind of services, we will tell in this article.

Why Telegram newsletters are more effective than mailing lists

1. All messages reach their destination.

Emails from email-distributions often end up in the “Spam” folder, and even those that make it to the inbox may have a low disclosure rate. Some emails are deleted or marked as read by their recipients (a feature of Gmail), without even opening them.

In Telegram, absolutely all messages reach their recipients – the user receives an audible notification and sees a red incoming message icon. Notifications from groups look the same as messages from friends.

Even if you turn off notifications, they still reach their recipient as long as they are subscribed to the group. They come without an audible notification and look like a gray circle.

Regardless of whether notifications are enabled or not, Telegram displays the number of incoming messages. To remove it, you have to open the message and scroll to the end, which means it gets caught anyway. The recipient either reads the newsletter immediately, or later, or scrolls through.

2. It’s cheaper

Not only do you have to pay for mailing services for email newsletters, but you also have to make the letters so that they are different from ordinary ones. You have to buy html templates, apply to designers or use paid services with built-in email editor. In Telegram, everything is easier – you only need text, smiles, and an attachment (a picture, video, gifka, link). It means you already spend less money on design – a short text and a picture by a freelancer is cheaper than a letter and an html template. You can even do the posts yourself.

Why do you need a mass mailing of messages?

What tasks are solved by mass mailings:

  • Increasing sales. You can direct traffic from Telegram to your own or partner websites, applications, and services for the purpose of further monetization.
  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Remind your target audience about yourself with newsletters.
  • Notification of news, promotions, contests. Tell them what’s new in the company – expanded production, opened another outlet, launched a promotion.
  • Get feedback. Conduct a survey or invite users to ask you questions – this will allow you to know your audience better.
  • Promotional newsletter. Tell them about new company offers.
  • Deliver personalized messages. These are confirmation of transactions, order status information, personalized discounts. Such mailings are made with the help of bots.
  • Educational newsletters. For those who are engaged in online learning – schools, info-businessmen.
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Types of newsletters in Telegram:

  • Informational content – picks, reviews, author notes, text summaries with links;
  • visual content;
  • advertising publications;
  • personalized newsletters.

More mailings can be divided into: mailing to their own base, mass mailing of advertising messages to other people’s chats through services and personalized mailing through a bot.

Consider services for the first two types of mailings – to their own base and to other people’s chats.

Bots, programs, and services for Telegram newsletters


3seller is a service of mass mailings to Telegram chats. Created for advertising agencies, smm-specialists, arbitrageurs, owners of their channels and bots, online stores, sellers of any goods and services.

How it works: First, you need to connect your Telegram account to the service – it will send messages to chats. It automatically subscribes to the selected chats and begins to send. It is advised to have a separate account for this. Then you need to select a list of chats, write a message and start sending messages.

Basic functions

Sending by list or from your own file. We advise you to select chats manually and save them in a file. You can also select ready-made chats from a list of services, but they may be of low quality, for example, such chats where several advertising messages are sent per minute – such a mailing will be of no use.

Message duplication. Allows you to send a message to the chat room repeatedly after a specified time interval. You can add a link, photo or video to messages.


  • simple interface – after registration immediately appears a window where you need to select chats and write a message;
  • the cheap cost of mailings;
  • there is no subscription fee;
  • 10 free messages for a test after registration.


  • you can get low-quality chats in the ready-made list.


SendPulse – a well-known service of e-mail messages, but it also has a function of sending via messengers and social networks (Telegram, Vyber, Facebook messenger, VKontakte).

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Working principle: First you need to create a free bot through @BotFather and link it to your SendPulse account. The bot can be refined in the designer – set up auto-replies with buttons, make a menu.

Next, you need to get subscribers for the created bot. If you have your own website, offer its visitors to subscribe to your Telegram. Promote the bot in groups and social networks. When you have a base of subscribers, you can start sending messages to them on behalf of the bot.

Key features for mass mailings

Widget for attracting subscribers – you can hang it on your website and collect the subscriber base for the bot. If you have several bots in different messengers, create a single widget for them.

Audience segmentation – you need it for filtering the recipients. You can filter recipients by subscription date, activity, set conditions with variables (contains/not contains/equals/not equal).

Variables in text – allows you to send personal messages, e.g., “Hello, {{Name}}”, where the recipient’s name is substituted.

Bot statistics – how many total subscribers the bot has, how many new subscriptions / unsubscriptions for today, number of sessions and messages sent.

Mailing statistics – how many messages were delivered and what the engagement rate is. Involvement takes into account any interaction – button clicks or reply messages.

Button – leads to an external resource or creates a trigger chain (depending on the settings).

Send on Schedule – you can trigger a newsletter immediately or after a period of time.


  • Multifunctional service – you can do newsletters not only in Telegram;
  • allows you to refine the free bot;
  • there is a widget to attract subscribers;
  • detailed statistics on the mailings;
  • there is a free rate.


  • Support is not always quick to respond.


Сlienthunter – service for sending messages to their subscribers. In fact, this is a constructor of bots to create auto-torrents.

How it works: you first need to create a free bot through @BotFather and link it to your Сlientchunter account. The bot must have subscribers to send newsletters.

Basic functions

Sending messages on a schedule – you can set the bot to send the first message right after you subscribe, and the second one in a few minutes.

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Selective distribution – you can send messages to specific subscribers depending on their actions. For example, you can set to send messages only to those who have read the previous ones.

Important: The selective sending function is located in the “Mailing lists” section. The “Messages” section is for sending messages to all subscribers.

Button – there are 2 types of buttons in service – one leads to external website (we write url), second sends next message from mailing list.

Advertising tag – this is analogous to utm tags, you need it when advertising the bot in other groups to understand where subscribers came from.


  • bot creation is free;
  • the bot is set up once;
  • detailed statistics;
  • advertising tags;
  • simple interface, suitable for beginners;
  • If you pay for the service for 3 months, you can get free help with configuring via Skype.


The free rate allows you to send only 10 messages to 50 subscribers in a single autofunnel.


How to make a mass mailing of messages in Telegram

After selecting the service – go to the creation of the newsletter. This is standard everywhere:

  • Set up a list of recipients (if it’s sending to different chats).
  • Write the text of the message.
  • Add a button.
  • Add elements to the message: picture, file, video, gif or emoji.
  • Add a link, if needed.
  • Configure the sending time.
  • Launch the newsletter.
  • Analyze the statistics to see which messages are getting more response.

Tip: do not create aggressive advertising, do not offer directly to you to buy something from you – such a message is considered spam, and you just get blocked. Chat is a place of communication of interest, so the message should be unobtrusive. Example of appropriate messages for chat:

Been on Instagram for a year now and made 100,000 subscribers in the first 4 months, then the account got a shadow ban, but a month later got a gain of another 90,000. I continue to shoot and edit, write about it and share secrets on my channel @channel.
I created with my guys an advertising exchange in TikTok, where you can find orders without intermediaries. You take yourself 100% of the order. The only condition – the account must have 10,000 or more subscribers. You can add through our bot @tiktok.


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