How to make a pinned VK post according to all the canons of SMM

A pinned post in VK is a post on the community wall, which, when visiting the group, will be shown at the very top and which the administrator or group owner has intentionally put (pinned) there. From point of view group promotion in VK, it is very important to correctly and beautifully arrange the pinned post. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if you take traffic from targeted advertising or engage it on your own through the account grid.

In this short article, we will tell you how to correctly make a pinned post in VK so that it enhances the effect of promotion.

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What to write in a pinned post?

You can say that when visiting a group, the user will see information about the group that was specified when VKontakte group design in settings. But information about the group does not gain behavioral factors such as reach, likes and comments… And considering that VK introduces a new algorithm for ranking posts in the feed, this will help the group and other posts get more reach.

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A pinned entry should perform the following tasks:

  • help the user understand where he is right now;
  • how this community will be useful to him;
  • involve or perform a targeted action: like, comment, repost under the pinned post.

By the way, many smmsmen use the abbreviated name of the concept in question and say “fixed” or “fixed in VK”, instead of fixed post.

Based on the tasks that our fixing, let’s move on to its content.

Examples of pinned posts

For example, it could be post on the selling structure, we do not sell our product or service, but an entry or a subscription to you.

Example 1. Text about yourself and what is the benefit. Photo with text (Instagram or Facebook for the text in the picture can “Punish”, but in VK this topic rolls). Effective if you promote your personal brand

Example 2. A selection of links to useful materials and videos. Suitable in the case when the group in VK is not the main site, but one of the traffic sources.

Examples of pinned posts

Example 3. Contest. If you want to immediately involve the user in interacting with the group, then you can do this through a contest or a drawing.

Examples of pinned posts

Example 4. A video that automatically starts when you visit a group (as mentioned above, it is important to download it via VK, and not insert the code from a third-party video hosting).

Examples of pinned posts

Example 5. Attraction of attention is achieved through a great offer: Do you want a bonus? Apply for a card.

Examples of pinned posts

You can also use articles designed with the help of editor of VK articles, polls and music selections (if your group matches the topic).

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How to fix an entry in a VK group on a wall

To make a pinned post on VKontakte, go to your group, and make a post that we want to pin later.

Next, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the post plate.

How to pin an entry in a VK group on a community wall

Click to fix. This is what we got, the pinned post will now be the very first thing that a user sees when he gets into your group.

Fixed in VKThe information tab is also located nearby, you can also add a section with news in the group settings.

To unpin a selected post, you can also click on the post menu and select Unpin Post. Or make any other post of your community or personal page pinned.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a pinned post

For each post, there are statistics in the VK statistics section. Click the group menu and select the community statistics. Next, go to the “Records” tab. An easier way to view statistics and make an analysis for a pinned post is to go through the menu of the post itself. We press three points to get into the menu and select the “Statistics” item.

Pinned post statistics

In the statistics, you can see the organic coverage of the post, viral (users not following you) and advertising. On the right are activity statistics. Slightly lower in terms of efficiency (attention here is only data on activities from organic reach, to see data from advertising impressions, go to your personal account).

You can also assess the dynamics of the growth of new subscribers when using different posts as fixing… For example, in the first week you make a post with a video, and in the second with a selection of useful materials and compare not only the activity indicators under the posts, but also the number of users who have joined the group during this time. For the purity of the experiment, it is important that during the test, the group was provided with stable traffic through advertising or sending invitations.

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