How to make a poll in Tik Tok and put it to a vote?


“How to make a poll in Tik Tok?” – a frequent request from users of the social network. Polls make it easy and fun to get in touch with the main audience, find out their interests and preferences. Users can ask another Tiktoker about something personal. How to start voting on the page in this article.

How to do polls on Tik Tok

Poll, Vote, and Voting are names that are used to define the same action. The user forms a thought and provides subscribers with two answer options. Account visitors watch the video, read the question and answer if desired.

To activate the user will need:

Make other changes if desired by opening additional categories. Next, you need to wait for answers, publish the results on the page. You can vote while the video is displayed on the page. The account owner sees everyone’s responses.

How to check the voting results

The application shows the answers immediately after the poll is published. You can reply within 24 hours and also like it. Don’t be discouraged if they didn’t get it right away. Users may need time to think.

  1. Open the video you are publishing in your profile.
  2. Click on a question to view the results

See the names and avatars of those who responded and what exactly they indicated.

Popular questions and tests

Most often, questions for Tik Tok are published in the application, which relate to the identity of the author. There may also be questions that seek to explain the specifics of the content being published. The most popular topics are:

  • school;
  • friends;
  • relations;
  • problems in teenage parties;
  • fears;
  • preferences.
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Bloggers ask which of the two sweets his subscribers prefer. Which of the suggestions you like or annoy the most and so on. When designing, many add not just a picture, but a slideshow. Make transitions with music.

A good question is provocative. Many on the Internet offer to take an online pregnancy test for the interest of a larger audience. People often ask how well you know Tik Tok.

How to answer questions in Tik Tok

Tik Tok offers two answer options. The first way is to take part in the standard answer – click on one of the proposed options, and the second is to shoot a video reaction. Many people like to create answers that are not distinguishable from a full-fledged video – the original presentation, music, and so on.

To answer a simple question:

  • upload another user’s video;
  • click on “Repost”;
  • choose “Reaction” or “Duet”;
  • wait while the video is being processed;
  • click “Remove video”;
  • publish the clip on the page.

It is noteworthy that the function works if the latest version of Tik Tok is installed on the mobile device – at least 11.7.3. To check, you need to open the Play Market or App Store, and download the update.


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