How to make a poll on Facebook: create a poll

In one of the past publications, we talked about how to post on Facebook… Also in this social network on the pages of people or in groups, you could often notice a question, under which there were several answer options. This is the Facebook poll. Polls are sometimes also called polls. They are useful if you want to know the reader’s opinion.

Polls are a great way to increase the activity and engagement of your page visitors, as people always like to leave their opinion and get the opinion of others. Quite often the questions cause discussion, which also increases the activity.

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Instructions on how to make a survey on Facebook

Creating a survey is actually much easier than it sounds. Let’s take a look at the whole process.

First you need to log into your page. On it you will see a column with your avatar and the text “What’s new with you?” Click on it.

A window will appear in front of you. Scroll down a little and you will see a button with the text “Poll” and a green icon. Click on it.

How to create a Facebook poll

Then you will have a new one. It will have several small windows. In the window with the text “Ask a question” you, respectively, must enter your question that you want to ask the reader. Below you will see windows with the text “Option 1” and “Option 2”. You need to enter answer options in them. There are two icons on the right side of these windows. If you click on the first one, you can add a picture to the answer option. It will serve as an illustration. The second answer is to add GIF animation. You can add both your own images and those offered by the site. The button labeled “1 week” is responsible for the period in which your survey will be valid. Click on it to change the parameters. There is also a button at the bottom that says “Friends”. By clicking on it, you can choose who will see your survey. Then you just have to click on the blue “Publish” button and your survey is ready!

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That’s all! You have created your survey. But remember that you cannot change it. Anyone who has taken part in the survey will know the results. You can also post polls in groups. Actions for this will need to be done similar. You can post a poll in a group only if it has public access for editing, or if you are its administrator.

But what needs to be done to make your survey popular and attract a lot of people?

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Examples of interesting polls on Facebook

First of all, you need to understand that it should be interesting and unusual. People always like to answer such questions, to condemn him in the comments, which increases the activity. You also need to ask poll questions that will be directed to your target audience. If you are creating a survey for your friends, then the best option would be to ask something about their daily life and tastes. Here’s a good example:

Example of Facebook polls

In addition, this question has an illustration that will attract many more people. Illustrations are an important tool in creating surveys because it is easier for the reader to perceive visual information rather than text. Therefore, if possible, you should illustrate each of your polls. You can also add audio recordings, videos and more to them.

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If you are the owner of a topic group, then your survey must strictly correspond to its topic. People will not respond to things that are not interesting to them.

Example of a Facebook voting topic

From all that has been said, we can conclude that creating a survey on Facebook is not at all difficult, but to make it high-quality and interesting you will have to make an effort. To do this, it needs to be properly structured and shaped, showing all your creative abilities. But, if you try, you will immediately notice an increase in your readers’ interest in you or your group, while learning their opinion.

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