How to make a poll on Instagram Stories and see who voted how

The Poll sticker on Instagram Stories appeared in October 2017, but it remains relevant to this day. This is due to the fact that the Stories format is very popular and is actively used for promotion, and the survey itself is a good way to get the opinion of your subscribers and increase engagement.

In this article, we will figure out how to make a poll on Instagram Stories and see who voted for which option. We will also offer a list of ideas and topics for conducting surveys.

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How to create a poll on Instagram Stories

When composing a question, keep in mind that, in essence, only two answer options – “Yes” or “No”, “Black” or “White”, “VK” or “Instagram” (to be or not to be😄). Therefore, given that the history is shown on the user’s screen in a matter of seconds, the question should be as short as possible, implying a quick, unambiguous answer.

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Questions like, “How Schopenhauer’s pessimism and irrationalism influenced the development of existentialism” – no need to ask. The best option would be: “Like it or not,” “use it or not,” and others.

So, let’s start creating a survey (do not confuse with questions on Instagram and quizzes).

Step 1. Add a poll background. Include an image that is as close to the subject of the survey as possible. It can be a product, your photo, any thematic picture or video.

Step 2. We choose to add a sticker. A square emoticon with one folded edge at the top of the page.

Step 3. In the window that opens, click “Poll”.

Step 4. We write the question itself. Better think over a series of questions for a week or a month in advance, and also include them in your content plan

We write a question

Here, you can edit the answer options to replace the standard “Yes” and “No”.

Step 5. For quick navigation, add your own branded hashtag, click “Next” and make the story visible to everyone.

Publishing History

Polls can be used at startup too Instagram ads

Survey results: how to see who voted for what and which answer they chose

To see who voted, open our history and see how the votes were distributed in percentage terms. Here you can see not only who voted, but also which answer they chose.

Poll results

Swipe up to view detailed statistics. Here we can see:

  • total number of views;
  • the number of votes for each option;
  • everyone who voted;
  • opposite to each participant in the survey – the option chosen by him.
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How can I see who voted?

At the same time, the users themselves who voted will see only the percentage of those who voted, they will not see other survey participants and their answer options.

Then you can write to these users, add them to your mailing list, put likes on their posts in order to once again draw attention to yourself.

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What poll to do: ideas and topics for polls in Instagram stories

One of the most important features of surveys is to engage users in the life of an account. By choosing the suggested answer, subscribers respond to the question and to the picture, and also remember you, which is very useful for increasing reach.

Plus, an Instagram poll is a great opportunity to get feedback. But the question must be asked in such a way that it can be answered unambiguously, and quickly enough while the story is being shown. Also, you can pin the story from the polls to the actual stories.

Ideas and survey topics:

  1. For a beauty salon: whether you like or dislike your job (hairstyle, haircut, manicure, nail design), whether you often go for a manicure.
  2. For a fitness club: and you did exercises today, and you are already pressing a hundred, and you follow the proper nutrition.
  3. For a cafe / restaurant: it looks appetizing, you are expected today for a business lunch, you drink coffee in the morning.
  4. For a clothing store: I like the bow, I like it + any product from the assortment.
  5. For the b2b segment: use services for automation, do you plan, do you have kpi in your company.
  6. For everyone: you can ask personal questions and conduct provocative votes. This will help you better know your target audience and analyze how they will react to new content.
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