How to make a poll on Odnoklassniki: examples of voting

On someone’s pages or groups, you can often see a question under which there are answer options. Such a question is called a poll (sometimes it is also called a vote).

Most often, polls are created in order to find out the opinion of the reader. Creating polls is a great way to increase the activity of your audience, because people always like to answer interesting and good questions.

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Instructions on how to make a survey on Odnoklassniki

Making a survey is actually much easier than it seems at first glance. Let’s analyze this process step by step.

First you need to go to the site. After that, you need to go to your page. Next to your main photo, you will see a box that says “Write a note.” Click on it.

You should have a window with several buttons. You need to click on the “Add poll” button.

Click add poll

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After that, you will see a column for the question, in which you need to enter it. Next, you need to add answer options. Their number is unlimited. You can also let the person answering your survey select multiple responses. To do this, it is enough to put a mark under the corresponding text. Next to the Multiple Choice setting, there is a gray text titled “Other Settings”. If you click on it, then you will see a window in which you can choose whether your vote will be anonymous and whether the poll results will be visible to the respondent. You can also add pictures, tracks, videos, or specify geolocation to your survey. To do this, just press the button with the corresponding inscription and add the required material. Even at the bottom, you can put a mark next to the text “To status”. If you do this, your poll will be fixed in status at the very top of your page.

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Create a survey

Once your survey has been fully set up, simply click the Share button. It will appear on your page and people will be able to respond to it!

How to make a poll on Facebook

Poll in Odnoklassniki

That’s all! You have created your survey. If you made a group in Odnoklassnikithen you can also create polls. This is done in the same way as with the page, only in this case you need to click on “Create a new topic”. Next, a window similar to the page will appear, in it we select the necessary parameters and click “Share”. After that, your survey will be displayed in the group. It is important to remember that only an administrator can post polls.

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Examples of interesting polls

But how do you attract a large number of people to your survey?

Activity on Odnoklassniki is determined by the number of classes, comments and reposts. In order for the activity to be great under your poll, you must first of all be unique and interesting. When people see an interesting, controversial question, they always have a desire to express their opinion, discuss it, listen to the opinion of other people, and often even argue. Therefore, live questions are needed. Here’s a good example:

An example of a survey in classmates

This question will attract a large number of female audiences, since one way or another any woman was either married or not yet. The good thing about this question is that it doesn’t ask directly “Have you been married?”, But remakes the question into an interesting form that can be visualized by adding a picture.
Adding visual shapes always works well too. The question can be entirely based on a picture, as in the following case:

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How to make a poll in Odnoklassniki

In these simple ways, you will provoke people to express their opinion or discussion in the comments.

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From everything written above, we can conclude that creating a poll on Odnoklassniki is as easy as shelling pears, but making it trendy and popular is already more difficult. This will take all your creativity, but if you do, you will see an increase in audience engagement and interest.

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