How to make a post on Odnoklassniki according to all the rules of SMM

Classmates today are not undeservedly taken seriously. But, probably, each of us has mom and dad registered there! Can you imagine how much audience you pass through?

You will probably be surprised, but Odnoklassniki is not a social network for “oldies” at all. From the report of Semyon Boyarsky, Director for Strategic Product Development,, at RIF-2018, it is known that the most significant share (27% of women and 30% of men) of registered OK users are in the age category of 26-35 years. Another question is which age group is most involved in the content. Undoubtedly the older generation. But often mature adults 40+ are the most solvent.

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Therefore, without progressing in Odnoklassniki, you really lose a lot. Yes, the service itself positions itself primarily as entertaining and highlights humorous communities as the leading unit of content. But this does not prevent the successful development of business projects, for example, women’s clothing stores. OK is in no way inferior to other social networks, and in some ways it is superior.

In this article we will tell you about the features of creating and posting posts on Odnoklassniki. Here are some examples of successful commercial page publications. Let us dwell separately on the possibility of deferred posting.

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How to make a post to Odnoklassniki according to all the rules of SMM

The content in OK has some features that are worth focusing on:
Brevity. Recommended post length: 6 lines. More, of course, is also possible, but carefully. The local public doesn’t like reading long stories. Videos are welcomed up to 1 minute.

A post in OK, compiled according to all the rules of SMM, includes:

  • visual content (photo / video);
  • attractive headline;
  • text;
  • text formatting;
  • basement of the post;
  • hashtags;
  • geolocation.

Let’s consider how to make each of the components better.

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Photo or video in a post

Visual content works in Odnoklassniki with a bang. The number of publications with photos and videos on this network reaches an absolute maximum. A post without an attached “visual” may simply not be noticed.

Post title

If you have a sale, an event or just want to urgently inform your subscribers about some news, then it is better to embed this information directly into the visual content. Whatever one may say, but the OK audience does not like to read a lot. Write an attractive title right on the photo / image. Then the text above it is more likely to be read.

Post title

Post text

Making Odnoklassniki users read is difficult, but possible. Think of a short but engaging lead post (first 1-2 sentences). Intrigue the reader.

How to write a post on Odnoklassniki

Text formatting

Break your text into paragraphs. Space between them. Such publications are more readily read (and this works not only for OK). Emojis are also pleasing to the eye and help organize information.

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How to properly format the text in Odnoklassniki

Topic article: Registration of the group in Odnoklassniki

“Basement” of the post

The bottom part, which is the same for all posts in the community, is called the “footer” in SMM. This design element gives solidity to the group and is very relevant in Odnoklassniki. In the “basement” you can provide a link to the site / price list, contact details, some information relevant to all publications in general, elements of involvement (questions, calls to action, etc.).


Add a hashtag to your post to be searchable. It is not recommended to add a lot (3-5 pieces on average). You can create your own hashtags. Thus, it will be easier for subscribers to find your publications or even divide them according to separate topics.

Hashtags on Odnoklassniki


Not the most popular, but very useful way to attract attention to a commercial group is to attach geotags to posts. Very productive for local companies providing services in a specific region / area.

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How to add a post to Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions

Step 1… Open the group and click “Create New Topic”.

How to add a post to Odnoklassniki

Step 2… The “Create a new topic” field will expand and you can enter the publication text.

How to make a post on Odnoklassniki

Step 3… The text of the post will be clearly presented in front of you. You can format it. When the text part is ready, you can start adding to the post. For example, attach a photo and geotag to the publication. Click Add Photo.

How to attach a photo to a record in Odnoklassniki

Step 4… A photo / picture can be selected from the group’s albums, added from a computer or taken from a personal profile. To post a photo from your own account, click “My Photos”.

Photo selection

Step 5… Select a suitable photo from your profile and click “Finish!”

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Step 6… The photo will be displayed below the text. Now click “Pick a Location” to mark the geolocation.

Photo publication in Odnoklassniki

Step 7… A map opens with suggestions for nearby locations. Choose the most suitable one (or find another through the search) and click “Select”.

How to specify geolocation in Odnoklassniki

Step 8… If the post is complete and you want to publish it, click “Share”.

How to publish a post on Odnoklassniki

Congratulations! The post has been published. Here is the text, the attached photos, and the geotag.

Post in Odnoklassniki

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How to set up deferred posting in Odnoklassniki

In OK, you can create a post, save and specify the required date / time of publication. Moreover, this is realized in just a couple of clicks.

  1. After creating a post and completing the design, check the “Post time” box.
    How to set up deferred posting in Odnoklassniki
  2. A drop-down list and a feed will appear on which you can select the date and time of posting. On the ribbon, you just need to move the pointer. Click “Save” when done. Let’s say we chose October 7, 2019 at 18:00.
    Scheduled posting on Odnoklassniki
  3. The group under “Topics”> “By Date Created” will contain deferred posts that are visible only to their author until the moment of publication. There will also be displayed when they are posted. At the specified time, it will appear in the group’s feed.
    Topics in Odnoklassniki

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Let the social network Odnoklassniki be a platform for entertainment and communication, but the sale of goods and services here is moving no less successfully than on VKontakte or on Instagram. The main thing is to adapt the content to the audience and fill the group regularly. Businesses can and should learn OK for marketing purposes.

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