How to make a poster in VK: add and set up a beautiful post background

VK Posters is a feature that allows you to add and customize a beautiful background for text publications.

We figure out how to add a VKontakte poster, set up a background and make an inscription on it. Also, let’s talk about the limitations and how to use this feature in your work.

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How to add a poster and make a beautiful background for a post in VK

To make a colored background, you need to click on the letter “A” in the colored circle.

A text box appears. Maximum text lengthwhich may be in the background – 160 charactersif the text is longer, it automatically becomes a regular text post.

There are 3 options for setting the background:

  • picture;
  • emotions;
  • gradients.

VK post background

You can change the background design by clicking the button with the background name at the top.

How to change the background of a recording in VK

Also, for each type of poster, different design options are available. To change it, press the left or right arrows.

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How to add your own picture to the background

In addition, you can add any picture as a background for your recording. To do this, under the entry, click “Add background”.

How to add your picture to the background of a VK post

A window with the words “Unique poster” will open. Upload a picture from your device. Select the image taking into account the fact that the text will be placed on it.

Unique poster

After uploading the picture, a preview will appear where you can select the font color in the post. After, click “Save changes”.

Poster text color

Finally, write the text (no more than 160 characters) and click “Send”.

How to create a poster in VK


Use posters in VK, both on your wall and in groups. This will help draw attention to your feed posts. You can also create your own unique background and use it for all your posts to stand out from the competition.

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