How to make a private profile on Instagram

A private Instagram profile has a number of advantages over an open one. For example, it helps to get rid of excessive attention from “bots” and commercial profiles. It is enough to change the privacy settings and make the profile private. If you want to share your photos and videos only with close people, then this is the best solution.

Bloggers can use the same trick to create an entourage of mystery, intrigue. In this article, you will learn how to close your Instagram profile from unfamiliar users.

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Which is better: private or open account

On Instagram, you can only close your personal page from other users who do not follow you. You can’t do this with a business account. The explanation is simple – the Instagram administration believes that the business should be in sight. To grow your audience, you need to be open to it. Just for the sake of curiosity, no one will subscribe to the page. The exception is promoted brands and media personalities. But in this case, it makes no sense to sit on Instagram from a personal account – statistics on coverage and actions with publications will not be available.

Even a cool description in your profile header doesn’t motivate users to follow you. You need to be known so that other people want to follow you.

You won’t be able to set up targeted advertising for a private profile, and people won’t find you by hashtags. Moreover, your posts and link to the page will not be included in the recommendation list. You can only grow your subscriber base by working with an existing audience. For example, ask your followers to tell their friends and acquaintances about you. But in order for your subscribers to share a link to your account, you will have to build the most trusting relationship with them. It is time consuming and labor intensive.

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How to close an Instagram profile

If you still want to close your Instagram profile from the curious, read the mini-instructions and change the settings in a few clicks.

Personal profile

To close your personal Instagram profile, click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner of the screen and click on “Settings” in the pop-up menu.

How to close an Instagram profile

Scroll through the settings window to the “Account” section. Find the item “Closed profile” in it and slide the switch to the “on” state.

Turn on a private account

The application will ask you to confirm the action. Click on the “Ok” button.

After confirming the actions, the slider will freeze in the on position, and your profile will become closed.

How to use a closed account

Only those people whom you give access can become your subscribers. Other users will see a notification that the page is hidden by the privacy settings.

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Business account

You cannot close a business account on Instagram. The only way to do this is to convert the business page to personal and set the privacy settings in the way described above. But you should not do this, since the post statistics will become unavailable to you. We’ll have to collect it using third-party services.

How to open an account

To open your account again, follow the same procedure. Go to settings and turn off the “Private account” option.

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Should I close my Instagram account?

You should close your Instagram profile only if you want to limit the list of persons with whom you will share publications. Privacy settings will save you from unnecessary attention to your person and protect you from spam requests for correspondence, which are often poured into Direct.

If you have a business profile and want to get profit from promotion on Instagram, you don’t need to close the page. Otherwise, you will not be able to track the statistics of publications and run targeted advertising on Instagram

Before changing the privacy settings of a page, decide for yourself what is more important to you – privacy or statistics. This is the very case when it will not work to eat a bagel and leave a hole for memory.

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