How to make a selling post on Instagram: 7 rules + examples

A selling post on Instagram is a post whose purpose is to sell something (thanks, Cap!). This can be a product or service, engagement (like, subscribe, comment), next action (go to the site), and so on. Today we will analyze the structure of the selling post point by point and bring out a general formula (template) by which you can work.

To create a selling post on Instagram, follow our recommendations. Here are the 7 most important points.

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How to make a selling post on Instagram


The goal or what we sell. Decide what exactly you are selling. As we said above, this can be not only a product, but also any other action that a user takes.

We recommend that you do not sell a product or service directly. Be more subtle: arouse interest, engage, encourage dialogue.

Selling photo for post

Take bright and eye-catching photos. Do not overload the picture with unnecessary information, focus on the product. If you need more information, like in the example below, where the project is at home, then it’s better to add this to the gallery.

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Take a flatlay photo, or even a selfie if the service offers. Use light filters. Take pictures so that it is immediately clear what is in the photo. Use associations. Do not take pictures of flowers and cats if you have a legal services account. Do not repeat the mistakes of those who download the same images from stocks.

Label photos

Instagram is turning into a kind of magazine. If visuals aren’t your forte, check out fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, or some other about city life and style. You will understand exactly how the inscriptions on the photos should look.

Sign the photo

The notorious circle with the text is the century before last, as half of the Instagram accounts are doing now. The inscription should be contrasting, readable and understandable. You can make life easier for your subscribers and immediately write the price right on the photo.

Pick up selling hashtags

To figure out which hashtags are best for your sales post, put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Think about how you would look for sushi delivery or business card printing. Enter the right word. Try it, most often in the search you can already find the tags you need.

Pick up selling hashtags

Use popular, monosyllabic, understandable, and themed hashtags. You don’t need to invent something deeply your own. To sell a simple product or service.

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How to write the text of a selling post on Instagram

It’s not enough just to compose the text according to the canons AIDA, or “write off” from a competitor. You have to make sure that it can be read in principle. Many accounts suffer from “unreadability”, since the texts are one continuous sheet or a heap of long sentences. Be short, clear, and to the point.

Show the benefits to the client in the text. This is not just an abstract “buy from us and you will be HAPPY”, but real benefits. Also in the selling text, you can focus on:

  • data – avoid vague wording “quality windows at a low price“, Give people specifics”Plastic windows with a guarantee of up to 50 years at a price of 4999 rubles“;
  • examples – for clarity, use examples and successful cases;
  • expertise – focus on your competencies, but do not present yourself as the best specialist on earth;
  • discounts, promotions or bonuses – it will always work;
  • appeal to certain segments of the target audience – do not write for everyone, compose a portrait of your client and look for a way to communicate with him.
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Format the text

In order for the text to sell and be better perceived by the reader, you need to design it beautifully. To do this, divide the text into paragraphs: use emoticons (emoji) or insert spaces between the lines. They help the reader understand your point and add emotional flavor to the text.

Design the text of the selling publication

But don’t write like a blonde schoolgirl inserting a smiley after every word. Your task is to make the text readable and not make you laugh.

Call to action

People read texts on Instagram quickly. therefore “Don’t keep waiting”… Ask to follow the link, subscribe to the newsletter, add to friends or buy. Silence here will only lead to financial losses.

Call to action on Instagram

Ask questions, communicate with your audience, provoke comments, and avoid boredom and monotony in your profile. Make the reader want to write a comment, even if they don’t buy your product.

In general, it is not so difficult to issue a selling post on Instagram and it will have a positive effect on Instagram promotion… Try to keep the entire account in the same style, and the selling posts do not differ too much from the usual ones in design, and you will definitely increase your sales.

Sales post template

Instead of a conclusion, let’s once again list the components of a selling post on Instagram. This will be something like a template or build guide:

  • we define the goal (what result we want to get);
  • we select a selling photo (which causes a reaction or presents a product);
  • write an inscription on the photo (optional);
  • write a selling text;
  • design the text – divide into paragraphs, use emoji;
  • use a call to action.
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