How to make a Slideshow in Tik-Tok: +19 ideas and examples

One of the types of videos in Tik-Tok is a slideshow (a selection of photographs). This article will show you how to publish your slideshow and what ideas to take note of for personal accounts and company profiles.

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How to make a Slideshow in Tik-Tok: step by step instructions

Slideshow in TT is done in a couple of simple steps. Prepare photos or pictures for a slideshow, and then go to Tik-Tok and click on the plus button (central).

Next, click “Download”. Go to the “Image” tab.

We mark the selected photos (they are highlighted by numbers) and click “Slide Show”. The number of selected photos is shown in brackets.

Slideshow in Tik-Tok

At the bottom, you can change the music, add effects, or change the transition. There are only 2 transitions – horizontal and vertical.

Go to slideshow in Tik-Tok

When everything is ready, click “Next”. We write a description, add hashtags, mark friends, if necessary, choose a cover. We immediately note who can view the video, allow or forbid comments and duets. If you need to immediately save the video to your phone, set the slider to ON (green) opposite the “Save to device” item.

Then you can publish the video or leave it in drafts to post it later.

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TikTok slideshow ideas

For bloggers

1. A selection of favorite images

Slideshows with photos of your loved ones are most often found in TikTok. Choose your best photos and make a selection of them. They are laid out, as if hinting – “Look, what a handsome man / beauty I am!”

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TikTok slideshow ideas

Advice: try to match similar photos, then the transition looks more epic.

2. How has the appearance changed with age

This idea was one of the first in TikTok and quickly gained popularity – users show how their appearance changed with age. The idea is still relevant. It is especially interesting to watch how famous people changed and what they were like in childhood.

Sample slideshow in TikTok

3. Fun

Any humorous content will do here. These can be collections of funny memes and anecdotes, but we advise you to be creative and do, like these guys in the example below – no, not eat red flowers, but come up with a funny story with a beginning and a climax.

Jokes in Tik-Tok4. Mini-series

By analogy with the idea above, you can make a mini-series. Let each collection be a separate series. And if you also do intrigue at the end of each episode (as is the case in ordinary TV series), then views are guaranteed to you – subscribers will wait for new videos and generate views.

5. Photos from events

Everything is simple here – you attended an interesting event, celebrated your birthday, met with friends, went to barbecues (just not during quarantine, pliz) – make a slideshow with photos. Subscribers are interested in how you spend your leisure time.

Tik-Tok Slideshow Themes6. Memories

You can make a selection with pleasant moments from life – photos from the prom, marriage proposal photo session, wedding, what else did you enjoy? Lay it all out!

How to share memories on TikTok7. Travel photos

When traveling, everyone takes + 100,500 photos and uploads them to Instagram. Make a selection for TT. If now you only travel to the dacha and back, that’s okay, you can show it too.

How to publish a selection of photos in Tik-Tok8. Sports training

You can boast of cool photos from the fitness club. Even if you only come there to take pictures. You get your views and envious comments, and at the same time promote the topic of healthy lifestyle.

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Slideshow for personal blog in Tik-Tok

9. Comparison of generations

An interesting idea that was actively picked up by TT. Comparison of photos of mom and daughter or father and son. What were your parents like in childhood and adolescence, and what have you become? Do you look like them outwardly, did you follow in their footsteps in life? Sometimes you can see amazing similarities between children and their parents.

Slideshow on TikTok10. Personal photo session

You can post cool studio photos, and show the backstage in a separate selection – how you did your makeup, set up the scenery, you can also show funny moments from the shooting.


11. Pet

Another idea from the category of easily implemented. Lay out 1 day in the life of a doggie, 5 sleeping positions of your cat, a trip of a domestic turtle through the open spaces of an apartment, a photo session of an animal for a walk.

Photo of a dog for Tik Tok12. Creative slideshow

We have to admit that slideshows are not TikTok’s forte. There are enough color correction filters for this function, but only 2 transitions (vertical and horizontal), and there are no effects at all. But you can get creative and use third-party services to stand out from the competition. Just edit the photos in a modern editor, add unusual transitions and put them in TT like a video.

13. Portfolio

For photographers, designers and artists, who should definitely use the slideshow function – you can show several works in one video.

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For companies

What can be done to promote and sell:

It is worth reminding right away that TikTok has a predominantly young audience, and it will be difficult to sell something to them by publishing a dull video sequence of the same type of photos. Be creative to the fullest. Use photo and video editors with interesting effects and transitions, or initially create attention-grabbing photos, think over the plot of the slideshow. It’s good if you approach the issue with humor.

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1. Demonstration of a product or image

Here the task is simple – to present your product “tasty and attractive”. For example, if you sell clothes, make a selection of stylish looks, add filters and dynamic transitions.

Product slideshow

2. Merits of the product

Try to show the advantages of the product outside the box. Take funny photos with cool captions. Let’s say you sell sunglasses. You can make this picture and caption “The dog stole my RayBan glasses. Now 50 Cent wants to record an album with him. ” And 3-4 more pieces in the selection according to the same principle.

3. Company news

Here, too, you need to non-standard or just funny tell about your news. Since this is a slideshow, you need some photos to describe the event.

4. Photos of funny moments at work

Here you need a selection of photos in an informal setting. How employees relax during breaks, corporate events, photos of unusual situations at work, office memes.

5. Workflow

Here you can show how the goods are produced, how they are prepared for shipment. If you are promoting services, show the process too. You can post memes about the failures of competitors. Again, we do everything with an emphasis on a young audience – either creatively or with humor. For example, you can make a slideshow of such photos, replacing each other, with the caption “When I found a tattoo artist for a promotion”.

6. Satisfied customers

Ask customers to take funny product photos and send them to you. Motivate them with discounts / gifts or run a contest for the most creative photo.


Use slideshows to showcase interesting, funny, or simply beautiful collections of photos. Slideshows can be used when there is no time to shoot video, but you need to keep attention to your profile.

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