How to make a video of changing appearance in Tik Tok – step by step tutorial

“How to make a change of appearance in Tik Tok?” Is an interesting question in 2021 for those bloggers who want to diversify their account, but have not yet understood the essence of the new trend. Read below how to find and enable this feature.

What does the effect of a change in appearance mean in Tik Tok?

The effect of changing appearance is when a blogger posts a photo of a person at different ages. And shows changes in appearance with the passage of time in a cool slow motion effect. Thus, you can show how the appearance of not only the blogger has changed, but also his family, friends or even pets. Many authors shoot jokes, showing what they could be if life had turned out differently.

Where in Tik Tok is the change in appearance and what does the badge look like?

The change of appearance filter in Tik Tok is installed after using a simple search. The icon in the application looks like an ordinary yellow squirrel with the same name.

what a change in appearance looks like in tik tok

How to make a change of appearance in Tik Tok – step by step tutorial

To start the process, you need to download the TikTok app for Android on the Play Store and log in. If you don’t have your account yet, you need to register. Next, open the main page and follow a simple algorithm:

In fact, everything is ready. But before uploading to your personal page, you can add music and other effects. Press Music to select the music. In the displayed list, tick the required items. Wait until the download is finished and the selected music appears on the video itself.

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Upon choosing the music, the user needs to write hashtags by which the downloaded video will be found. Privacy is also configured at this stage. Select “Who can view the video.” Make the clip available to everyone, only friends or private. Videos can also be saved to an album. The user can allow others to leave comments under him, do duets and more. All that is needed to activate these functions is to activate the slider opposite the names – it should be green.

After all the settings for instant download, click “Publish”. If you need time to check the correctness of the data, click “Drafts”. The video will be uploaded to Tik Tok, as well as to the “Gallery”.

Why change of appearance is not available in Tik Tok

Sometimes, when performing all actions from the instructions, an error occurs – the topic is not available. The most common reason for such a malfunction is an outdated phone model or a lack of updates on the gadget. Open the Play Store, click the name of the application in the search. If nothing happens after clicking the “Install” button, then the latest update version is installed on the gadget.

Change of clothes

Videos with a sudden change of clothes after a slight movement of the hands, disappearance of fabrics and other things are also popular on this social network. It is important to choose an interesting background and remember exactly where you will stand throughout the entire process.

You shoot two videos with different sets of clothes. Then follow a simple instruction.

  1. Open KineMaster.
  2. Click on “Make a new project”.
  3. Click on two videos in sequence.
  4. Cut off the transition moments using a special scale.
  5. Save the video and upload to social network.
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The main thing is that the chosen clothes do not match the hair color or background. To make the video dynamic at the moment of color change, you can come up with special movements. For a smooth transition of changes, do the following:

  • select the “Media” button;
  • catch the moment in which you want to make changes;
  • click on “Scissors” / “Split at playhead”;
  • do the same at each stage where there should be color changes;
  • select the first clip of the video;
  • click on filters.

Follow these simple guidelines to get to the top positions. Using additional filters will significantly increase your earnings on Tik Tok, making the page more interesting for subscribers. And also making your name as a blogger more popular.

KineMaster software

  1. Working with filters is easy in KineMaster, clicking between filters select specific colors for each step that are in the application.change of clothes in tik tok step 1
  2. Next, do a simple Player / Media transition.
  3. Watch the video after making the changes. Make sure the transitions are in sync.change of clothes in tik tok step 2
  4. The first filter is the natural color of the element you are going to change.
  5. Use the special sliders to define the contrast.change of clothes in tik tok step 3

It is noteworthy that a similar scheme can be used to change the color of the eyes, face, and more.

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