How to make an end screen saver for YouTube videos


YouTube end screens have been launched over 2 years ago. This is one of the tools for promoting videos, playlists, channels and sites. You can customize the end screen saver for videos longer than 25 seconds.

In this post, we’ll show you how to add an end screen saver to YouTube videos and how to use them most effectively.

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What are YouTube end screens and why you need them

First of all, let’s figure out the definition. End screens are a multi-window slide that appears in the last 5–20 seconds of the video. Their main goal is to retain the viewer. The maximum number of windows is 4. The peculiarity of end screensavers is that they can be viewed not only from a PC, but also from a mobile device. But a larger percentage of YouTube users watch videos from a mobile phone.

In the end screens, you can place both your own and someone else’s content. In the second case, we are talking about advertising or collaboration. Below you can see that Oleg from the Oblomoff channel only posts his videos there and leaves the subscription button. Thus, you can promote the most important videos on the channel and increase the influx of subscribers from new videos.

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Examples of using end screens

End screensavers are used to promote their own and other people’s content. Below we will tell you more about this.

Channel advertising

You can put 2 channel icons in the splash screens, one is the one on which the video was released, and the second can be anything. In one of the videos on the Yulik channel, the author recommends subscribing to a personal channel and to the channel of a friend with whom he is broadcasting.

Channel advertising

Promotion of the previous video

Nikolay Sobolev, the owner of the Sobolev channel, uses only 2 elements in the end screens – a subscription and the previous video. Thus, he always has the previous video on each video, and they do not repeat.

Advertise your site

This is one of the most effective ways to redirect traffic, You can put a URL to your site in your end screens. For example, make a link to the viewed product, increasing sales.

Promotion of videos from another channel

YouTube is allowed to advertise your own and other people’s content. It is effective to buy such ads to increase views or offer collaboration to other channel owners.

How to add an end screen saver for a YouTube video: step by step guide

Step 1. Go to the “Creative Studio” and click on the “Change” button on the video where you want to configure the elements.

Step 2. Click on the “End Savers” tab. A menu will open with a choice of an element: video or playlist, subscription, channel, site. A temporary track is located under the video, where it is marked at what minutes these elements will be displayed, they do not have to be set at the same time. Previously, the selected slider will not be able to translate elements. Next, we’ll show you how to set up elements manually. To do this, click on the blue “Add item” button and select the appropriate option. The maximum number of windows on a roller is 4.

Video or playlist

Click on the first element and click on “Create”. The first two types are set by themselves, and for the third, you need to select content from your channel. You can select both the video and the entire playlist. It is allowed to leave a link to someone else’s video if you decide to advertise someone.


If you press the “Subscribe” button, an icon with your channel will appear in the end screensavers, by clicking on which all viewers can become a new subscriber.


This type of tips is needed for advertising or promotions of another channel. In the first line, you need to enter the URL of the channel or its name, and in the second line you write a call to action.


Adding a site is only allowed for users connected to the YouTube partner program. The site must be linked to the account in whose name the channel is registered.

Step 3. If you don’t have time to set up manually screensavers, you can copy them from other videos. By clicking on the button, all your videos will appear and it will remain to select the one from which the arrangement will be imported.

Step 4. If you click on “Use a template”, then the system will offer you to choose different options. But if you have your own site, it is better to use the splash screen, where there are 3 different elements. And before you close the editing window, do not forget to click on “Save”.

How to view statistics

In order to view the statistics, you need to go to “YouTube Analyst“, Go to the” Traffic sources “tab. And there, in descending order of views, different sources from which there were transitions to your videos will be displayed.

In order to open video links, you need to click on the button with this element, hover over the video title and you will see a preview of the video from which there were transitions. To go, click on the adjacent button with squares.

YouTube end screens are an effective promotion element. And if you do not configure them, then upon completion of the video, YouTube will show viewers the recommended content, and therefore there is a possibility that people will leave your channel. If you add your own interesting videos, then users will stay, increasing retention and improving overall statistics.

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