How to make and conduct a live broadcast on VK

Live broadcast on VKontakte is an opportunity to chat with subscribers, answer questions and become popular on the social network. With live broadcasts, you can share video from a laptop screen or external camera in real time. For example, organize round-the-clock broadcasts and reports from exhibitions and concerts.

Broadcasting allows you to increase engagement with your audience and increase brand loyalty by building strong relationships. In addition, page visibility is improved: when a live broadcast is launched, subscribers receive a corresponding notification in the “Replies”.

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In the article we will analyze how to launch a live broadcast on VKontakte, how to prepare for it and conduct it correctly.

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Features of live broadcasts VK

Live broadcasts in VK, as a function, were launched in August 2015 for famous people: athletes, show business stars and bloggers. Later they became available to absolutely all VK users.

Online broadcasts can be launched both from your personal profile and from the group of which you are the administrator. The maximum duration of a live broadcast is an hour. But in order not to tire the audience, it is better to limit yourself to 30-40 minutes.

For the technical side of the broadcasts, a special VKLive application is responsible for the mobile device, and the Open Broadcast Software (OBS) program is responsible for the PC. Live broadcasts look like standard videos. They can be added to the site, VK page or in the public, sent in a personal message or on the wall.

Viewers can not only write you messages in the chat, but also send you paid gifts purchased with votes. 50% of the cost goes to the host, and the other half goes to the social network.

To earn money on broadcasting, the option “Donations” is provided. Everyone can click “Support” and send the presenter a certain amount (donation). And a user with an audience of more than 250 thousand subscribers has the right to activate monetization, according to which he will receive a percentage for showing ads before a live broadcast.

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Preparing for a live broadcast on VK

Mark Twain liked to repeat: “No improvisation is better for me than the one that I prepared for three days.”

Preparing for the broadcast is a mandatory step, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. In order for viewers to like your broadcast, you need to clearly understand the needs of the target audience and create suitable content.

Here are some tips for making cool live broadcasts.

What to make a broadcast theme

A well-defined goal will help you decide on the topic of the broadcast. Otherwise, live streaming will be wasted time. Think about what you would like to achieve: show your expertise, tell about company news or attract new clients? Based on this, choose the topic and format of your presentation.

For live broadcasts, you can use the themes of your own posts, selecting those that have received the greatest response from the audience.

Conducting a survey in the VK group will help you identify the topic. Ask users directly: what would they like to know? There are several options to choose from.

An excellent marketing ploy would be to invite experts on the topic, interesting guests, celebrities, business partners and clients as co-hosts.

Live broadcast ideas:

  • Master Class;
  • announcement of upcoming changes;
  • review of a new collection, product;
  • joint presentation with an invited expert;
  • collecting feedback on a new service;
  • answers to user questions (it is better to collect them in advance under a separate post);
  • broadcast for live communication on a free or set topic with answers to questions asked during the speech;
  • joint broadcast with the client in the format of an honest review;
  • broadcast from the office or production, as a demonstration of the reverse side of the business.

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How to prepare to broadcast

Having decided on the purpose, theme and format, prepare a broadcast plan. Any successful speech consists of a greeting, intrigue (creating interest), naming questions, presenting basic information, answering questions and making conclusions.

If you’re a beginner, think about the structure of your speech from start to finish. Do not forget to insert jokes and small deviations from the main topic in it.

Decide if you will respond to comments when submitting basic information. The fact is that the presenter, being distracted by comments, often misses the thread of the narrative. Therefore, on the first broadcasts, it is better to immediately announce to the viewers that you will answer questions at the end of the live broadcast. You can even turn off chat temporarily.

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Rehearse the speech out loud many times, taking into account gestures, facial expressions and pauses. Record yourself on video, then analyze mistakes: parasitic words, monotonous tone, excessive gesticulation.

How to make an announcement

If you start streaming spontaneously, there will be few viewers. Before broadcasting live, be sure to tell your subscribers that you are planning to do a show. Indicate a topic, include a catchy title and exact time. Please note: this should be done not half an hour before the broadcast, but a day before.

Choose a convenient time for your subscribers. This can be done by analyzing your target audience: who is your viewer when he is free? If you plan to stream in the community, you can view the group statistics. For a personal page, just add a survey to your wall.

Gather the questions of concern to users in advance. This way you can gauge the level of interest in your presentation, better prepare for the broadcast and avoid awkward pauses.

Warm up the interest of users by creating intrigue. For additional motivation, let us know about the prize drawing among the participants during the broadcast, receiving exclusive information and promotional codes, discounts, bonuses.

During the live broadcast

At the very beginning, ask if everything is good with the sound. To do this, interact with the audience: “Put a plus sign if the sound is normal.”

Be polite, but don’t forget to block spammers and rude people.

After broadcast

Save your presentation. This is necessary not only for subscribers who could not attend the live broadcast, but also for you. Watch the live stream and note what you liked and what did not. Try not to repeat the mistake next time.
Take a screenshot of the number of participants. The indicators will tell you which broadcasts users like best.

Summarize. Make a post with a squeeze of information and live broadcast results.

Technical nuances

Broadcasting is available both from a phone and a PC. The good thing about a mobile device is that you can broadcast anywhere and anytime without installing additional software.

To film the broadcast on a PC, you need to install and configure a dedicated streaming software. On the other hand, the broadcast quality is usually an order of magnitude higher, besides, you can add several cameras, take panoramic shooting.

Take care of the following settings:

  • broadcast image;
  • sound quality;
  • signal level.
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A static camera is important for a mobile device. A monopod, selfie stick or other stabilizer will help with this. Before shooting, be sure to charge the smartphone battery – approximately 1% of the charge is consumed per minute of broadcasting.

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How to start a live broadcast on VKontakte

Let’s consider both options for creating an online video.

From computer

Go to your account or public, from which you want to broadcast.
Go to “Videos”.

The button “Create broadcast” should appear at the top, click on it. If there is no button, restart your PC.

Create a VK broadcast

Enter a title and description for the live broadcast. Select a category to get the video into the desired section of the broadcast catalog.

Download the cover – one of the pictures on your computer. For correct display, choose a photo of 800 × 450 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

Expand the “Video encoder settings” section and generate settings for broadcasting video on the software. Copy the key and link.

Launch live in VK

Without closing the browser, open the Open Broadcast Software preinstalled on your PC and paste the link with the key there. If necessary, adjust the settings for yourself.

Program for conducting a live broadcast on VKontakte

Go back to your browser and check the box next to the Preview box to check the quality of the live stream. In this mode, the broadcast is visible only to you.

Choose who can watch the stream and leave comments. Check the box “Notify subscribers when broadcast starts”.

Notification of subscribers in VK about the start of the broadcast

Return to the video encoder on your computer and click Start Streaming. In the end, just complete it on the computer software.

When you are finished with the live stream, click Save and Publish.

How to start broadcasting in VK phone

Launching live streaming from Android and iOS looks the same. Download and install the VK Live app. Launch it on your device and click on the red button in the center of the screen.

How to start broadcasting in VK phone

Provide access to geolocation, microphone and camera.

Configure access to live broadcast in the window that appears. Here you can specify the venue – broadcast to your community by clicking on the avatar and selecting the desired public from the list.

Starting a live broadcast from your phone

In the settings, select who can watch the performance and leave comments. Click Start Broadcast.

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Run live broadcasts on VKontakte to get to know your audience better, establish contact with it and increase engagement.

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