How to Make and Host a Live Stream on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

The essence of a live broadcast on Instagram is online communication with subscribers. This is another tool for promoting your account on this social network.

In this article, we will tell you why live broadcasts on IG, how to start a broadcast, how to record a broadcast with a friend, what problems can arise during the broadcast, and much more.

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Why broadcast live

Each broadcast is carried out for a specific task:

  • Communication… This format is often chosen by bloggers or famous personalities – communicate on any topic, share your thoughts, tell about life. Subscribers love such broadcasts, because they can see idols without editing and photoshop, and talk to them in a friendly way.
  • Answers on questions… Invite subscribers to ask questions in the comments and answer them live. You can ask a specific topic for questions, for example, about a product, service, store, success story, in general, about anything.
  • Broadcast from the scene… People actively watch broadcasts from all sorts of events, concerts, parties, rallies and emergencies.

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  • Backstage shooting… This is taking pictures of what’s left behind the scenes. For example, you post beautiful photos in your profile, show how such photos are taken. Or you shoot videos – let subscribers see the filming process.
  • Conducting draws… Come up with a competition and play something live. For example, a discount or some kind of gift. For example, you can ask any question and ask subscribers to write answer choices in the comments. Whoever writes the correct answer first wins.
  • Announcement of the winners of the competition… You can announce the winners on the air with a drawing, or you can hold a separate broadcast for this. For example, if the competition was held in several stages and it takes time to determine the winners. Subscribers’ attention will be riveted on the airwaves as everyone hopes to see themselves on the list of winners. You can use special services to determine the winners in Instagram contests.
  • Seminars… On Instagram, you can broadcast up to an hour. This time is enough to conduct a free seminar or master class, at the end you can leave a call to subscribe to the newsletter to pick up a gift or offer a paid course on the topic of the seminar.
  • Presentation of goods or services. Air is a good way to advertise a new product or service, at the end you can answer the audience’s questions on the topic of the presentation.
  • Reviews… You can shoot the broadcast with unpacking some purchases, make a review of the product.
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If you do not know what topic to broadcast on, ask your subscribers in a separate post what they would like to talk about, let them suggest their own topics.

Ultimately, the most important goal of live streaming is to increase subscriber loyalty. Broadcasts are watched for the sake of emotions and getting exclusive information. For fans of bloggers or well-known media personalities, this is an opportunity to chat with their idols. For subscribers of commercial accounts – to get acquainted with the activities of the company.

What viewers can do during a live broadcast: leave comments and likes, send complaints, hide the chat.

How to make a live stream on Instagram: step by step instructions

How to enable and start live streaming

Before starting the live broadcast, you need to set everything up – choose a mask, if necessary, enable autosave and reposts, attach a sticker with the questions you want to answer.

From phone (Android, iOS)

We go into the Instagram account, switch to the tab with the house. In the upper left corner, click on the camera icon.

At the bottom you need to scroll to the right to the “Live” function.

How to enable and start live streaming

The camera will turn on. In the lower right corner, you can switch from the front camera to the main one if you want.

How to broadcast live on Instagram

In the upper left corner there is a gear with settings. If you click it, you can configure the following parameters:

  • Hide my story from …
  • Allow or deny replies to messages.
  • Saving – you can enable or disable automatic saving to archive.
  • Share – who can share the broadcast, on / off, repost in the story.

How to set up a live broadcast on Instagram

We return to the live broadcast window. There are circles with masks at the bottom, you can use them if you want to add effects to your live stream.

live instagram

After the live broadcast starts, subscribers will receive a notification and will be able to join the broadcast.

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From computer

You cannot start recording a live broadcast from a computer, but you can watch someone else’s. To do this, go to your account in the web version of Instagram, there will be a history column on the right, stories of everyone you follow are published in it.

Live streams on Instagram

A person who broadcasts on a circle with a profile will have a Live or “Live” badge. Click and join the broadcast.

How to watch a live stream on Instagram from a computer

How to make a pinned comment in a broadcast

During the broadcast, you can pin your comment. It can indicate the topic of the broadcast or any important information. Why fix it? When participants write comments on the air, each new one shifts the previous ones, and your comment can simply get lost among the rest.

How to pin: write your comment in the chat, click “Send”, it goes to the general chat, then click on it and click “Attach comment”. It sticks to the bottom of the chat and does not move anymore.

How to make a pinned comment in a broadcast

How to invite a friend (or become a member of the broadcast)

On Instagram, you can conduct a joint broadcast with a friend or become a participant in such an broadcast yourself. Then there will already be 2 speakers – they can conduct a dialogue with each other, take turns answering questions, each have their own part of the broadcast, and so on. Another one of them can be a guest, and the other one can interview him.

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Only someone who is already watching the broadcast can be invited to a joint broadcast. To enable this feature, wait in the lower right corner for the icon with two emoticons and select from the list the person we want to invite. A friend receives an invitation, clicks “Go live”, after which the screen is divided into 2 parts. You can always turn off a friend and send an invitation to another viewer.

How to invite a friend to live on Instagram

You can also ask a friend to invite you to a joint broadcast if you are a viewer. To do this, during the broadcast, click on the bar at the bottom of the screen “Send request to participate in the live broadcast with *** – Become a guest”. The creator of the broadcast can accept or reject your request.

How to send a request to participate in a live broadcast

How to save live stream

By default, saving to the archive is enabled in the live broadcast settings – this means that the broadcast will hang for another 24 hours in your Instagram account when the broadcast ends. After 24 hours, it will disappear irrevocably. In the same settings, you can activate the “Save to Gallery” button – then the broadcast will automatically go to the gallery and you can use the video in some other way.

How to save a recording of a live broadcast on Instagram

After the end of the broadcast in the upper right corner there will be a button “Save”, you can click on it.

To save or download someone else’s live stream, use third-party applications:

  • Story Saver for Instagram (Android);
  • ReShare Story (iOS);
  • IG Stories for Instagram is an extension for the Chrome browser.

These apps are designed for storing stories, but they can handle live streams too. The easiest way to save someone else’s broadcast is to go to the web version of Instagram from a computer and record it using a screen capture program, for example, Camtasia.

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How to properly conduct a live broadcast on Instagram – make a plan

If you decide to just chat with subscribers on abstract topics or answer questions from the comments, then you don’t have to prepare too much, but just improvise. In all other cases, it is better to make a plan. Divide it into several blocks:


Say hello to the subscribers, introduce yourself and indicate the topic of the broadcast. Why introduce yourself if only your subscribers can watch the broadcast? For example, someone posted a post about a joint broadcast with you, you posted a recording of the broadcast, someone else made a repost or downloaded the recording and distributed it, completely new subscribers joined the broadcast – in any case, the broadcast can be seen by those who are you knows little or even sees for the first time.

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Even during the greeting, you can immediately define the rules for the participants.

The bulk of the broadcast

Write down in advance what you will talk about on the air and how long it should run in time. Let there be a specific structure that you need to adhere to, you can make a cheat sheet and spy during the broadcast. The main thing is that the broadcast should be engaging so that the participants would like to watch it to the end.


Say goodbye to everyone, thank you for participating in the broadcast, add a call to action – for example, offer to subscribe to you on other social networks, send you direct questions, pick up a gift from a link, make a purchase, and so on. The broadcast should not suddenly end, usually a timer appears at the end of the broadcast, so warn viewers that the broadcast is coming to an end.


  1. Warn your audience in advance about the upcoming broadcast, so more viewers will come to you. You can post a separate post or story with an announcement.
  2. Prepare mentally for the broadcast – it should be interesting and with attention to the audience. If you are in a bad mood, loaded with your problems and dryly communicate with your subscribers, they will not watch the broadcasts with you. Don’t ignore the broadcasters.
  3. Pick the right time – you need to test here to understand when your audience is most active, but usually everyone tries to post broadcasts in the evening.
  4. Take care of the quality of the picture – think over the background in advance, prepare the lighting, use a gadget with a good camera, get rid of unnecessary noise, make yourself look neat.

Problems during live broadcasts and their causes

The main problems that arise during the broadcast:

  • Problem: The Live TV function is not available.
    Decision: old version of the application, you need to update to the latest version of Instagram.
  • Problem: Unable to watch another person’s live stream.
    Decision: the old version of the application or the author of the live broadcast blocked you, for example, hid the broadcast and all the stories from you in the settings. Or are you corny in his subscribers.
  • Problem: Poor video quality, broadcast is interrupted.
    Decision: unstable internet.
  • Problem: kicks it out of Instagram during a live broadcast.
    Decision: unstable internet, little memory on the phone, outdated version of the application. You can try to update, clear the cache and phone memory, find a place with a more stable connection. Another reason may be in the old firmware of the phone, then you need to update the firmware.

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Broadcast live to chat with subscribers, arrange giveaways, answer questions, sell something, or simply share useful and interesting information. Ethers increase user loyalty. You can share broadcasts with friends, save broadcasts to the phone gallery, pin comments, use filters. To invite subscribers to the broadcast, notify them in advance with a separate post or story, and after the recording starts, they will receive automatic notifications on Instagram.

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