How to make and publish an article on VKontakte: an article editor guide

Articles in VK allow you to quickly typeset articles in a convenient block editor. So you can keep a personal blog on VK, post articles for a group, or create advertising publications.

Today we will tell you how to create and arrange an article in VK, how to publish it in a group or on a page, and how to make changes in an already posted material.

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How to create and arrange an article on VKontakte: step by step instructions

The editor can be accessed from a personal page, from a news section or from a group. You can fully use the editor in the web version of VKontakte, the application does not have this function – from a mobile phone you can only read your own and other people’s articles, as well as track statistics.

To get started, click on the “T” icon with three horizontal stripes in the record creation window. This icon looks the same everywhere.

We find ourselves in a very minimalistic editor that is easy to understand even for beginners. A similar editor in Yandex-Zen.

What the editor of VKontakte articles looks like

Title and text

The first thing to start with is to write or insert a prepared text. The very first line is the title. As you can see from the hint above, to apply formatting to the text, you just need to select the desired segment.

Article title and text

There are few formatting options – bold, italic, strikethrough, link, headings, and quotation.

A plus: editing text is very simple – even easier than in Google Docs.

Minus: few formatting methods, lack of text alignment, footnotes, manual font sizes, indents.

There are subheadings H2 and H3. As we already wrote, the font size is not adjustable. To return to normal text size, press H again.

There are 2 options for designing a quote – with a side line and a horizontal line. In the first case, the text is in italics, in the second, the default font with center alignment.

VKontakte quote design

Adding blocks

The editor has a block structure, that is, each element of the article, like a text or media file, is a separate block. It is added very simply – click on the free space under the placed block (in our case, text), a plus sign appears, click on it and select the desired block – photo, video, music, poll, product, GIF, text separator.

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How to add a new block to an article

How to remove a block

The block is not highlighted in any way, if you just click on it, nothing happens, there is no cross to delete the block either. Therefore, you just need to press the Backspace key (arrow with a cross), and the block will be deleted. You can also select the content of the block and press Delete.

How to add a link

There is no separate block with a link; it can be inserted into the text using the hotkeys Ctrl + V, Ctrl + C, or inserted as a hyperlink. For the second, you need to select the desired word or phrase in the text and click on the link icon in the formatting window. A window will appear where you need to insert the link.

How to add a link to a VK article

To change or remove a link, you need to select the fragment again and click on the link icon.

How to insert a picture, gif or video

To insert a picture, gif or video, click on the plus and select the desired icon. For a picture or photo – a camera icon, for a video – a filmstrip icon, for gifs there is also a separate block.

How to insert a picture into an article

A photo or picture can be added from VK albums or downloaded from a computer. You can also take a picture with a webcam.

The picture can be stretched to the full width of the screen, placed in the side of the text, or left to the width of the text. You can also make a carousel of several pictures. Convenient if you need to create a gallery of goods.

How to insert a carousel into an article

You can also add a description in small print to the picture.

Videos are added according to the same principle, but it cannot be downloaded from a computer or by a link – you can only add from saved ones or find someone else’s video in the search.

How to add a video to an article

You can add music from saved audio tracks or find the one you need in the search. Accordingly, if the desired track is not in the shared library, you first need to upload it to VK.

How to add music to an article

We download gifs through search or downloading from a computer.

How to insert a GIF into an article


You can post a poll in the article, it looks the same as a regular poll in VK. Add a block, select the chart icon.

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How to add a poll to an article

We design – write a subject, answer options, adjust color and additional parameters.

Survey design

Creating lists

There is no button for creating lists in the editor, but they can be done using the symbols:

  • bulleted list: * + space
  • numbered list: 1. + space

How to make a list in an article

Minus: It would be more convenient if you could create lists while formatting the text, but it’s not bad either.

Adding a product

To add a product, click on the plus sign and on the bag icon.

How to add a product to an article

If the product has been previously added to VK, it will be displayed in the “My Products” tab. You can also add a product from the Chinese Aliexpress store via a direct or affiliate link.

Products with aliexpress

This is how the product card looks like in the article.

Product card in the article VKontakte


You can use hot keys to work with articles faster, combinations are in the editor’s tooltip.

Hotkeys for articles


It’s hard to get confused in the editor, but if you need to spy on something, for example, remember the hotkey combinations, then you need to click on the question mark in the lower right corner.

Cover and publication

To publish an article and set a cover for it, click on the “Publish” button. We load the cover from the computer, write down the address of the link by which the article will open and click “Save”.

How to make a cover for a VKontakte article

Article statistics

Statistics are available to the author of the article and to the admins / moderators / editors of the group where it is posted. It is displayed after 100 views. The statistics show a read-out funnel – how many people have opened the article, started scrolling it, what part of the article they have read. Views, reposts, and the total percentage of readings are also displayed.

How to view the statistics of an article in VK

How to publish an article in a VK group

Straight from the editor

After the article is published in the editor, a complete link will appear with a green checkmark. Click on it.

How to publish an article in a VK group

We are thrown into editor mode, here we click on “Share”.

How to share an article in a group

Choosing who to share with, we need a community. Click “Share article”.

How to post an article in a VKontakte group

The article is placed in a group. The author of the article is visible in it, because we added it from a personal account. But if you work in the editor on behalf of the group, then the author can be hidden when publishing.

Via link

Another way is to simply copy the link we received when the article was published and add it to the group like a regular post. If you post an article in this way, then besides the link itself, you can also add an eyeliner – what the article is about and a call to read. The link can also be used to seed an article in other people’s publics.

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Link to VK article

You can add a signature to the article, disable comments, add that this is an advertisement and indicate the source if the text is not unique. This is done in the recording settings (gear icon).

We indicate the source of the article

How to change, delete or hide an article

Edit – open the article, click “Edit”. Next, we work with it in the same way as in the mode of creating a new one. For the changes to take effect, you will need to click “Publish” again, otherwise it will be saved in draft mode.

How to change a VK article after publication

Hide – articles are displayed in the block of articles. To hide this block, go to the group settings: “Management – Sections” and disable the Articles section (must be “Disabled”).

How to hide an article block in a group in VK

Delete – open the desired article, click on the “Publish” button, then “Delete article”.

How to delete an article

We confirm the deletion. If you change your mind, the article will remain in drafts, you can publish it again. To permanently delete an article, go to the drafts and click on the cross opposite the article.

How to permanently delete an article


The editor can be used to maintain interest in your VK group – write informational articles, make product reviews, write and post instructions and FAQs for buyers.

Also, the editor is suitable for a personal blog on VKontakte. Avid bloggers may lack some features, but it does an excellent job with basic tasks. Perhaps the editor intended it in such a way that the articles would have a recognizable VK style, or perhaps the fact is that this is just an additional function of the social network. In any case, working with the editor is pleasant and after a while you stop thinking about the missing functions.

The only thing is that there is a significant disadvantage that is difficult to ignore – articles are poorly indexed by search engines, and it is not easy to find them in a VK search. So you won’t be able to use them as a source of organic traffic. But if there is a promoted group, then its subscribers will make views for you + they can share articles with their friends and repost them on their personal wall.

At the same time, in posts with articles, VK does not cut coverage – that is, if we want to make a selection of links, it is better to make them in the form of an article, and not an ordinary post.

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