How to make and put a profile photo on Instagram. Making an ava in a circle

A profile photo on Instagram is an important element of the page, it is important in promoting and understanding the account as a whole.

In the article we will tell you what options for avatars are, what is better to put and how to make a beautiful avatar for Instagram in a circle, using a free photo editor.

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Instagram profile photo sizes and what is better to put

The recommended size for an Instagram profile is from 110 × 110 px, the aspect ratio is 1: 1 (square photo). After uploading, the photo is cropped into a circle. You don’t have to bother with cropping and resizing photos, and you can’t go wrong with one of the square photos of posts with a size of 1080 × 1080 px.

Advice: do not choose photos with a lot of small details, they will still not be visible on a small avatar. It is better to choose a photo where there is one central element – a close-up object or face.

Photo ideas for ava

Let’s figure out what is better to use as an ava.

For commercial accounts:

– logo.

Company avatar on Instagram

– a thing or interior that reflects the type of activity, for example, if you have a cafe, you can put a photo of the institution on the ava; if you sell keychains, let it be a keychain on your avatar.

For bloggers – a bright photo of life or a close-up photo of a face.

Blogger avatar

For experts – a business photo showing the face of an expert.

What to put on the ava for a specialist

For photographer – photo with a camera.

Ava for the photographer

For pet account there should be his photo as an avatar.

Cat photo

For the creative team – a photo of the team.

Group avatar

For girls:

  • photo in outfit;
  • from rest;
  • with a bouquet of flowers;
  • with a pet;
  • with a guy.

For guys:

  • sports figure;
  • photo from work;
  • next to the car;
  • hobbies;
  • photo with friends.

More ideas:

– processing in the editor (there are additional elements in the photo, for example, an object in the background, geometric shapes)

Stylized avatar

– black and white

black and white avatar

– 3D photo or photo in a circle. The person seems to go beyond the avatar, an interesting 3D effect is obtained

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3D photo for Instagram

– art

art avatar

– cartoon ava

3D cartoon ava:

3d cartoon ava

Watercolor painting style

Watercolor painting style

– charismatic photo to show character

charismatic photo

– a family photo (more suitable for girls, but men also sometimes put on an avatar).

family photo

– sports photo

sports photo

– part of the face

part of the face

– a photo where the face is not visible

From the back:

Photo on avu from the back

Option when the face is covered with hands

Option when the face is covered with hands

– a photo showing the type of activity

Motorcycle racing champion

Motorcycle racing champion

Oriental martial arts coach

Coach photo


Ava for the cook

– romantic photo, relevant for those who have a paired account or who want to show their marital status

romantic photo

– photo with a solid background

photo with a solid background

– dark photo with dim light

dark photo with dim light

– photo in uniform (they like to put themselves in the military, police, firefighters to emphasize their status)

photo in uniform

– photo with shadow

photo with shadow

– duotone effect

duotone effect for ava

– glitch effect

glitch effect

– a photo with a slogan (relevant during socially important events, such photos are posted on an avatar to express their civic position).

How to make a beautiful art avatar for Instagram in a circle

We show you how to quickly style your Instagram avatar.

Step 1… Styling the photo.

We use any photo editor with filters. For a smartphone, you can download Picsart, Pixlab, PicsKit, PicShot and others. We will do it on a computer, the free online editor will do.

How to make an Instagram avatar in a circle

Choose a suitable filter, for example, Tintbrush from the Painting section (stylized as a drawing with paints).

Styling your profile photo

You can make a solid fill with a filter or select the desired fragments with a brush. The intensity of the effect can be adjusted. In this example, the intensity is at its maximum.

Styling a photo for Instagram

We save the photo to the computer.

Save your art avatar

We get this photo.

Art avatar for Instagram

Step 2… Add a circle to Canva.

Going to the Canva editor, we need a square. Since the original photo has a size of 600×900 px, you can make the square a little larger – 700×700 px, the size is set in the section “Custom sizes”.

Add a circle for the avatar

While we have just a white square, we need to add a mask with a circle. We go to the “Elements”, go down to the “Frames” section and select the circle.

How to fit an avatar into a circle

The circle turns out to be small, you can increase it a little, for example, to a size of 580×580 px with a square width of 700×700 px. Align to the center.

How to make an avatar in a circle

Now we need to place our photo in the circle. Go to “Downloads” and load our stylized photo from your computer.

Loading an avatar

Now drag the photo into the circle.

Add a photo to the circle

You can add an additional frame around the circle, again go to the “Elements”, and select no longer a mask, but a circle shape.

How to add a frame for your Instagram avatar

The frame should be slightly larger than the main photo to make it easier to adjust the size, you can make the circle transparent.

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Adding transparency

Add color to the frame and remove transparency.

Frame color

Move the colored circle to the background behind the photo, right-click on the circle and select Send to Back or Send Backward.

Making a round avatar

It turns out such a frame. Save the photo, click “Download”.

Round avatar with frameYou can make not a monochrome frame, but a gradient one, you can also add not only a circle, but also objects of other shapes. Go to Elements and scroll down to the Gradients section, or search for the word gradient.

Elements for the frame

There are many objects of different shapes. All colors are customizable, you can change the size and orientation of the shapes. We got several options for the avatar.

Examples of unusual Instagram avatars

Step 3. We put it in the profile – we show it in the next section (How to put a photo or picture on the ava on Instagram).

How to take a photo in a mug with 3D effect

The essence of such an avatar is that part of your photo should extend slightly outside the circle and then you get the effect of a 3D avatar.

There are several ways to take such a photo, we show ours. First you need to choose a photo. We advise you to find or specially take a photo on a solid background – such a background will be easier to remove.

Then you need a program or application that removes the background. You can use Photoshop or any other software, we will take Teorex PhotoScissors. Add a photo there. With a green brush, select what needs to be left, with a red one – what to remove. The program is convenient because there is no need to select the entire object – just mark the colors.

How to take a photo in a mug with 3D effect

We press “Cut”.

Making a volume effect

Finishing the details and saving the photo with transparency in PNG format. It is not necessary to bring the photo to perfection, since the Instagram avatar is still small and small mistakes will not be conspicuous.

How to create a 3D effect for ava

Go to Canva, make a white square again like in the previous example and add a circle mask to it.

Insert the original photo with the background into the mask.

You can add a small frame (“Elements – Gradients”).

Now load a photo of a person without a background on top of all layers. The task is to make part of the photo go beyond the circle, sometimes you need to slightly increase the photo with transparency.

It turns out such an interesting effect.

How to create a 3D effect for ava

How to put a photo or picture on the ava on Instagram

On the phone

Open your Instagram account, click on the “Edit Profile” button.

How to put a photo or picture on the ava on Instagram

At the very top above the name and nickname is a circle, click on it.

How to change your profile photo on Instagram

Then “New profile photo”.

New profile photo

You can take a photo or upload from the gallery. If the photo has been prepared in advance and taken in the correct aspect ratio (1: 1 square), then the avatar is immediately cropped into an even circle. You can enlarge or reduce the photo, for example, make the main elements in the circle larger. When everything is ready, click “Next”.

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How to put a profile photo on Instagram

You can apply a filter to the photo or edit it. In the editor, you can work on alignment, brightness, contrast, saturation, color, add shadows, blur or sharpness. When finished working on the photo, click “Next” again.

On the computer

On a computer, everything is a little simpler – open your profile and click on the avatar itself.

How to change your Instagram profile photo on a computer

Then we press “Upload photo”, the rest of the steps are repeated as in the previous paragraph.

Upload your profile photo to Instagram

How to change your avatar

To change the photo, we use the same sequence of steps as during the initial installation of the avatar – go to “Edit profile” and click “Change profile photo” there.

Advice: do not change photos too often, firstly, it annoys subscribers, and secondly, you may not be recognized. It is better to immediately choose a good photo, with the expectation that it will be on the avatar for several months. Then you can replace it with something else.

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How to view an avatar in full size

On Instagram, you cannot see the full-size avatar photo – if you click on it, nothing happens. But there is a free third-party service that solves this problem – Gramotool. You need to enter the user’s nickname in the input field and press Enter. By the way, in this application you can also watch stories and highlights anonymously.

How to view your Instagram avatar in full size

The web version of the service may be unstable, so it is better to immediately download the Gramotool application to your smartphone.

A search works in the application – you can enter the entire nickname or the first letters, and then select the desired account in the list.

Profile search

We open the required account. There are 3 sections here – Stories, Highlights and Avatar. We need an avatar.

How to view your Instagram profile photo in full size

The photo opens in full size, you can download it to your phone.

How to download an avatar in full size

Why do we need such a function:

  • it’s just interesting to see the full photo;
  • I want to see the details of a successful avatar to make a similar one;
  • you need to understand how to properly crop a photo for an avatar.


The choice of ava for Instagram should be approached responsibly – you should not put anything on the photo, because this is the face of your profile. Prepare in advance a high-quality photo that will be associated with your profile. Try not to change your avatars too often.

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