How to make effects in Tik Tok on iPhone and Android

Not sure how to make TikTok effects? After reading the article, you will understand the filters and special effects on the platform. In addition, you will learn how to use it. It is worth starting with the fact that Tik Tok is a social network where various videos are published. The duration of such fragments is 15 seconds. During this time, the blogger shoots a video on any topic. In 2021 Popular Destinations are dance clips, tutorials, and entertainment videos. The audience also appreciates the funny parodies. Effects and filters are used to enhance the video. They decorate the videos and make it interesting.

Popular effects

The main list of effects in TikTok is in the “Popular” tab. There are a large number of paid or “free face masks” here. They are divided into categories. This is necessary for the convenience of users:

  1. The “Trends” folder consists of up-to-date filters. In 2021, such effects as raindrop, slowmo, various animals and changes in appearance gained popularity;
  2. The filters page contains backgrounds and masks. They are often used by teenagers in music videos;
  3. The Dance section consists of GIFs. They feature popular dancers from all over the world;
  4. Folder “Animals” masks with cats and dogs.

Follow the tabs and turn the page to the end. All masks do not fit on one page. Scroll through the tab to the end.

To apply filters, run the program and open the front camera. Now choose an option from the list and apply it to yourself. During the first start-up, the display will show hints and tips for use.

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When this background is launched, raindrops appear on the screen. Basically, this filter is used in sad videos. Most often during music videos.


Slowmo is a slow motion shot in English. When you shoot a clip, a special filter gradually slows down the shooting time. Due to this, it is possible to achieve a smooth transition. Such videos look especially impressive. It is possible to create cool dance clips, challenges or experiment on camera.


Another interesting background that shows a mirror image of a person on the water. This filter will complement any video and add a certain mystery. There is a great demand for it among the female audience.

effect Water

the beauty

“Beauty Effect” automatically photoshoots a person’s face. It removes all imperfections and makes the face more attractive. It should be noted that this option does not distort a person’s appearance. Rather, it emphasizes its beauty.

Black eye sockets

The next option is a terrifying mask that makes the eyes black. This look is most often used for videos in a duet.

Black eye sockets effect

The Tik Tok eye color change option will also allow you to change the iris. There are many interesting shenanigans with the face, eyebrows and mouth.


Cloning is the appearance of several identical people in the frame. The filter looks intimidating on the screen. It allows you to add an unlimited number of people in one shot.


Big eyes

This option widens the eyes during surprise. This cool effect is used to record reactions. Distorts the appearance quite strongly. Therefore, it is not in great demand.

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Big eyes

Magic mirror

This effect is popular with many users of the platform. It is a combination of several rollers to create a mirror. Many people compare it to a portal. To make such a clip, you will need cardboard and a little imagination.

magic mirror


This method creates a synchronous display of some of the movements. Especially relevant for the category of finger dance clips.



In 2021, waves appear in almost every video. In the frame, they look like slight twitching. However, it is they who give dynamism and rhythm to any file. Works great in time with a popular track.

Changing the proportions of the face

These options change a person’s appearance. They are able to reduce or enlarge the face, eyes, nose, lips. The proportions do not always change beautifully. A person becomes like some kind of creature.

Changing the proportions of the face


The interleaving option allows multiple frames to be concatenated. This is required to create the footage. It should be noted that this function is grayer popular on the platform.

Other possibilities

The Popular folder contains many trending options. Visit it and find the option you want. Use the search engine to speed up the process. Submit basic queries and get results.

How to use effects in TikTok?

To answer the question, we recommend reading the brief instructions. Follow the steps to get the result:

  1. Open the application and click on the button with the “+” sign;how to use tik tok effects step 1
  2. Now click on the button on the left and select the desired to use tik tok effects step 2
  3. Exploring trend to use tik tok effects step 3
  4. Take turns applying masks and filming. Hold down the red key. This will start video to use tik tok effects step 4
  5. We confirm the result and click on the “Checkmark”.how to use tik tok effects step 5
  6. Edit and add the desired to use tik tok effects step 6
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How to add effects to Tik Tok?

Before recording a video as a duet, add the same special effects. They should be similar or match the color scheme. Click on the button on the left and open the folder with masks. In the window that opens, define the desired option. Click on it and start recording.

how to add effects in tik tok step 1

how to add effects in tik tok step 2

Change filters

Try different options. Open the section and constantly change filters. Try some before shooting. Perhaps they will not look beautiful on the face.

filter change at teak tok step 1

filter change in teak tok step 2

Filter types:

  • Soul;
  • Shake;
  • Buz;
  • Illusion;
  • Zoom;
  • Flash;
  • Leak;
  • 70s;
  • X-signal.

Additionally, you can use a color filter:

  1. Click on the 3 colored circles and choose a color;how to add a color filter step 1how to add a color filter step 2
  2. Click the “Next” button;how to add a color filter step 3
  3. Write a description and add hashtags;
  4. We to add a color filter step 4

Where can I find new effects?

The Trends folder consists of new products. There are both paid and free versions here. The same models are offered for android or iPhone. Add new ones gradually and save in the settings.

Why are the effects not working in Tik Tok?

The main problem of lack of work is a crash in the program. Often, users do not update the platform on the phone in time. Because of this, malfunctions occur. Go to the App Store and Play Market and download the new update. Please try again after installation.

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