How to make money in Tik Tok – all schemes and ways to monetize your account


We’ve already written about how to make money on Instagram or your YouTube channel, and in this article we’ll talk about how to make money on Tic Toc. Probably many people have already realized that this social network has huge potential in terms of making money.

In this article, let’s figure out what and how much you can make in TikTok and what the complexities of monetization are.


Features of monetizing an account in TikTok

In TikTok, there is no official affiliate program, like in YouTube, where you get paid for views. Previously, there was an unofficial one where top bloggers received a personal offer from the social network, signed an agreement with TikTok and were awarded bonuses for views. The bonuses could then be converted into real money. But as of January 2020, Tic-Toc stopped that program.

Perhaps in the future Tic-Toc will resume the affiliate program, but for now you have to find other ways to monetize your account.

What are the peculiarities of monetization on this site:

  • It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have here. What matters is the number of video views, likes and comments, as well as the length of time you watch your videos. If a blogger has a million subscribers and videos get a thousand views each, that’s bad.
  • The age of the audience. Despite the fact that more and more people over the age of 20 are joining TikTok, it’s still a social network for teenagers. And, accordingly, content should be created for them. Such an audience is not very solvent, and so far there are few advertisers in this social network.
  • Trends in TikTok are changing at breakneck speed. To stay popular, you need to generate a lot of content and constantly look for new ideas for videos.
  • You can’t put a clickable link to the site in the profile or below the video. Because of this, it’s hard to redirect users to a specific resource. They have to copy the address of the site and insert it manually in the browser, because of this you could lose some traffic. But the social network is testing links in the profile, so maybe in 2020 it will be possible to add them to the profile.For now, it is possible to redirect traffic from Tik Tok to Instagram or YouTube, and there you can put clickable links.
  • TikTok hates scams. They are detected very quickly, for which you can get a shadow ban account. Therefore, to earn you have to focus all your efforts on content. Just investing money in scoring views and making money from it here will not work.

That said, there are more pros than cons to Tic Tok. Free video coverage, the ability for any video to get into recommendations, a lot of ready-made ideas (take a popular hashtag and make a video, shoot a duet, a reaction to someone else’s video). Therefore, it is possible to make money in TikTok, which is confirmed by many examples, but first things first.

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Let’s look at what they earn in TikTok.

Shooting video to the song

Music tracks are well promoted in TikTok. This is used by both beginners and well-known singers and musicians. And they are willing to pay to promote their music. If you have a popular account – you can make a video of someone else’s song for a fee.

How much you can earn: you’ll get the same pay as for usual commercials, the fee depends on the number of subscribers and appetite of a particular blogger.

Earnings from advertising

What will you have to do – to shoot ads on the theme of the customer. You may be asked to stick to a specific script or come up with something of your own. Often bloggers are given a task to use a specific hashtag, show some product in a video, say certain phrases, do a review and so on.

There are 2 options to find advertising orders:

  • Become a popular blogger with a few thousand subscribers and millions of views, and then advertisers will find you on their own.
  • To put a post about yourself on the advertising exchanges and take orders. For example, type “TikTok advertising” into VK, and you’ll see several groups where you can offer your profile to potential advertisers.There are similar groups in Telegram. There you can post a description of your profile and price, after which interested advertisers will contact you directly.

How much you can earn: it all depends on the number of subscribers, price dispersion.

Affiliate programs

Everything is simple – you bring a client to the company, it pays you a percentage of sales. For example, some online store sells cosmetics, and you are a beauty blogger. You can shoot a video on beauty, make reviews of cosmetics and offer your subscribers to follow your affiliate link to the online store’s website. For each customer who comes from you, you get paid.

Партнёрские программы для Тик-Ток

There are different affiliate companies – some pay a percentage of the sale of physical goods, others pay a percentage of digital goods (for example, a percentage of the sale of an info-course), some pay for registration or downloading applications. You can learn more about affiliates in our article on affiliate marketing.

That is, you create some content in TickTock and redirect traffic from there to an affiliate. Either you create a short link and put it on your profile, so people can type in the address manually (TickTock doesn’t have clickable links yet). Or redirect to your Instagram or YouTube, and there you put a link. Some affiliates give webmasters promo codes, then everything is even easier – you put a promo code under the video or directly in it.

Where to look for affiliate links:

  • Directly on the sites of stores or services. If any site has an affiliate, you can find the appropriate section in the footer.
  • In CPA networks, such as Admitad,, SalesDoubler.
  • Simply type in the search engine “affiliate programs”.

How much can you earn: Each company or CPA network sets its own percentage. Sometimes newcomers are paid less, then the percentage can increase.

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Live broadcasts

It is possible to conduct the live broadcasts if you have more than 1 000 subscribers. There are two ways to earn money, either by offering some goods or services during a live broadcast, or by earning coins. In Tik Tok, you can buy virtual coins for real money, buy stickers for these coins, and give them to the blogger on the air.

How much you can earn: The minimum number of coins is 100 pieces, worth $1. Let’s say a subscriber gives a blogger a sticker for 10 coins. Blogger gets 80% of the cost of the sticker on his balance and can then translate them into real money. The minimum threshold for withdrawal is $10.

The most sensational story is a Chinese man Meng Lei, who earned about $ 167,000 during the game streaming in TikTok.


You can promote your services as a private citizen or act as an agency. For example, you are a freelancer and you edit videos. You can offer such a service to ticktockers.

How much you can earn: it depends on the cost of your services.

Sales of goods

You can sell goods using popularity in TikTok. Physical or digital, such as audiobooks, info-courses, prints and so on. If you don’t have your own goods, you can sell other people’s goods through an affiliate program or dropshipping.

How much you can earn: it depends on the value of the goods. Tic Toc has accounts of well-known brands, such as RedBull, Sberbank, Guess and others. Obviously, all of these brands have earnings from maintaining their accounts in this social network.

Earning on likes and subscriptions

This is an option for schoolchildren or students – performing tasks through the sites of acceleration. For example, you need to watch some video to the end, like it and leave comments.

Some sell a certain number of likes, and they themselves gain them through similar sites, keeping the difference for themselves. But you should understand that such earnings are extremely risky – you can lose your account or, even worse, destroy the customer’s account. Because TikTok against cheating, they are calculated very quickly, and, at best, the cheated video gets a ban, at worst the account is blocked.

How much can you earn: if you can make money on it, it will be a one-time request, because after the ban nobody wants to request a request for recruitment again. But the negative impact is secured. But let’s see how much money others managed to make:

Other services for earning likes, views and subscriptions in Tik Tok:

  • Vktarget – in addition to Tik Tok, you can also perform tasks in other social networks.
  • Cashbox – there are not many tasks for TT yet, but there are other social networks, as well as random tasks. For example, to write a review, register on the site or install an application.
  • Taskpay – supports work with Tick-Tock, as well as any arbitrary tasks.
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Promoting yourself as an expert

You may be well versed in a topic or even be an expert in it. Why not create a training course or book and make money from it? If you have something to say to a wide range of people, you can hold online webinars or live conferences and events, and find listeners in TickTock.

By the way, there is a new trend in 2020 – people willingly subscribe to profiles of specialists, such as doctors, psychologists, and lawyers. But to do that, you have to be able to communicate in the language of the TickTock audience. So in January 2020, the New York Times published the story of gynecologist Danielle Jones, who runs her own profile on TickTock. One of her videos got more than 11 million views.

Продвижение себя, как эксперта

She herself comments on her activity on this social network:

“My presence on TikTok is like if you had a friend who just happened to be an obstetrician-gynecologist. It’s a good way to give information to people who need it and meet them where they are.”

How much you can earn: again, it all depends on the value of your consultations, books, webinars. For example, a credit lawyer Ilya leads a channel about the loans, moving the traffic to Instagram, and from there to his site, which offers legal assistance for those who took a loan. The cost of his services is calculated individually.

Promotion of personal brand

Some bloggers managed to achieve wide popularity thanks to social networks. The bottom line is that if you are a bright, charismatic personality and have become popular on the Internet, a career in the media sphere can wait for you

Other ways of earning:

  • accepting donations;
  • Maintenance of other people’s accounts (administration);
  • Selling ready-made videos, editing services;
  • Selling their accounts through the exchange;
  • Offer to do something for money, even absurd, such as “I’ll listen to your girlfriend’s complaints for you,” “I’ll dance in a banana costume,” “I’ll record an address in the voice of Darth Vader,” and so on;
  • you can compose poems or greetings to order;
  • shouts for money is the term for mentioning other bloggers in your feed. You can promote not only TicToc users, but also websites, Telegram channels, YouTube channels, Instagram profiles and more;



What kind of earnings to go to TicToc? While this social network doesn’t pay for views like YouTube, but there are many other ways to make money. This is getting stickers during live broadcasts and the subsequent withdrawal of virtual currency into real money. This is the sale of goods and services, the promotion of partnerships, shooting videos for money, orders for advertising, donations, and so on.

You can promote your personal brand, that is, yourself as an expert or just a popular blogger, and then take more money for your services. You can combine several methods of monetization and so on. Perhaps soon TickTock itself will come up with new ideas for monetizing content.

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