How to make money on Instagram. 16 ways to start earning


There are millions of users on Instagram every day. And there is money there. But you need to know how to take it.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about real ways to make money in Insta with all their pros and cons. Without lies, magic buttons “dough” and stories of successful success.

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How can I start making money on Instagram?

The main ways of earning on Instagram:

  • Monetization of your account – selling ads, expert content, products, affiliates, promoting creativity, creating a personal brand and then earning from your fame;
  • work with other people’s pages – administration, content creation, account sales, promotion;
    rendering services – custom photo and graphics, auditing.

If you’re wondering “How to make money on Instagram,” then you haven’t decided on a niche yet. We will tell you what you can make money on, and what the nuances of each method are. Your task is to choose yours and start acting.

16 ways to make money on Instagram

1. Earnings from advertising in Instagram

Start taking orders for advertising in posts when your Instagram account has 5,000 or more subscribers.

But the advertiser is looking not so much at the number of followers, but at their quality – the audience should be targeted and maximally involved in the content. Without these two factors, advertisers will not talk to you.

Important: To sell ads in posts, you need a business account and 10,000+ subscribers – with these figures, you can add links to posts.

Advertising can be sold directly (you write to direct or by leaving contacts) and through exchanges.

How much you can earn: from 500 rubles for an advertising post or a storis, to several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of rubles per post.


  • you need to know your audience well;
  • You have to constantly work on the quality of your publications and keep your subscribers engaged;
  • there should not be too many ads so as not to irritate users;
  • not every ad can be published – you have to understand beforehand if the publication will be accepted by your audience, if the
  • theme corresponds to the general topic of the profile, if it meets the ethical standards, and many other things. If you neglect
  • this, you can ruin your reputation and lose subscribers;
  • You have to be able to present the ads in a way that they look like a natural part of the content;
  • when working directly with advertisers, you need to know how to accept payment and provide them with reports;
  • working through exchangers is easier (most processes are automated), but there is more competition.

Of course, not everyone cares about the quality of the audience and advertising pages in Instagram – you can get bots for pennies, draw statistics and yarivat 2 ads per day, deceiving gullible advertisers. But we’re all adults. Don’t be like that. First, regular customers are better than the occasional one-time, who ordered an ad from you once, never again will not apply. And do not need to explain them that 2 conversions at 500 thousand subscribers – it’s “you just have the creativity is not for CA and the product is unsuccessful. The advertiser is not a fool, he will understand that he was cheated. Secondly, the scam is now easily detected.

Official monetization.

Instagram is still tight with the official monetization. Previously it was not at all, the first progress appeared on March 27, 2020, when Instagram officially announced 2 new features (in test mode so far) – monetization in IGTV and donate badges in live broadcasts.

What’s known so far:

  • monetization in IGTV will resemble YouTube monetization – embedding commercials with a percentage credit to the creators;
  • Duration of ads – up to 15 seconds;
  • Authors will be able to earn 55% from advertising;
  • donations in live broadcasts will be in the form of hearts – from $0.99 for one heart to $4.99 for three;
  • It’s not yet known what percentage of donates Instagram will take.
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When features will appear – IGTV ads are currently being tested in the U.S.; when they will appear in the Russian Federation is not said. Donation badges are being tested in the U.S., Brazil, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico. Most likely, in Russia these two functions will appear in 2021.

3. Creation of AR masks

AR masks in Instagram posts create an augmented reality effect. The masks are divided into filters, masks associated with the user’s face (skin changing, face-tracking), AR-objects, masks with the replacement of the background and complex 3D masks. Made in the program Spark AR. You may need programming knowledge for complex masks, but simple 2D masks and filters are available to beginners, meaning you can take orders for simple masks first.


  • It will be difficult for beginners to understand the program;
  • if you are a beginner, it will be difficult for newbies to understand the program; – you need to show clients what level of masks
  • you can make, so that you do not take an unrealizable order;

before submitting a mask to the customer, you need to test it on yourself, so that everything will work correctly;

  • To make you more willing to order masks, make a portfolio and put it on Instagram.

4. Maintaining, administering accounts.

An account administrator is a specialist who monitors accounts, posts content, communicates with subscribers, holds contests, and bans bad users. Depending on the terms of cooperation with the customer and the amount of payment, the set of his duties may differ, for example, the administrator may additionally create a content plan and, in fact, the content itself.


  • you can manage several accounts at once and earn more;
  • you can work in the office or remotely;
  • before you accept the job, it is worth finding out the full amount of work – unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous
  • customers in the network who want to save on the cost of services. For a salary of 10-20 000 rubles, you may want to hang the
  • duties of an administrator, copywriter, editor, designer, content manager and tagger. These are all separate professions. Yes,
  • there are universal specialists, but they charge much more for their services.

    5. Manager/assistant to a blogger.

This is almost the same as just an administrator, but here you are tied to a specific blogger/bloggers. In addition to the basic duties of the admin, you will need to negotiate meetings, communicate with advertisers, keep an appointment for consultations (if the blogger is an expert and does consulting).

How much you can earn: depends on how famous the blogger is.


  • most often, the blogger’s assistant is responsible for all his social networks, sites and channels, not just Instagram;
  • The blogger should have his own recognizable style. If you are responsible for the design of the posts, it is important that you
  • do not use the same style or design elements for your other clients.

    6. Product sales.

In Instagram you can sell anything, except banned items

How much you can earn: it depends on the margin built into the cost of goods.


7. Traffic Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the attraction of customers for a percentage of sales. Most often arbitrators earn on affiliate agreements. The scheme of earnings is the following: you choose an offer or several offers, create a page for them in Instagram and start promoting them. As soon as you bring clients from Instagram on the site of the offer and they make a purchase, you will get the interest.

How much you can earn: Each store has its own percentage of commission.

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  • there are several models of receiving remuneration – for a purchase, for registration, for the installation of the application;
  • Stores do not pay interest to partners instantly-usually there is a hold from a few days to a month;
  • if you have several pages in Instagram for arbitrage and engage in mass activities (mass liking, mass followering), you need to
  • use a proxy for Instagram, otherwise the accounts will go to the ban;
  • Only one clickable link in the profile is allowed in Instagram. If you want to promote several offerers on one page at a time – use
  • service for creating multiklinks.

8. Sale of accounts.

This is a mass registration of accounts in order to sell them to arbitrageurs, about which we wrote above. Working profiles are put into account stores and sell a few accounts at a time.

You can sell accounts not in packs, but promote one profile, bring it to monetization and sell it for a higher price.


  • Virtual phone numbers are usually used to register a large number of accounts;
  • Instagram imposes a restriction on accounts that are not linked to Facebook profiles, so the quality of accounts that sell in packs is questionable. Nevertheless, the demand is there.


9. Making money from likes and subscriptions on Instagram

An option for schoolchildren – performing tasks through sites for points, which can then be taken out into real money. We described the sites on which there are tasks in the article: 10 services for earnings on the tasks.

How much you can earn: from a few rubles to a couple of hundred a day, depends on the amount of time spent and the value of the tasks.


  • sites limit the number of tasks and can delay the withdrawal of money, as a result, it is very difficult to earn at least a couple of
  • hundred rubles;
  • the work is routine and quickly becomes boring;
  • need to make special accounts for work in the case of bans not to risk personal.


10. Audit other people’s profiles.

To make money on auditing you need a good understanding of Instagram. Personal experience, work as an SMM specialist or passing courses will help. In order to start earning, you must first create a page on Instagram and promote it. Publish expert posts, attract an audience, and then you can start taking orders. The essence of the job is to study other people’s profiles and make recommendations on how they can be improved.

How much you can earn: you set the price for the audit.

Nuances: most likely, the first few consultations will have to be free to gain a portfolio. As the number of cases increases, you can raise your fees.

Examine profiles before and after you apply your recommendations. Use data analysis for cases to show the real results of your audit. Useful: courses on how to promote on Instagram. Having studied them, you can offer your clients an additional service for promotion of their profiles in addition to the audit.

11. Earnings from training courses on Instagram.

In addition to the previous point. After gaining experience and getting a sufficient number of cases, you can create your own training course on Instagram and sell it. The format of the product can be chosen any – a book, webinars in the record, training on educational platforms.

Nuances: if you are afraid to speak in public, you will be fine with a format for selling recorded webinars or PDF books.

12. Your own YouTube channel on Instagram

If there is no desire to make students and sell courses, and you have enough knowledge, you can create your own YouTube channel on Instagram and then monetize it.

13. Content Creation

Above, we have already written about profile administrators and blogger assistants. So, content creation does not belong to them – this is done by separate people. You can work in the office as a full-time employee or take orders as a freelancer.

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What you can do: create static and video posts, prepare pictures for posts, and write the text for publications. Separately, it is worth highlighting promotional posts with creatives that run for advertising in Instagram – such orders should be paid higher.

Nuances: when working with customers, you need to ask for a detailed terms of reference, preferably to show examples of content that they like, to avoid endless edits.

14. Creation of thematic pages

Registration and promotion of mini-communities within Instagram. You may have already seen pages with humorous videos, car photos, travel photos, scandalous videos, news, showbiz-themed content. Usually such profiles have high audience engagement. Such pages are created for the purpose of making money on advertising, but you can try to promote affiliates, your products and services through them.

Nuances: it’s not quite clear how profiles manage to avoid being banned, given that most of them have someone else’s content (e.g., excerpts from videos). If you decide to create a themed page – study your competitors to understand how they mount videos.

15. Processing other people’s photos

Everyone wants beautiful pics on Instagram, but not everyone knows how to process them. If for simple filters it is enough to use photo processing applications like VSCO and Pixelmator, then for complex retouching you need to know Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. They are difficult for beginners, so many people find it easier to order the retouching and creation of effects from specialists.

Nuances: you can offer a wide range of services – a simple retouch (to smooth out the skin, remove red eyes, do color correction), the creation of collages, or complex effects in Photoshop with a change of background, adding objects, rendering on a graphing pad.

16. Creating templates for posts

Not every business owner or novice blogger needs a unique post design. And not everyone has a budget for designers and a desire to hire people. Some people find it easier to process photos for the post themselves, but lack design skills. For such a case, designers and Photoshop gurus create ready-made post templates in PSD format. The client only has to download the template, read the instructions, replace the picture and text with his own, change colors (if necessary), remove unnecessary elements and save in jpg format.

Шаблоны на заказ

Templates can be sold on Marketplace (but there is high competition), on a personal site, in social networks or through his page in Instagram.

How much you can earn: depends on the number of sold templates, you set the price yourself. You can watch the rates on marketplaces such as Envato, CreativeMarket, GraphicRiver. On average, a set of templates costs from $5 and up.


  • you need to have design skills and good taste, understand software;
  • you must have a user guide for customers, including a video tutorial (where to go, what to click), as templates can be purchased
  • by novices who do not understand Photoshop;
  • You need to be able to create Smart Objects in Photoshop;
  • it is better to use several sales channels for templates, because if you just put them on one or two marketplaces, you can wait a
  • long time for the first sales.


Instagram has a huge potential for making money, but you shouldn’t treat it as an opportunity to make free money by doing nothing. As you may have seen by reading the article, each way of making money has its own nuances. Somewhere to invest money, somewhere to go through courses and gain experience, somewhere to first spend time and effort to promote the page. During the process, a dozen more nuances can pop up and you have to be prepared for that, too. But it is possible to make money on Instagram, and


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