How to make money on Yandex Zen: channel monetization

You already know how to create a channel in Yandex.Zen, write articles and make narratives, it’s time to talk about making money. The principle of making money on Yandex.Dzene is simple: you write unique articles, if they are read, Yandex places ads there and pays money for it. The more readers, the more money.

But there is one caveat. You don’t get income just for posting a post – the channel should collect 7000 readings per week. Some Yandex.Zen authors reach this threshold after 4-5 days, and there are those who do not go to monetization even after six months.

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How much can you earn on Yandex.Zen

80% of a channel’s success depends on the chosen topic. To make a profit on the site, you should not blog about yourself (unless you are a media person). Weak topics include 18+ adult content, cooking, mysticism and the supernatural. Cinema is a controversial option, since it is more interesting and easier for the audience to watch the movie itself than to read about it. Articles about money, women’s topics, politics and life hacks work well on Yandex.Zen.

TOP-5 Yandex.Zen topics looks like this:

  1. Auto.
  2. House.
  3. Health and Fitness.
  4. Games.
  5. Culture.
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Let’s calculate the possible profit taking into account the number of views. Please note: the calculations are approximate, they are provided only for understanding the specifics of making money on Yandex.Zen. The service does not provide clear figures: the amount of profit depends on the type and topic of advertising.

So, depending on the topic, for every thousand views, an average of 30-80 rubles is charged. For example, let’s say you have an article that has collected 7000 reads in a week and has been monetized. The service added one banner ad to it. For a thousand views, you get paid, say, 40 rubles. You receive 12 thousand visits to the material per day and earn 480 rubles. The system attaches two banners to an article with 3000 or more characters, which automatically doubles the profit. And this is income from only one article!

Channel monetization in Yandex Zen

The main way to monetize a channel is to make money with automatic placement of ad units in publications. It is available to all authors – individuals who have reached a certain number of readings.

The amount of earnings will be displayed on a separate counter. It can be withdrawn to PayPal or Yandex.Money. But before that you need to undergo moderation, which lasts from several days to a couple of weeks.

Conditions for enabling monetization

[UPD: от 27.04.2020] Monetization kicks in when the blogger’s channel read and watch time reaches 10,000 minutes in 7 consecutive days. Previously, in order to activate monetization, it was necessary to gain at least 7000 readings in seven days. At the same time, the average time for reading a post should be at least 40 seconds.

As soon as the channel passes this threshold, you will receive a corresponding letter by e-mail. And in the editor itself, the function of connecting monetization will appear.

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How to enable Zen monetization in 2020

To start making a profit from the channel, click on the ruble button that appears in the Yandex.Zen interface – you will be taken to the ad settings.

The system offers two monetization schemes. Choose “Simple earnings” – it is suitable for individuals and does not require configuration (ad units are added automatically). Click “Enable” under the “Simple earnings” block.

How to enable monetization in Zen

Now you need to fill out an application: fill out a form indicating citizenship, date of birth, full name, passport data, TIN, SNILS and registration address. Attach the scans of your passport to the application form and click “Save” – ​​the application will be sent for verification.

Other ways to make money on articles and channel in Yandex.Zen

The application will be moderated for at least 2-3 days and up to several weeks with a large number of questionnaires. After approval, you can immediately withdraw money.

There are a few things to note here:

  • the amount earned is displayed next to the ruble image;
  • the balance is increased once a day at night, but the data is displayed with a two-day delay;
  • if you are from the Russian Federation, taxes (13% of the remuneration) will be deducted by Yandex itself, deducting from your amount.

To withdraw funds, click “Withdraw money” in the “Balance” section. Enter the amount in rubles and select a payment system. Then click “Withdraw amount”.

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Other ways to make money on articles and channel in Yandex.Zen

In addition to standard monetization, a manual mode of advertising placement can be enabled on the channel. It implies direct sales and advertising networks, and is available for members of the Nirvana affiliate program. In addition to an alternative monetization option, such users get a personal support manager and a priority display in the recommendation feed at their disposal. To become a member of “Nirvana”, you must have at least 500 subscribers, as well as from three unique posts in the last month. Naturally, you are obliged to cross the monetization threshold of seven thousand readings.

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Features of such monetization:

  • profit is calculated once a month;
  • you customize the design of ad units yourself;
  • view ad statistics and experiment with traffic management strategies;
  • this method is suitable for legal entities and site owners.

You can make money on Yandex.Dzene in another way:

  1. Post paid links… For example, you can negotiate with the owner of an online store and place paid links in articles. You can also combine the standard Zen monetization with earnings on Aliexpress.
  2. Connect affiliate programs… This can be done only after reaching the monetization threshold. It is important to organically insert affiliate links so that the system does not pessimize the channel.
  3. Direct sales – connecting the teaser network to your channel.
  4. Create native ads… We are talking about creating a full-fledged author’s article with the support of an advertiser. The customer gets the interest of the target audience, and the channel owner gets money for posting high-quality content.
  5. Insert a fundraising form… The author can receive donations from readers. To do this, you just need to assemble the form and the button in the Yandex.Money constructor and add the HTML code to the Zen editor.

As you can see, Yandex.Zen provides many options for making money from scratch without investments. The main thing is to be able to take advantage of this opportunity and choose the right direction!

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