How to make money on YouTube: on your channel, video views, ads

Many people are attracted by YouTube as a way of making money, but what exactly do bloggers make money on?

In this article, we will talk about the ways to make money on the YouTube channel and their nuances.

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How much can you earn on a YouTube channel

It all depends on the way of making money and the topic of the channel – you can make money on monetization, affiliate programs, selling your goods, sponsorship. If you connect official monetization, then for 1,000 views you can earn an average of 1 to 7 dollars.

But the main income of bloggers is advertising integrations, for example, one integration on the channel of the popular blogger Sobolev costs more than 1 million rubles.

Ways to make money on YouTube

Partnership programs

The principle of the affiliate program is that you drive customer campaigns and earn interest on sales. Most often, partners are paid money, but sometimes the company pays with bonuses and discounts. For example, the Tilda website builder gives a month of use for every friend you refer.

Pay for:

Impressions (CPV) – for 1,000 ad impressions.

Targeted action (CPA) – purchase of goods, subscription to newsletter, booking. CPA is divided into:

  • pay per lead (CPL);
  • payment for purchase (CPS);
  • payment for installation (CPI).

On YouTube, they usually make money on CPA and CPI models, that is, bloggers receive money for a targeted action (buying a product, signing up for a paid subscription to a service, issuing a credit card) or installing a mobile application.

How much can you earn: depends on the specific offer.

How to make money on YouTube through affiliate programs:

  1. Place a link to the offer under the video.
    How to make money on YouTube through affiliate programs
  2. Tell about the product / store in the video and offer viewers a discount / bonus using your promo code or link.
    How to make money from product reviews

Where to look for affiliate programs – on the official websites of stores and services or in CPA networks. CPA networks are agencies that help find advertisers, they take a percentage of the webmaster’s income. The most popular CPA networks in Russia are Admitad, EPN.BZ,, KMA.Biz, LEADBIT.

Official monetization

After connecting to monetization, bloggers earn money from clicks or impressions of ads embedded in their videos. It is impossible to find exact figures of earnings on monetization on the Internet – all because income depends on many factors:

  • channel theme – a click on an advertisement on a financial channel is more expensive than on an entertainment channel;
  • ad format – for clicking on the link, YouTube pays more than for views;
  • geography and language – English-speaking YouTubers earn more than Russian-speaking ones, since advertising abroad is more expensive.
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How much can you earn: A typical YouTuber with an English-speaking audience earns $ 5-7 per 1,000 views, Russian-speaking bloggers earn $ 0.5-3 per 1,000 views. A million views usually bring our bloggers $ 500-600.

Important: Google pays authors 55% of its income, but besides the official YouTube partner, you can connect to other services, for example, to Yoola or AIR. More about affiliate programs: TOP-10 partners for YouTube

You can see the approximate income of Youtubers from official monetization on services like Socialblade.

How much is paid for official advertising on YouTube
Approximate monthly and annual income from monetization of A4 blogger

How to connect monetization – it is available to authors when they have gained 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views in the last year. What to do next – read the step-by-step instructions.

PS Usually, channel owners do not limit themselves to monetization, but in parallel take orders for advertising, promote affiliate programs or collect donations.


Earning money on your services or promoting other YouTubers.

1. Promotion of your services – for example, you provide legal advice, make portraits to order, engage in SMM promotion. Create a channel on the topic and make money on services.

Example: lawyer Anton Dolgikh – maintains a blog about life situations, where knowledge of jurisprudence can help (what to do in an accident, how to talk with officials). In parallel, he promotes his consultations.

Ways to make money on YouTube

How much can you earn: you set the price of your services yourself.

2. Promotion of other YouTubers – you can offer complex work on other people’s channels (from creating a channel to a strategy for its promotion), or do one thing – edit video, write scripts for videos, create covers, audit channels.

How to make money on YouTube by providing services

You can promote others as a freelancer or create your own agency.

How much can you earn (based on data from the freelance exchange Kwork):

  • video views – from 500 rubles per 1,000 views;
  • covers – from 100 rubles per piece;
  • likes under the video – from 500 rubles for 400 likes;
  • complex promotion (likes, views, reposts) – from 500 rubles for a package of services;
  • subscribers to the channel – from 500 rubles for 100-150 live subscribers;
  • channel design – from 1,000 rubles;
  • video editing – from 500 rubles for 5 minutes.

How a freelancer can make money on YouTube

Selling physical goods

What products can be sold on YouTube:

  • their own (you need a brand channel, unless it’s a handmade one);
  • affiliate (look at the point about making money on affiliate programs);
  • goods for dropshipping.

How much can you earn: depends on the cost of goods (if we sell ourselves), on interest (if on an affiliate program) and on margin (if on dropshipping).

For this type of earnings, a channel is created on the subject of goods. What videos to upload – reviews and unpacking, tips and life hacks for using the product, customer reviews, filming from company events, the process of manufacturing goods

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Channel examples:

Apple Channel is the official channel of the manufacturer of popular technology:

Earnings from selling goods on YouTube

RasPacking DvaPakovka – a channel with reviews of unboxing gadgets, the author makes money on the affiliate program of goods from the video.

How to make money on YouTube channel about unpacking

AliShoW – the channel is completely dedicated to products from Aliexpress, under the video affiliate links to product pages

How to make money on Aliexpress through the YouTube channel

How to sell products and make money on YouTube:

  • link under the video;
  • annotations;
  • call to action (voice or graphic);
  • splash screen at the beginning or end of the video;
  • advertising integration;
  • contact details in the video;
  • subtitles;
  • paid advertising on the channels of other bloggers.


Streamers earn money by collecting donations, advertising or affiliate programs.

Types of YouTube streams:

  • gaming – the blogger plays computer games during the broadcast;
  • educational – webinars, online master classes;
  • question-answer – as a way to communicate with subscribers;
  • mukbang – when a blogger eats live and talks about something;
  • discussion of any topics, for example, news;
  • live shooting of everyday life;
  • unpacking goods;
  • carrying out draws;
  • creative stream.

How much can you earn: earnings are not limited – some streamers live off donations. The most influential gaming streamers make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

How to make money streaming on YouTube

How to stream your YouTube stream – step by step instructions: programs, setup, launch.

Stream can be the main type of content on YouTube (a blogger regularly goes live, for example, this is how game streamers do) or additional (communication with subscribers every 2 weeks).

Examples of:

Dizertir channel – completely dedicated to the streams of the game in World of Tanks.

Earnings on streams

Helios Deep Channel – online radio in the YouTube format, they release live selections of tracks in the style of Deep House.

Earnings on live broadcasts

Earnings on views, likes and subscriptions

An option for schoolchildren, you can’t call it full-fledged earnings, it’s more of a side job in your free time. You need to complete tasks through third-party sites – subscribe to channels, watch videos, put likes, repost, write comments under the videos. The funds earned can be withdrawn to electronic wallets.

Ytuber - site for making money on assignments in YouTube

How much can you earn: depends on the site. On Ytuber, for tasks on YouTube, they pay 0.20 rubles to 5 rubles (on average, 1 ruble). More details: sites for making money on assignments on YouTube.

Expert content

If you are an expert in any field, you can earn money from this too. Your task is to create a channel that will benefit the viewers. On it you can share useful information, conduct webinars and master classes, share life hacks.

How to make money: selling your own courses, books, paid webinars, conferences, events, consultations.

How much can you earn: depends on the cost of the final product and your level as an expert. For example, Alexander Palienko runs a channel about self-development and periodically conducts offline conferences at a cost of 6,000-14,500 rubles per person. CODDY School is a programming channel for children, their courses cost from 6,000 rubles a month.

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Examples of expert channels:

Skillbox – a channel about business, make money selling their courses.

Vlog Bo – an expert on Tik-Tok, leads several projects – his own Tik-Tok exchange, a closed group in Telegram, bots for TT, analytics of other people’s accounts.

Expert content

Other ways to make money

Advertising from direct advertisers – You can receive orders directly from advertisers or work through agencies like Getblogger. You set the price yourself.

YouTube Premium Subscription Revenue – YouTube users can turn off the display of ads for 249 rubles per month, part of the money goes to content authors. The amount of income depends on the time spent watching the content.

Sponsor button – a way to receive donations thanks to the built-in YouTube functionality. Users subscribe to the channel monthly, in return they can be provided with unique content and early access to videos. The author receives 70% of the subscription income. The function is not yet available in all countries, but it is already working in the Russian Federation. Requirements – more than 30,000 subscribers (on game channels from 1,000), official monetization must also be connected.

Super Chat & Super Stickers – viewers can leave paid comments during live broadcasts, highlighted in color. Requirements – residency of the channel author in the region where this feature is available.

Section with souvenirs on the channel – allows you to sell your merchandise with channel symbols. You can add up to 12 products, when the function is activated, the “Store” section will appear on the channel. Requirements – from 10,000 subscribers to the channel.

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Pros and cons of making money on YouTube


  • free schedule;
  • way of self-expression;
  • you can go to passive income;
  • the level of income depends only on you;
  • there are several ways to earn money;
  • YouTube can be a major source of income;
  • on the channel, you can promote your personal brand and become a famous media personality or an expert, which will help you reach a higher level of income.


  • you play “in a foreign field” – YouTube often changes the rules and it is not a fact that they will not affect your channel;
  • YouTube has a constant problem with authorship – you can even accidentally violate someone’s copyright and run into sanctions;
  • lack of stability – the level of income is constantly changing;
  • long payback – the channel does not generate income at first.


What kind of earnings to go to YouTube – most of all bloggers earn from advertising, donations and affiliate programs. Brands make money by selling products, experts – by selling services, books, webinars and courses. Before creating a channel – think in advance on what you will earn.

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