How to make Telegram posts: the most complete guide


In this article, we’ll tell you what the peculiarities of Telegram posting are and how to create a publication.

The difference from other social networks

The process of posting on different social networks is not very different. But remember that Telegram is not a social network, but a messenger, so the posts here are called messages. In addition, Telegram has a feature that makes this platform more convenient: the ability to format the text of a post.

And one more small but noticeable difference: when you attach a picture to the post, it appears above the text, not below it, as in other social networks.

How to make a post in your Telegram Channel: step-by-step instructions

  • Step 1: Open your channel and click in the field message. The keyboard will open on the phone, and the input cursor will appear on the laptop.
  • Step 2: Write the text. The maximum amount of text in a message (post) is 4 096 characters. And if you add a picture to the post, the number of characters is reduced to 1,032.
  • Step 3. Formatting the text.


– Font

Telegram has text styling features. This is convenient because you can put accents in the text. Here’s how it works.

Highlight the text you want to change and right-click your mouse. If you’re sitting through your phone, the menu will pop up right after you highlight the text. We press the arrow and select the B/U sign. Telegram offers us several options for selecting text:

  • Hidden (the text will be blurred until you click on it)
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Monospaced (all characters will have the same width)
  • Strikethrough
  • Underlined
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– How to add a link

You can use links in your posts as URLs: Or you can “stitch” them into the text. In the first case, we simply copy and paste the title of the link. In the second case, we highlight the words we want to link to, go to the B/U sign, scroll, select “link” and paste.

Lifehack: If you share a link to a video, the other site’s widget will automatically load into Telegram. Therefore, users will not be redirected to another resource to view.

  • Step 4: Add content – pictures, videos, files.


Click on the staple in the left corner: a menu will appear with the materials you can add.

– How to add a picture

To add a photo, just click on the circle of one or more photos. You can upload JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP formats.

If you don’t want to quit the app, you can take a photo right there. To do this, click on the rectangle on the left.

Before publishing a picture, you can edit it. To do this, click on the photo. And the editor functions will appear:

  • Crop, change angle and rotate photo.
  • add a picture, a mask, a sticker, or text
  • Make corrections to a photo (exposure, contrast, warmth, light, etc.)

– How to add video

Video can also be added in two ways – via gallery or recorded as a mugshot. A video is published the same way as a picture, through the gallery.

To record a video in a circle: tap on the microphone icon, the camera sign appears, then tap on the camera and hold or swipe up to tap to record. The video is no longer than one minute in length.

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– How to take a survey

Use polls to collect your subscribers’ opinions in an organized way or take a quiz to entertain your audience. Click on the staple and select “Poll,” enter the questions, up to 10 possible answers, and post it.

The survey will not be able to be changed, so double-check it before you post it.

Survey options: anonymous survey, multiple choice answers, quiz mode, answer explanation.

– File

You can upload files of different formats PDF, JPEG, EPUB, etc. to the post, as long as they are up to 2 GB. If you upload a photo as a file, the quality will not deteriorate.

– Location

To mark a location on the map, click “Geo-Position” and enter the address through the magnifying glass sign. And if you want to show your location, tap the airplane sign on the right side of the screen. Then Telegram will automatically detect it.

– Contact

You can attach a contact from your phonebook to the message. This will be a card with the person’s name and their phone number.

To add the number, tap “Contact” and select the desired one. Remember, the data will be attached as it’s recorded in your phone.

How to repost in TG

In Telegram, you can repost to your favorites, any chat room, group, or channel. To do this, pinch the post or right-click and select “Forward.”

Motivate your subscribers to repost your content, because this is the only way to distribute your Telegram posts, and therefore the only way to get organic traffic.

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Also, we recommend setting up reactions and hooking up comments to gather feedback from subscribers and improve your content.

How to change or delete a post

You can change the text and material of a post at any time. Just hold your touch and click “Modify” in the window that appears.

You can also delete a post in the same way by clicking “Delete,” but note that you won’t be able to restore it.


How to protect content from theft

To prevent important information from getting lost, such as a dating post, you can secure it. Then the link to this post will hang under the name of the channel, and will be available to everyone. The number of pinned posts is not limited.

How to pin a post in Telegram

Hold a tap on the post if you’re through a phone, or right-click if you’re through a laptop. In the popup menu, click “Pin”. Done.


Now you know how to create a publication in Telegram and decorate it beautifully. By the way, subscribe to our channel, we post daily updates about social media.

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