How to make the most inexpensive online store in 2020

Not only huge companies with thousands of items of goods are now creating their online store.

19 february 2020

Not only huge companies with thousands of items of goods are now creating their online store. Today, housewives, small manufacturing firms with a small assortment and just dropshippers or businessmen reselling goods from Alixpress sell products through their website. Previously, VKontakte groups or thematic forums were used for these purposes, now these groups and forums serve as one of the tools for promoting your store.

To create your own store on the Internet is now available to everyone, let’s figure out what we need for this

Registering hosting and domain

And hosting rent (the place where our site will be located) and domain registration (store address) will not hit the budget. Even the best VPS with administration now costs around 100-300 rubles per month, which is not at all expensive. At the same time, for some companies, administration is completely free. Proceeding from the fact that we make an online store ourselves and at minimal cost, it is better to choose a server with administration, so as not to waste time studying the documentation or not to spend on a specialist.

A domain, for example in the “ru” zone, now costs about 200 rubles a year. The domain name is the website address in the browser bar. It should be short and recognizable. Most likely, the domain name you have chosen will already be taken, so you will have to go through many options.

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Choosing a content management system

A content management system or CMS is used to create a website using a template and then fully administer the store itself. CMS gives us an admin panel where we can add products, accept orders and change the look of the store. Now there are paid systems that allow you to create a typical store in just a few mouse clicks, but since we decided to make an online store inexpensively, I advise you to choose one of the free CMS, for example OpenCart or a bunch of WordPress plus a plugin for the Woocommerce online store. I chose WordPress for myself, as it has tons of free templates and plugins. But if there are many items planned in the store, then it is better to choose OpenCart to reduce the load on the server.

You can use a ready-made store template, but it’s still better to uniqueize it so that your site doesn’t look like hundreds of the same on this template. Right there in the admin panel we will add products, set up payment and delivery methods. In fact, it is very simple, you can download the Russian-language version of the system from the official website of Tsmski, where everything will be intuitively clear.

Now it is much easier to create your own website than many people think. Good luck and lots of sales in your own online store.

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