How to manage and monetize a pet’s Instagram

An adorable pet can not only bring joy to the household, but also a significant profit. Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, hamsters, parrots, hippos, giraffes – and this is not a complete list of popular animals on Instagram.

Leaders among Instagram accounts about animals

1. Giffpom

According to an article in the Daily Mail, an animal influencer’s Instagram post could be as high as $ 45,000 in 2020. This record is attributed to the Pomeranian Giffom. The most popular Instagram of the animal has an audience of 10.6 million people. The content mainly consists of short cute dog videos, just one emoji as a caption.

Giffpom’s Instagram

The account has both native advertising and brand promotion through partnerships.
For example, an advertising post for dentist services has collected more than 100 thousand likes, and a sponsored publication in support of a photo contest from Cadbury almost 50 thousand.

Giffom’s post in support of the Cadbury competition

As a merch, Spitz offers through his Instagram to purchase a calendar for $ 14.99 or the book “I Am Jiffpom” for $ 6.36.

Giffpom’s merchandise, which can be ordered from the link on his Instagram

As for interesting partnerships, we can note the collaboration with Vivienne Westwood. The portrait of the dog appeared on 2 T-shirts and a bag in the collection shown at Paris Fashion Week. In addition, the dog has appeared in advertising campaigns for Banana Republic, Target, Primark and even appeared in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” video. On account of his performance on the same stage with Mark Zuckerberg and participation in the presentation of The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs from EA Games.

Giffpom speaking at The Sims 4 launch

2. Nala

The second place in the ranking is taken by the cat Nala. The estimated cost of her post is $ 19,800. Nala was taken from the shelter as a kitten, and now her unusual slightly slanted eyes have won the hearts of an audience of 4.3 million subscribers.

Instagram cat Nala

Cat food is most often featured in advertising posts.Nala has also been seen in partnerships with Google, Lyft, Hulu, Nature’s Voice Awards, HereKittyApp.

Nala’s promotional post for Paw CBD

Notably, the cat owners have launched their own line of premium cat food LoveNala and even offer a 20% promo code in the profile header right off the bat. Alternatively, fans can purchase the book “Living Your Best Life According to Nala Cat”. The guide teaches the wisdom of life and how to make your pet happy. The hardcover copy costs $ 12.99.

Nala’s Book

3. Doug The Pug

Doug The Pug ranks third in the ranking of the most successful animal influencers. The adorable pug has amassed an audience of 4 million subscribers. And he won the People’s Choice Award, which is awarded based on the audience vote. The cost of an advertising post is estimated at $ 17,700.

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Instagram Dog Doug

The Pug is touting his upcoming Monchi cartoon, where he voices the protagonist, praises Taylor Swift’s new album, and does not stand aside from the Black Lifes Matter movement.

Pug Doug’s post in support of Taylor Swift

In response to the coronavirus, the pug has launched its line of masks. Of the three, the dog has the most diverse merchandise. There is a coloring book, T-shirts, dog toys, a book, and even a personal song.

Instagram post with mask by Doug

Doug also collaborated with the Sketchers to release a limited edition sneaker featuring his portraits. And Claire’s have released a series of toys dedicated to the influencer.

  1. How to see a star in your pet?

If you were inspired by the success of the previous animals and set out to turn your pet into an international star, then first you need to decide on the image. Why are these accounts becoming popular while others are not? Stellar potential can be built on the following characteristics:
External appeal
Here the emphasis is on visual content. This approach, for example, is used by the aforementioned Giffom. To rely on external beauty, you really must have a very cute pet.

Instagram dog Giffom

  1. “Anti-beauty”

But this is a reverse approach. If the pet has some “deformity”, it can turn into its counter. It’s about strabismus, like Nala’s cat, or a disgruntled expression, like Grumpy Cat.

Instagram Grumpy Cat

  1. Natural anomaly

People like to look at everything unusual, such a pet will be easily remembered. A good example would be the Chimera cat, which is already close to 100 thousand subscribers.

Instagram Chimera cats

  1. Touching story

For example, Jill the squirrel was rescued during Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana. The squirrel got used to people so quickly that the new owners immediately opened her Instagram account, which is still being replenished with new photos. Jill became famous thanks to a small teddy bear, without which she cannot sleep. In addition, like any girl, she is not averse to posing in a new outfit.

Squirrel Jill Instagram

  1. Life style

If your pet does not have its own interesting habits, you can create them yourself. Follow the lead of the Norwegian traveling hedgehog Mr. Pokey. His mistress took him on trips and published cheerful shots from all over the world. In March 2019, a hedgehog died of a bacterial infection, making 1.5 million subscribers sad. But the silence in Mr. Pokey’s account did not last long: after a while, the owner introduced a new pet to Herbie. The past owners developed an allergy to a hedgehog, and they turned to Talita, the owner of Mister Poki.

Today, Herbie and his new friend, cat Audrey, continue the work of the hedgehog-traveler, delighting subscribers, whose number is moving to 2 million, with bright and funny photos.

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Instagram Herbie the Hedgehog and Audrey the Cat

  1. Non-domestic pet

What if someone unusual lives in your house? Then you should be inspired by the example of the farm fox Juniper and her friends, other foxes and the opposum. You can learn about the life of a fox and the complexity of its content on Instagram, which has almost 3 million subscribers, or from the book “Happy Fox Juniper”.

Fox Juniper Instagram

How do influencer animals make money?

The larger your audience, the more opportunities open up for you. At the same time, 2020 brought a trend for microinfluencers. Their average engagement rate is 7%, while for bloggers with 25,000 subscribers this figure falls. The system of earning money from animals is quite similar and boils down to the following points:

1. Merch

This includes all sorts of objects with a portrait or “quote” from a pet. Some of the most popular options include stickers, T-shirts, mugs, and shoppers. You can develop more original ideas depending on the charisma of the animal. He loves to sleep – make branded sleep masks, endlessly runs after his beloved balls – let the fans buy the same for their pets.

If you do not have enough of your ideas, you can spy on world stars. Another option is to contact a souvenir company for price lists, they will guide you. You can sell merchandise directly through your pet’s Instagram or on available marketplaces.

2. Sponsored posts

Once you have an audience, you can start looking for partnerships for your pet. Start with quality products that you already use and offer to become brand ambassadors. If you are just starting out, you can do some ads for free, give advice on your own initiative. In this case, looking at your account, marketers will have something to rely on and decide to order advertising from you. This category also includes giveaways for products from an affiliate brand.

3. Cameo

Here the scale of your participation can be great: from a sweet birthday greeting to your subscriber to a role in a movie or TV show. Where your pet appears as a guest depends on your production ability.

4. Collaborations

You can find an outlet for designers and artists and arrange a collaboration, allow the use of a photo of your pet and arrange a promotion in your account.

Tips for maintaining an animal Instagram account

Account promotion is based on three pillars:

  1. High-quality, original content. How to create it – read here.
  2. Promotion on Instagram: hashtags, targeting, mutual PR, giveaways, audience exchange, UGC. This article of our blog talks about this.
  3. Promotion outside of Instagram: publications in the media, attending events, fame at the local level.

You can learn how to professionally conduct social networks on the Profession course: SMM manager from How to maintain an animal account in order to gain new subscribers and make money from it? Be guided by the following rules.

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1. Be prepared to watch the animals 24 hours

Has your pet found the most “comfortable” place to sleep? Take it off. Chasing flies? Be sure to take a shot. Licks her lips after a hearty dinner, getting her whole face dirty? There is no need to even doubt it! The more creative and funny, and most importantly, unkempt content you post, the more audience you attract.

2. More beautiful outfits

No matter how much you hate to dress up an animal, the whole world is touched at the sight of a cat with a knitted hat on its head or a hedgehog in socks. This is guaranteed to garner a lot of likes and comments, so look for shops with fancy accessories or surf the Internet for cheap yet stylish items for photo shoots.

Jill the squirrel portrait

3. Decide on the tone of voice and blog theme

Today, every brand has a language of communication. Pet Instagram should be no exception. Decide on whose behalf you will write posts: an animal or a master. The first option is much more interesting, the animal thing has its own character traits.

Good or evil, funny or always sad, moody or peaceful – rely on the real character of the animal. The same applies to the subject matter of the account. You won’t surprise anyone with monotonous photos of pets, so think about how your ward could catch the audience. Cooking tips or pseudo-philosophical discourses on life, music lessons – the choice is yours.

4. Prepare a variety of content

The more dynamically the content in the account feed changes, the more you want to study it. Try to alternate between pet photos and selfies, short videos, and IGTV clips. Don’t forget about close-ups, long-distance shots and colors.

For example, the Inpreview application will help you to properly plan your feed. You can sync it with your Instagram account, and then edit the feed and apply various filters.

5Use services, apps and programs

The pet’s account must contain a variety of content. To do this, you can use many cool services:

  • Hyperlapse – will solve the problem of accelerated video without losing quality:
  • Splice – Cope with fast video editing;
  • VSCO – will delight you with cool filters;
  • Inshot – will help you cut video of the required format;
  • SMMplanner – will help you set up the flow of deferred publications, which is important for the stable promotion of your account.

More services are collected in this article.

6. Take care of your pet

This point goes without saying: the hero of your blog must be healthy, clean and tidy. Visit your veterinarian and groomer regularly: your pet’s coat should shine, teeth should be white, ears and eyes should be clean.

Instagram fox Elmwood

7. Get inspired

If the idea for developing an Instagram account has left you, there is nothing wrong with studying the rivals and deciding on your own strategy. Read, study, flip through photos on different resources – in a word, get inspired and make it several times better!

Rather register in SMMplanner and try what is described in the article!

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