How to mark a product in a photo, in History or in an article in VK

VK sales have become even more convenient. Now you can tag products in photos, stories and articles.

To mark a product, you need to attach it to the posted content. Subscribers will be able to proceed to purchase with one touch.

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How to attach a product to a photo, article and VKontakte story

Up to 5 products can be marked on one photo, story or article. Before you promote your product, you need to add products to the VKontakte group.

To mark a product, you must first add the product to your favorites. To do this, open the product card and click “Save to bookmarks”. It is currently impossible to attach a product via a direct link.

How to mark a product on a VKontakte photo

Step 1… Open the photo and then depending on the platform:

  • Press “More” from the computer.
  • In the application from the phone, when uploading a photo, you must click on the product icon in the upper left corner. If the photo has already been published, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
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How to mark a product on a VKontakte photo

Step 2… Click “Add Product” or “Mark Product”. After that, a window with saved goods will open – select the one that we want to mark.

Step 3… Then we select the location where the tooltip with the product will appear and save.

Item mark

How to mark a product in VK history

Moving on to the Stories. Here you can mark the product only in the mobile application.

Step 1… We open stories, shoot or download videos or photos from the gallery. Then go to the stickers menu.

How to mark a product in VK history

Step 2… Click “Product”. We again see the products from the tabs and select the desired one.

Step 3… We select the desired position of the product in the story, attach other stickers (for example, the Opinions sticker) and publish.

How to attach a product to the Story

How to add a product to an article

The story is reversed with articles. You can attach a product to an article only in the web version.

Step 1… We go to VK from a computer and open the article editor.

Step 2… Find a suitable place for the product snippet and place the cursor there.

Step 3… Click on “+” and in the menu that opens and click on the product icon.

How to add a product to an article

Step 4… We add the required products. After that, snippets with them will appear in the article.

How to publish an article with a product

Done! Now interested customers will quickly go to the product card – and can immediately add it to the cart.

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