How to name a group in VK: cool, cool or just good?

Choosing a suitable group name on VK is the first step to successful promotion. An original name, especially with the use of a keyword, will attract new subscribers, thereby taking the lead in the chosen topic. It is much easier to advertise a VKontakte group if you choose a catchy, memorable name from the first time. In case of deleting or blocking a public, it will be easier for you to regain some of your former subscribers.

In today’s article, readers will find a list of ideas, as well as advice on how to best name a personal or commercial group, public and brand. In addition, we will tell you how to change the name of a group in VK.

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Basic rules of naming

Remember the main thing:

  • Give preference to a simple, short name that is easy to remember;
  • the name of the group should correspond to its theme, reveal the essence;
  • the name should not violate copyright, you cannot use the names of other brands;
  • if you do not want to get banned, exclude obscene expressions;
  • refuse to spam (one key is suitable for the name, maximum two);
  • do not use words that cause negative associations in the target audience.

Taking into account the above, “PJSC Krasnodon enterprise of mechanization and construction”, “Humor, jokes, funny situations” and “Beauty salon Meduza Gorgon” are unsuccessful options for the name of the VK group.

Examples of good naming: “Poetry Masterpieces”, “First Aid Kit”, “Origami Sushi Shop”.

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What name to choose depending on the topic of the community

The choice of a name directly depends on the focus of the community.

Personal group

Use your first or last name. The second option is better as it will make the group name really unique. The surname can be slightly modified: not “Sokolov”, but “SokolOFF”, not “Putin”, but “PutIN” or “Put in”.

This path was followed by Henry Ford and Thomas Lipton, who named the company after themselves. What’s stopping you from doing the same with your personal group?

A safe bet is to create a creative nickname. This way you will definitely get a unique name for the group and stand out from the competitors.

Commercial group

Start from the industry and target your target audience. So the group of the furniture store can be called “Furniture for the office”, and the cleaning company – “Perfect cleaning”.

Use keywords in your title that potential customers will search for you. For example, if you are taking photographs of people in Yekaterinburg, the group can be called “Photo sessions in Yekaterinburg”, and indicate your details after a slash or a dash.

Name of commercial groups

Information / entertainment public

Include words in your title that will grab the attention of your target audience.

If your audience is mothers and housewives, use the words “household”, “comfort”, “recipes”. So, the group “Cooking Together” has more than two million subscribers. The publics “Cooking at home”, “Cooking deliciously”, “Cooking ourselves” are also quite popular.

Public name

Brand name

Does your company already have a name? Name the group the same as your business or website. Then it will be easier for your fans to find you on the social network.

When the company is just gaining momentum, one key can be inserted into the name of the VK group. For example, “Golden Magic. Jewelry”.

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How to come up with a name for a VKontakte group

Catch four effective hints for quick and successful naming. But before you start, we recommend:

  • analyze competitors to get ideas for inspiration;
  • arrange a brainstorming session, writing down all the options that come to your mind on a piece of paper;
  • intrigue users by offering them an unusual combination of words.

Now let’s look at specific techniques.

It could be something cool

You can use well-known quotes and set expressions. For example, “Once upon a time there was a princess / dream / one couple”, “Alpha and omega”, “Beauty is a terrible force”.

How to come up with a cool name for a VKontakte group

Another interesting solution is the modification of the famous name. By slightly modifying the popular name, you can promote the group through established associations among users. Examples: “Pikabushnik”, “Brothers Grimm”, “Institute of Noble People”.

To get a sonorous, short name for a VK group, an abbreviation made up of three or more words is suitable. For example, “MAZ” (Moscow Automobile Plant) or “KTM” (coffee shop of your dreams).

Alternatively, you can take several syllables from each word from the name, as Intel – Integral Electronics did. In this case, it is better not to use words with several consonants in a row, because the name will turn out to be difficult to pronounce.

In English

A good name can also be in a foreign language – it all depends on the characteristics of your group and target audience. It is great for groups looking to learn English, views of London, or selling clothes from the United States. This is a good option for publics about travel, self-development, as well as work and study abroad. For example, Work and Travel and Good Life.

Name in English

And the use of such common, well-known words as love, freedom, beauty and family is relevant for publics of any direction.

Original and unusual

Come up with a rhythmic or rhymed name for the VKontakte group. For example, “TOP Shop” or “Tinky-Winky”.

In addition, heroes from mythology and literature are suitable for the name: “Isis”, “Bastet”, “Lieutenant Rzhevsky”, “Onegin”, if your target audience is 40+. If the audience is a younger generation, then modern archetypes are needed. For example, “50 shades [подставить нужное по теме]”,” Fashion Girl “.

Original or cool name

You can draw inspiration from geographical names: “Everest”, “Peru”, “Malaysia”. By the way, if you are selling sweets online, we recommend that you name your group “Zefiroland” or “Marmelandia”. Fresh and original!

Or just good

You don’t have to pay money to an experienced namer or try to pass the creativity exam on your own. There is an easier way – using a keyword in the title. It’s simple and useful for promotion.

So, first, decide on the topic of the community. Then select a few words or phrases associated with it. So, for parental groups, the keys will be “parent group”, “for parents”, “for moms and dads”. The name of the public “Kruchepapy-group for moms and dads” contains both a keyword and an addition in the form of a brand name. The group has more than 50 thousand subscribers and good activity indicators.

Good name

You can see a list of keywords related to your topic in Yandex.Wordstat. Enter your query and select the most popular and readable phrases.

If you yourself have not decided on the topic of the VKontakte group, write down on a piece of paper five topics and keywords that you would like to write about. For example, “design”, “modern cinema”, “photo and video”, “auto repair” and “construction”. Enter your key in Google or Yandex search and see which extensions search engines offer. This will help you decide on both the topic and the name.

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How to change the name of a group in VK

Go to your community and go to the “Management” section under the main photo.

How to change the name of a group in VK

In the “Settings” section, there is a “Title” field at the top. This is where you need to enter the new group name.

Then click “Save”.



Be responsible when choosing a band name. It is better to immediately choose the optimal name by which users will search and know you.

When changing the name, keep in mind that it must match your theme. Otherwise, sanctions from the VKontakte developers will follow, the group will be blocked.

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