How to name a YouTube channel: + 5 ways to come up with a cool name

At first glance, it might seem like coming up with a YouTube channel name is very easy. But this is not so, you need to choose a simple and memorable name, which should help you in promotion.

To make a cool channel name, follow the basic principles of naming: brevity, sonority, semantic meaning, memorability. But sometimes YouTubers deviate from these principles in order to make the name bright and original.

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Today we’re going to talk about how to name your YouTube channel and what techniques to use for choosing names.

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Cool YouTube channel name: 5 options and examples

Before coming up with a cool name for your channel, you need to know the basic rules to follow when choosing a name. It should be:

  • easy to remember;
  • not long;
  • easy to read;
  • not infringing on copyright: when choosing a channel name, do not use brand names;
  • simple, do not use abstruse words.

And an important requirement for the name of the channel is that it convey its essence. It can be in Russian or in English, depending on your target audience.

Method 1: keyword in title

Before deciding on the name, you should choose the topic of the channel and write a few keywords with which it is associated. If we talk about children’s channels, then the keys will be the following phrases: channel for children, children’s channel, and they should be used in their names.

On the channel “Darinelka Children’s Channel” a keyword is spelled out – and there is an addition. The channel has 170,000 subscribers and over 88 million views.

In order to view the list of keywords, you can use the service Yandex.Wordstat… The most popular and readable names are marked on the request “construction”.

If you yourself do not know yet what topic to create a channel on, then write on a piece of paper 10 topics and keywords that you could shoot about, for example, construction, promotion, car repairs, cartoons.

In order to come up with an interesting name, you need to write a keyword in a Yandex or Google search and see how the search engine continues it. Those phrases that are highlighted can be used in the name of your channel.

Method 2: include the target audience

The most important thing in a channel name is to attract the target audience. So, if you shoot a video for girls, then you should use such words in the title that can attract them, it can be Lol, Barbie, dolls, princesses. So, the channel “Best Friends” has about 700 thousand subscribers and videos only for girls.

If you want to attract moms and housewives, then you should choose the words that may interest them: cooking, housework, making money on the Internet. There is a Cooking at Home channel on which there are about 500 thousand subscribers – the name is well chosen for the target audience.

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Method 3: use phrases and quotes

If you use such expressions in the name of your channel, it will be consonant. Surely, many people, adults and children, know the phrase “Come on, come on” from the New Year’s song. The children’s channel did not miss this opportunity and called itself that, today they have about 800 thousand subscribers.

Channel name from quote

Another children’s channel with songs and instructive stories “Once Upon a Time Tsarevna” fits this rule. It has over 350,000 subscribers.

Children's channel name

The phrase from the song “Did the girl walk in the garden” is probably known to everyone, for example, the author of the channel, Yulia Minyaeva, where about 800 thousand subscribers use it in the name of the channel, about cooking, and advice on the household.

Example of a YouTube channel name

Method 4: Personal brand / company name

As many years of practice show, channels named after the owner lead them to success faster and help develop a personal brand. One of the good examples is the Sobolev channel, which is owned and hosted by Nikolai Sobolev, a blogger whose number of subscribers has exceeded 4.6 million. This is not only about adults, but also about children’s brands. Viewers are much more interested in following a real and living person. People watching a channel of a person for a long time begin to listen to it, trust its owner.

Large companies of the brand, for example, Coca-Cola, can also be called successful; they have their own channel on YouTube with the same name. But even if your brand is not recognizable throughout Russia, you need to promote it and start from YouTube. Your customers will be the first viewers, and if you optimize your channel well, it can become popular.

Method 5: Analyzing competitors

But if you can’t come up with a name for your channel, then it’s worth analyzing your competitors. You can view the most popular channels on the service But oddly enough, there is nothing special in the names of the channels: they are mostly similar to each other. But they gained popularity due to the long work on their “brainchild”.

Many channels, in addition to the main name, have additions, for example, TV, channel, show, club, vlog. You can also use such postscripts in your title to increase the interest of viewers. An example of such a channel is Afonya TV. You can find a lot of such names on YouTube. Due to this postscript, the channels get to each other in similar ones.

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How to change the name of a YouTube channel

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your channel name. Since you can change it at any time. In order to change the name, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the channel icon and click on the “Settings” button.How to change the name of a YouTube channel
  2. In the window that appears, click on “Change to Google”.
    Change channel name on Google
  3. YouTube will ask for permission to go to your Google account.
  4. On the page that opens, you can change the name, we have removed one word from the channel name.
    Change the channel name
  5. After clicking on the “Ok” button, the name will change everywhere.
    New channel name


If you want a channel to become recognizable, the first place to start is to come up with an original name for it. Prepare to spend a few days on this, but if you have no ideas, you can order several titles for your YouTube channel from freelancers and choose the best one.

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