How to name a YouTube video to collect many views

It is not uncommon to hear, even in the modern world, the proverb that what you call a ship, so it will float. This scheme often works in practice in relation to video blogging. Thus, it is not only the content that you offer to your viewer that matters, not only your message and efforts, but also the name of your YouTube video. The name should work like a magnet and if it gets into the user’s field of vision, attract the maximum number of clicks.

Imagine that your video has collected 30-40 thousand views and hit the trends YouTube per day. This means that a huge number of users, having entered the trend contribution, will see your video among others. In this case, the name can play a decisive role and the number of views will increase several times.

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There are several unspoken rules and tricks regarding the name for the video on YouTube, which allow you to qualitatively increase traffic and bring more target audience to the YouTube channel. We will consider this issue in more detail below.

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Title selection criteria per million views

First, it is worth deciding on the topic of the new video and generating for this 30-50 ideas, and then in several stages weed out the ideas until the moment, until there is only one best one. Which according to your instinct should “Come in” right now. The easiest thing with this is the case for those who make analysis of trailers and films – after the release, you need to immediately make your video and increased attention is provided. See if there are similar trends in your chosen topic or if you need to create hot topics yourself.

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Then you should choose an approximate (working) title, for the content that will be contained in the video. The title of the video must necessarily reflect its content. Otherwise, you simply run the risk of running into criticism from viewers, dislikes and unsubscribing from the channel.

We analyzed many videos that we collected over a million views and identified the main criteria for composing headings. When doing the analysis, we did not take videos from the promoted channels, since most of their views are gained at the expense of subscribers, and not due to the correct choice of the name.

Of course, in the case of regular subscribers, the name of the video also matters, but other factors can influence here, such as knowledge of your viewers, Feedback and contact with them. For example, you promise to shoot a video in a week about what your subscribers have been asking you for a long time – of course, a large number of views with the release of this video is ensured.

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Now let’s move on to the list of basic recommendations:

  1. Compliance with the content.
  2. Requires a response, opinions, statements, comments.
  3. Provokes, calls to action, using triggers.
  4. It brings benefits, benefits to the target audience.
  5. Using the names of celebrities, popular places, and more.
  6. Situational (among the first to make a video on a topic that will be super popular during the day or week, for example, a meteorite fall).
  7. Clearance title.

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How to name a YouTube video to get a lot of views?

Now let’s dwell on each point in more detail.

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1. Corresponds to the content.

Corresponds to the content – as mentioned above – you should not deceive your viewer, because in this way you will not increase your audience, but only scare away everyone who is interested in deception. For example, quite often the names of videos read something like “Exclusive detail from the life of a celebrity”, but in fact the content does not correspond to the declared feature.

2. Requires a response.

Or opinions. It can be a sharp question, coverage of a problem, or just a question for the viewer. For example, quite often beauty bloggers ask for help in choosing an image for the holiday or hairstyle. Newbie bloggers can cover a popular news or event, and the name itself can sound like “The trick of the star: in fact, he (she) is not like that.”

For example, in the fall of 2017, many bloggers, as well as the official YouTube channel of the Let the Talk program, grabbed a significant portion hype, on the topic of Diana Shurygina. The situation was ambiguous and many wanted to speak out on this topic, and expressed themselves, including through their video blogs.

QIP Shot - Screen 346

Of great importance in this case is also situationality, which we will talk about below.

3. Provocation.

This method is often used by those who want to increase their audience. These can be any actions and actions, as a rule from the category of freaks. For example, in Russian-speaking YouTube, all kinds of “Challenges”, the so-called challenges and tests, when a blogger does something out of the ordinary (wrapped in 100 layers of scotch tape, takes a bath of beer and infusion) and encourages the viewer to do the same.

Also, people are only interested in videos, the title of which contains the words “fight, fight, tin” and others from this category. See how the fighting game channel is making good use of it.

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Provocation in the titleThe channel has just over 200 thousand subscribers, but the knowledge of its audience allowed the video released a month ago to gain more than 5 million views.

4. Benefit.

This can be competent advice, training videos, guides, manuals, and simply high-quality content. The benefits for the target audience should be outlined in the video title itself. For instance, “Minus 2 kilograms after watching this video” for the channel about proper nutrition.

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5. Popular names / titles.

The most popular videos now are videos shot as reviews about celebrities, popular tourist destinations, sports or political events in which the author expresses his opinion. Their titles use the names or surnames of the people of the event – the presence of these details in the title of the video will allow you to collect more views on the video.

In one of her videos, a beauty blogger uses PROFIT + KNOWN NAME.

Popular names / titles.

Young girls who saw the title of this video somewhere, and at the same time are unhappy with their appearance and / or want lips like Jolie – clicked and watched the video, from here there are so many views on a fairly modest channel.

6. Situationality.

Always pay attention to keeping your finger on the pulse of events on the Internet and in the world. Quickly prepared and filmed material on a relevant topic will help in gaining popularity.

7. Unusual design.

To make the line of text above the video even more eye-catching, you can use different spellings:

  • Caps – all in capital letters.
  • Each new word with a capital letter.
  • Emoji in the title.

We do not recommend use Latin letters mixed with Cyrillic, as well as various icons that replace letters, since when searching for a video by title, it may simply not seem like YouTube.

Another way to increase video views is to use – clickbait

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