How to pin a comment on Instagram under a post

Instagram made the function of posting comments under posts available to all users.

Up to 3 comments can be attached to one post – we figure out how to do this.

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How to pin a comment on Instagram under a post

To make a pinned comment under an Instagram post, follow our instructions.

Step 1… Open the post to which you want to pin the comment.

Step 2… Go to the comments and pinch the desired comment with your finger.

Step 3… Click the pushpin icon.

The comment will be added to favorites, and the status “Attached” will be displayed below it. The user whose comment was pinned will receive a notification.

Attached comment on Instagram

Unpin a comment

To delete a pinned comment, hold it down again, click on the button icon and confirm the deletion.

How to unpin a comment

How to use

This feature can be used to flag the best user comments. Write in the text of the post that you will secure the most original comments under the post and thereby motivate subscribers to write more comments.

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