How to post a story in the VK community: a detailed guide to use

Now all groups in VK can publish stories. The developers recommend using this tool to increase engagement and publish unique content.

We figure out how to post a story in a VKontakte group, what are the possibilities, what to post and what to write in stories.

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Who can post stories in the group and where is it shown

Publishing stories is available to all communities. Only administrators and editors can post stories on behalf of the community.

Community subscribers will see the story:

  • In the news feed. The user sees stories from communities that he subscribed to, collected together – in a separate “Communities” circle in the stories section.
  • In your community. When you publish a story, a block with relevant stories will appear in your community.

The subscriber can bring all favorite pages to the news feed – for this they need to be fixed. The two communities in which the user is most active will be fixed automatically.

Any content that violates the rules of VKontakte is prohibited. Third-party advertisements and links in stories are also prohibited. Native integrations and ad placements are allowed through the ad account.

Dimensions, format and quantity

Technical requirements for stories:

  • vertical photos 1080×1920;
  • vertical videos 720 × 1280. Up to 15 seconds, no more than 5 MB, h.264 codec, AAC sound;
  • up to 50 stories can be downloaded per day.
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Stories can be viewed for 24 hours, then they disappear. You can publish a story – a collection of stories with a common title and cover. Each story can contain up to 20 photos and videos. Such a selection can also be placed on the wall – then it will not disappear after 24 hours. More details in the article: Plots from stories in VK.

How to make a story on behalf of a group in VK

You can upload a story to a VKontakte group from your phone and from your computer. Let’s consider both methods.

From phone to mobile app for iOS and Android

Step 1… Start making history. Open your camera from your profile page or news feed.

Step 2… Shoot a story or select a finished photo / video from the gallery. Add text or stickers. We will tell you about the design and use of stickers below.

Step 3… Click on the “Select recipients” button in the center.

Step 4… Make the group the storyteller. Tap your name at the top of the screen and then you can select one of the communities you administer.

How to post a VK community story from your phone

Step 5… We tap “Send” and you’re done! The story has been published.

From computer

Step 1… On the community page to the right under the menu, select Add Story.

How to add a story on behalf of a group

Or if a story has already been added and you want to publish another one, on the story management page.

How to post a story to the VK community

Step 2… Select files. You can upload several photos and videos at the same time. To do this, click on the “Select files” button or simply drag the media into the browser window.

Downloading VKontakte stories

If an error is displayed after the download is complete, then some files do not meet the requirements. If at least one file matches them, it will be uploaded and made available for publication.

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Step 3… Post your story. You can prohibit replying to stories in your community – go to settings, select “Stories” and turn off the option “Replies to stories”.

How to issue a VK community story

When designing a Story, try to place content and text labels closer to the central part – the recommended margins are 200 pixels at the top and bottom. Don’t use arrows to indicate Stories UI elements – it may look different on different platforms

How to issue a VK community story

Links in stories

With the help of links in stories, you can attach new entries, playlists or your articles to the story – all this will be available to subscribers with one click.

Web version:

  • Download the story.
  • Below you will see the button “Add link” – click on it.
    How to add a link to your community story
  • Paste the link and select the text box that users will see.

Mobile application for iOS and Android:

  • Select the entry you want to attach to the story.
  • Click on the arrow “Share”, select “Add to story”.
  • Shoot or upload a story and author your community.

Add stickers

  • Opinions. Ask subscribers a question and post the best answers. Or offer to share ideas and reward the author with the most interesting one.
  • Product. Mark the product right on the story – subscribers will immediately know its cost and can go to checkout with one touch.
  • Hashtag. Enter your unique hashtag – if a subscriber clicks on this, he will see the rest of the posts with him. Or vice versa, use popular hashtags – then your story will be noticed by everyone who enters similar queries when searching in “News”.
  • Music. Add tracks to stories to convey your mood to subscribers or introduce them to a cool song.
  • A place. Place the location of your cafe, workshop or hall where the concert will take place – so subscribers will easily find out where to find you.
  • Mention. Celebrate the most active subscribers or winners of contests – this way you will please them. You can also mention celebrities – for example, during flash mobs. They may notice your story and want to write down your answer.
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How to use stories to promote

Stories are a convenient way to share interesting and compelling content. For example, tell the latest news, announce events, arrange contests and congratulate you on the holidays.

If a subscriber has published a story about you – answer it. You don’t have to add your photo or video – you can replace it with a bright background with emoji or gradient. Your response story will also show the original one – for the subscriber this will be a reward for being active, and for you – another way to share reviews and impressions.

Be sure to invite subscribers to mention your page in stories – so you will definitely see publications about you.

Also, community stories are ideal for:

  • publish interesting and exclusive content;
  • create digests and collections;
  • Share news that has not yet appeared in the community, or add links to new posts and great articles in stories.

Story statistics

For each story, you can find out the main indicators: views, shares, replies and messages. Analyze this data to understand what your subscribers like.

To view statistics in the application, swipe up on the history.

VK community stories statistics

In the web version, you can view statistics for all community stories on the management tab, or by clicking on the eye-shaped icon in the story itself.

How to view statistics for group stories

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Try to make stories interesting, beautiful and useful, remind your subscribers of the opportunity to anchor your community in stories – and then a new tool will make your work even more effective.

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