How to post on Facebook – design beautiful publications

Social networks occupy an important niche in the life of a person who tries to keep abreast of all modern trends. The most popular resource in the world is Facebook, which is used by people all over the world. It helps not only to communicate with friends and make new acquaintances. The site provides access to news and is used as a platform for online business. Today we are going to show you how to post on Facebook.

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Types of Facebook posts

Public pages and groups, which have many members, post daily with all kinds of information. The main task of such publications is to attract attention. Post design is an important part of the job of a moderator or administrator. After all, you need subscribers to be interested in the information you submitted, and not just scrolling through it further. What can be placed in a post on Facebook and what formats are available to users?

  • Standard text… This is where you describe your thoughts, suggestions or news. You can attach photos and videos to a post, add emoji and stickers.
  • Photo album… This function is well suited for a store of goods or services, since you can upload up to 1000 photos in one post.
  • Interview. For statistics, competitions or voting, the very thing, you will know the opinion of people about a particular point.
  • Sentence. This format is ideal for all kinds of promotions, stores and events that offer discounts to active participants. After responding to the offer, the user will receive an e-mail, where he will learn how to receive the proposed in the post.
  • Event. In order to unload the feed of a group or page, all posts related to the event will be reflected on a separate page. And people who subscribed to this event will see it.

As you can see, there are many ways to convey the necessary information to subscribers. It is important to be able to use them correctly in order to maintain people’s interest in their own posts. The site’s millionth audience is the key to spreading any information, you just have to learn how to connect with everyone.

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How to post on Facebook

Let’s figure out how to design a publication so that everyone who sees it becomes interested and impressed. First of all, avoid long texts, they are tiring. It is better to present important information in short posts in several sentences. If there is a lot of it, just break it up into parts and post separately.

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Secondly, avoid the accumulation of different links in one post, the reader will simply be at a loss where exactly he needs to go.

Do not beg for likes directly, this is repulsive. To approve a post, the subscriber must be interested in something. Offer a bonus or fun surprise for your mark. But the important thing here is to keep your promise so as not to lose your audience.

In addition, there are various components for Facebook posts to help make them more relevant.

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An extremely important part for a post, especially if it has a link to follow. It is the title that catches the eye in the first place and is obliged to interest the reader. Remember, it’s important to keep within a few words so that you don’t lose interest. A headline of 5-6 words would be ideal, which contains a question or secret that the subscriber wants to know. You can create a title in documents added to the page. To do this, move the cursor over the “more” button at the top of the publication window. Select “create document” from the drop-down list.


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Currently, the limit on the text component of a post on Facebook is over 63,000 characters. But do not forget that almost no one likes long posts. When viewing the news feed, people rarely open up huge stories in full. For an advertising publication or announcement, a few apt phrases are enough that will not overload the reader with deep meaning.

Text posting on Facebook

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There is room for imagination here. You can attach both your personal photo and a picture from the Internet or a screenshot from a video to a post. You can create collages, edit and enhance photos, make captions and various effects. It is important that the picture matches your post, but does not fully reveal its content.

How to post a photo on Facebook


This point is perhaps the most understandable. Attach the video to your post, add some interesting phrases and people will watch it. In addition, there is a “live broadcast” function on Facebook, thanks to which you can broadcast an event or your message.

How to post a form on Facebook


This feature helps determine what is more interesting to users on Facebook right now. Online retailers and service providers use surveys to improve the quality of their own performance. On the pages of various events, you can arrange polls that will help you choose the winner in any competition.

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If you want to mark the location of an event, establishment or store, then this function will be very useful to you. With a map in front of their eyes, people get carried away with the proposal much faster, because they understand more clearly where the post described in the post takes place.

Offer or discount.

Unfortunately, Facebook removed this feature.

How to create a Facebook poll

How to make a delayed post on Facebook

Sometimes there are situations when you cannot sit at a computer or laptop without interruption, and the post has to go into the tape. For such cases, Facebook has created the “Scheduled Post” function.

It is extremely simple to use it. When creating a post, click next to the “Publish” button, select the desired function from the list provided and select the date. On the day and time you specified, the post will appear in the chronicle.

This feature saves many page administrators whose constant work does not allow them to constantly access social networks. It is enough to set the posting algorithm in the evening, and Facebook will do everything for you.

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How to promote a publication

Daily posts are not everything for a successful Facebook page, as only existing followers can see them. In order to attract new readers to the publication, it is worth considering advertising. For little money, you will have access to several modes in which you will be advertised by a social network. But before buying a promotion, you need to understand what exactly you want to achieve.

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Each item will have its own payment, and the wrong choice will lead to unnecessary loss of money. For example, to lure people to your personal site, the link to which you left in the post, you do not need to pay for every like or comment received during the promotion.

Dealing with all the nuances of Facebook promotion is quite simple. The main thing is to carefully read all the steps and instructions that the site will offer you.

The competent use of social network functions is the key to the success of any undertaking on the Internet. A lot of people who visit Facebook every day are potential customers, guests, customers. Learning to catch and hold their attention is not difficult at all, the main thing is to follow our advice and not be afraid to use all the possibilities of the Internet.

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