How to promote a blog from scratch and earn 400 thousand per month?

In this article, we will analyze the basic rules and guidelines that will help you develop your blog.

April 18, 2020

In this article, we will analyze the basic rules and guidelines that will help you develop your blog. I will share my basic techniques of promotion and promotion, drawing up advertising layouts and working with bloggers – all this helped me develop my blog from scratch in a year and open an online PR school. Let’s start?

Before you start blogging, it is advisable to prepare a short content plan and follow these steps:

  1. Decide on a blog concept. What will you write about? What information will you convey to the audience?
  2. Register headings. Bloggers usually have 3-4 main topics on which to prepare posts and separate headings for stories.
  3. List your usefulness. Why do people need your blog? Who is your blog for? How can you be useful? Write down several topics and combine them.
  4. Define the chips of your personal brand. The visual component of what you broadcast, what position you hold.
  5. Determine the portrait of the subscriber. Age, gender, what he does, how much he earns, hobbies, worldview.

When you already understand what and how you will write, I recommend that you practice shooting stories. Try not to shoot the “talking head”, change angles, look for less everyday topics. The landscape, the sea and the meaningless selection of pictures are designed for a fairly narrow circle of people. Think about what stories from your life you could tell in stages. Introduce yourself to your audience by posting a greeting.

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It is very important to work out the design of the ribbon. To work with visuals, you can use the following programs:

  • Chromic
  • Instaflash Pro
  • mojo
  • Glitche
  • Unfold
  • SNOW
  • Over
  • DesignLab
  • InShot
  • Facetune 2
  • Vigo Video
  • VSCO
  • iMovie
  • Canva
  • KUNI Cam
  • Nebi-Film
  • Snapseed
  • Content Office
  • Retro film

Be sure to think over the profile header.

Indicate what the person can learn from your blog. You don’t have to show your cards right away, keep the intrigue and come up with your own chip. Usefulness, intrigue, hype are the three key components of the blog “header”. As a profile photo, a portrait photo looks most beneficial.

After you have drawn up the header, thought out the strategy and concept, headings, practiced shooting stories, made a storytelling plan, made at least 15 posts in the same style, using the programs that we described above, you can start advertising.

How to promote a blog from scratch and earn 400 thousand per month?

Preparation for advertising.

First you need to understand exactly how you will be promoted: through a target or advertising from other bloggers. There are many courses on tragedy advertising, for a beginner blogger this is a profitable investment. On my personal PR course, I introduced a separate block for setting up a target for self-promotion, as an alternative, you can hire a targetologist.

Before launching advertising with bloggers, you need to think over what you will go for advertising with: advertising layouts, terms of reference, according to which the blogger will present you. Advertising layouts can be made independently or, like setting up a target, ordered from specialists. Now, for example, photo layouts are more relevant. The terms of reference and presentation of your blog will bring more audience if it contains brief information about your usefulness, such as “This is Vika, she has numerology calculations”, “This is Katya, she revealed the secrets of seducing guys.” Another effective way of filing is hype and intrigue in advertising, for example “While you are in doubt, Vadim earns several million on remote work. In his last post, he told how. “

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Launching and testing advertising strategies.

After the ad layout and submission are ready, you need to test small submissions on small bloggers. It is better not to invest all the money at once on large advertising, the optimal cost for initial testing is from 1000 to 3000 rubles. Watch which feed brings the most clicks and reactions and use the most winning feeds on bloggers with a larger audience later on. At the next stage, advertising can cost 7,000-10,000 rubles. If advertising is successful at this stage, you can continue to cooperate with bloggers with millionaires. Thus, you can promote your blog from scratch with minimal investment.

How can you make money on a blog?

  1. Advertising of other blogs, shops. To calculate the cost of advertising in stories, the formula coverage * 0.33 is usually used; to determine the price of advertising for a post, they take full coverage in stories. For example, if you have coverage in stories of 10,000, your post will build about 10,000 rubles, and advertising in stories, respectively, 10,000 * 0.33 = approximately 3,500 rubles. In the future, you can set the price based on receipts, optimally up to 5 rubles per subscription. Now the cost of one subscriber varies: 2-5 rubles for topical topics and 10-15 rubles for highly specialized topics.
  2. Information products. These can be manuals, checklists, marathons, courses that you create and that correspond to the topic of your blog. Thus, you can even monetize your blog without having large coverage. Most importantly: a sales funnel and an audience heating system. It is necessary to convey in detail the usefulness of your information product in stories, to “warm up” the audience from two to three weeks. Do not forget to dilute the “heating” with everyday stories by publishing no more than 50% of advertising content.
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Having worked through all the above steps in detail, you will significantly increase the chance of successful promotion of your blog. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, experiment with visuals and advertising presentation, invest in the study of advertising chips and targeting, and your blog will definitely pay off.

Lyakhotskaya Vitoria, blogger, owner of an online school

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