How to promote a group in VKontakte from scratch and without investment


After we learned how to create a group VK and beautifully decorate it, you can move on to the next stage. And the topic of today’s publication, how to promote a group in VK from scratch and preferably without investment. This publication is more suitable for those who are just starting their journey in SMM and wants to promote the group on their own and for free.

Among other methods that help to promote a group in VK, there are the so-called “black” methods: scamming, spamming. They can give a rapid increase in subscribers, but these are mostly bots that will not buy anything. In addition, the community may be blocked, so do not use such methods of promotion. Emphasize the quality, it’s better to attract 1 person who will become a client than 100 random subscribers.

How to promote a group at VK: yourself for free

Promotion of the group in VK pursues certain goals:

  • Realization of goods, services of the company (the indicator of effectiveness are requests and sales);
  • Earnings on the group, advertising (the number of subscribers, engagement is important: likes, reposts and comments);
  • Hobbies, creativity (it may be enough that you and your mother are in the group).

Depending on the goals chosen a plan for promoting the group is made, but in general it consists of the following points:

  • Defining the target audience;
  • Attracting subscribers (how and from where new subscribers will be attracted);
  • Content plan (a detailed plan is made on the types of content that will be published and the time of publication);
  • Contests (holding contests and drawings to attract new subscribers);
  • Advertising (targeted and native);
  • Working with bloggers, opinion leaders, guest posting;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and adjusting promotional actions.

For effective promotion it is necessary to think over and implement each stage, while monitoring the feedback to evaluate all actions. Then ineffective action or adjust and try again, or immediately discard. Effective actions or leave as is, or experiment to improve.

Services for promotion of the group

Promo Apibossa

Using paid services to attract live subscribers and likes on Vkontakte groups

Among other methods to promote groups and profiles in Vkontakte there is one “classic” – the use of paid services. But it should start with the fact that this approach in some cases may entail certain consequences: the transformation of boosted subscribers into “dogs”, writing off subscribers and so on. But if your service is using pretty correct algorithms (not attracting subscribers via spam, hacking etc.), then you can trust it. Keep in mind that not only the number of subscribers but also the number of “likes” on posts directly affects the popularity of the community.

We can recommend one of the services that provide attracting live subscribers and likes, but you should understand that this mechanism should not be used to get quick results. Subscribers can be attracted with a small speed, the same applies to the likes on publications – this allows you to avoid manual checks by the administration of the social network. Pay attention to the list of services of Over the many years of existence of the service not a single client has received a ban, so we can recommend it.


Proxy-server. A proxy serves for anonymous connection to a particular host on the Internet. In the context of using automation software, proxies help to hide from VKontakte mass actions aimed at promoting a community.

An individual proxy server allows to get IP addresses for each page or bot from which the work is carried out. When properly configured, you can create an account that will behave like a normal person. At the same time, note that only IPv4 are suitable for VK, since the Vkontakte website does not support the proxy format IPv6.

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You can buy private proxy servers from our partners, the company Proxy-seller, which will give you a 20% discount on any order by using the IMARKETING20 procode.

Fastpromo is a service for attracting audience. With its help you will get activity from real people who are really interested in your project.

Do you want to spend less time on the project development, while increasing its efficiency and payback? Leave most of the routine work of business development to this service – it copes with this on a hurrah.

Service offers a nice bonus – 30 rubles to your account when you register. Thanks to this you can test the necessary functionality for free.

Defining the target audience in VK

Determine who you are going to sell to or who will read you. Understanding your target audience, their interests, needs, fears and desires is almost half the battle.

Определение целевой аудитории в ВК

Let’s look at the definition of the target audience in VK, using a commercial community as an example.

  • Type of buyer: individuals or companies. What segment are you going to work in, B2C or B2B?
  • Purpose of purchase: resale or use. Why are people buying from you? For themselves or to resell your product at a higher price in their city?
  • Socio-demographic characteristics: gender, age, marital status, etc. Even if you work in B2B, you have to deal with people.
  • Find out everything about the decision maker, so you know how to persuade them to buy.

Of course this is just a general idea of the target audience, then you can segment your customers into different types and create a description for each type (segment).

Free ways to attract subscribers

In this paragraph, in accordance with the topic of the article, we will look at free ways to attract VKontakte subscribers.

  • Inviting friends. Please note that the function of inviting friends to the group is not available for “Public Pages”.
    To send invitations it is not recommended to use your personal account, because there is a risk of page blocking. We recommend to create 3-4 working accounts of different gender, add new friends every day (suitable for CA), and who became friends – to invite to the group.
  • Publication of useful content. By researching your target audience, you can understand what they care about, what their fears are. Based on this data, you need to create content that will not only arouse their interest, but also provoke a viral effect.
  • Inviting subscribers through members. After attracting your first subscribers, you can ask them to invite their friends. The main thing is to write a catchy message, after which people will want to invite their friends to the group. As an option, you can offer benefits or a discount.
  • Mutual PR with other groups. Find groups similar in subject and offer cooperation. What does it consist of? You place a post with a link to another group and this community publishes a post with a link to you.
  • Conducting contests. This method is not completely free, because you need a prize. Conducting a contest is possible when the group already has more than 1000 participants, with a smaller number it just won’t work. Be sure to make several prizes, otherwise people won’t have confidence that your acquaintance won’t get the grand prize.

    Content and Publication Plan

Let’s break down the main types of content we can post in our group to attract and retain our target audience.

  • Sales posts – in these you talk about your product, how to use it, why you should buy it now and how much it costs.
  • Entertainment content – 1-2 times a week you can publish texts or memes that are somehow related to the topic of your
  • business. But don’t overuse such content – the goal is to sell, not entertain.
  • Polls – at least once a month do surveys or polls, this will help to get to know your subscribers better and involve them in the interaction.
  • Situational posting – posts are tied to an event that is happening right now (Leonardo di Caprio Oscar) or a holiday (September 1st, Airborne Day, New Year).
  • Video content – you don’t have to hire a professional videographer to produce video content, shoot it on your phone: workstations, the process of producing the product, interesting remarks and comments on your product.
  • Testimonials – ask those who bought your product or used your service to write a review and post it in the group.
  • Website links – if you have a website, periodically post links to news, articles and products.
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With this taken care of, let’s move on. And then we brainstorm and generate ideas for 20-30 posts. We just write the names and not to forget what the post will be about in general terms. Then we divide the resulting posts by day of the week and time of publication. Publish 1 to 3 posts per day. This will be your content plan for the month.

To make sure each post is published on the right day at the right time, use the function of delayed publication. To do this, right under the new post, click “More,” select “Timer,” and set the time when the post should be published.

Also, this process can be automated, for example, with the service Autoposting.

How to make a selling VKontakte post

As an example, let’s analyze the structure and design of the selling post.

1. Attractive headline.
2. Disclosure of the benefits and uniqueness of the offer.
Appeal to the target audience (or individual segments) for which the post is written.
4. Scarcity (only 5 pieces left in stock, free time for today, etc.).
5. Call to action. Clear and maximally simple action the user has to do: leave + in the comments, call now, go to the site to learn more.

Image for the post.

The photo that will be attached to the post can duplicate the main talking points and add a picture of the product or process of use.

Contests and draws to promote the group

You can attract new visitors, subscribers and customers by means of contests and drawings in which it is mandatory to join the group and repost with the terms of the contest. In order not to spend money on prizes, you can offer your product or service as the main prize and then more people will know about your group. And also new participants will be added, and some of them will become customers.

The mechanics of the contest, you can imply several options for determining the winner.

  • This will be done by the participants. Who has more likes wins.
  • Chooses the administrator of the group.
  • An independent jury.
  • Random choice (random number generator).

How to promote a group in search

Promoting the group is possible both in internal search and in search engines.

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Recommendations for promotion in internal search and in search engines are about the same:

  • Put a keyword in the group name that users will enter when searching for it;
  • Get more subscribers – the more subscribers, the higher you are in search results;
  • Get a blue tick (if you’re a well-known brand or personality);
  • Fill out the description section of the group. When ranking in search engines, the group description is the description.

How to advertise a VKontakte group

When you have the first customers and money can think about advertising. VKontakte can run three types of ads:

With the help of not complicated options, you can set to whom your group or publication will be advertised. But since our manaul involves free promotion of the group, we will not focus on this point.

Working with bloggers and PR.

With bloggers may well be to agree to barter – you have your goods / services, they will you – advertising. Bloggers who will place ads must meet certain criteria:

  • They must be subscribed to your target audience;
  • They must have the authority or expertise to be listened to;
  • Depending on the type of business and the necessary coverage, the number of subscribers from 1000.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of promotion

Be sure to collect feedback for each tool you use and track all possible metrics.

  • Are calls coming in after the posts are published?
  • At what time do the posts get more likes and comments?
  • Do pranks allow you to attract customers or do they only collect freeloaders?
  • Which ways of attracting subscribers work better/worse?
  • Is there any negativity directed at you? Is it constructive?
  • What actions give you a spike in traffic?

In your community settings, there is a special statistics section where you can get even more accurate data.

  • Attendance (the number of unique visitors and views).
  • Coverage (the total number of users who viewed the group or newsfeed posts).
  • Activity (the number of likes, reposts, and comments).
  • Entries (details of the reach and activity for each individual post.


For example, in the first week you have held a contest, spent 3000 rubles on gifts and attracted 1000 new subscribers. It turns out that each new subscriber cost 3 rubles. In the second week you ran targeted ads, spent 5000 rubles, and attracted 100 new subscribers (50 rubles per subscriber). At first glance it seems that the second method is inefficient and expensive, but upon deeper analysis it turns out that in the first week there was not a single sale, and the second week there were 5 sales through the group VK. But even this is not a reason to draw a final conclusion.

Is it possible to promote a group in VKontakte from scratch and without investment.

If you are just starting to promote your business in social networks, at this stage it is quite possible to promote a VKontakte group from scratch on your own. In doing so, spend an average of 30-40 minutes a day.

To do this, you need to make a work plan for the month on the items listed in this article, broken down into 30 small tasks (1 task per day) and distributed by day. Then you can easily cope with the promotion of the group and later will be able to hire an smm-manager who will engage in community administration under your keen guidance. And you will be able to allocate the free time to study other ways to promote VKontakte and develop your business.

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