How to promote a group on Odnoklassniki?

In one of the previous posts, we have already told you how to create a group in Odnoklassniki, now we turn to the next questions, how to promote a group in Odnoklassniki. A feature of this network is that here, quite paying clients and serious people can hide behind a dog’s avatar or under various pseudonyms.

By performing simple actions, you can promote the group in Odnoklassniki, the most important thing is to work here and not be lazy, as well as apply a creative approach. After all, it is work with social. networks involves the most creativity.

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How to promote a group in Odnoklassniki from scratch?

You have made a group. We designed it beautifully, uploaded information, posts.

It’s time to start inviting people to the group.

There are several ways:

  1. To begin with, we invite friends from our page. By clicking “Invite to group”.

A window with a list of friends will appear, select – “Invite”.

  1. Invite members from other communities.

It is desirable to search among those groups that overlap with your topic.

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We drive a similar name into the search engine. We are given a list of communities, we enter and choose a member. And in the window that appears, click “Invite to group”.

You are developing and have recruited 30 people, we recommend changing the address. Change to something shorter, catchy.

In the parameters “Link to group” using the settings menu, you can easily change the URL.

A template from “Themes” will help you to make your group more colorful. There you can find something to your liking.

Promotion of the group in Odnoklassniki

And to insert your own theme into the group, the number of those who joined the group must be 10,000. For your theme you need three photos (pictures): the main photo, the background picture, the cover for the catalog.

So that your group does not get lost, and you can find it faster, it is necessary to use keywords. Keys will help you find your group among other similar communities or competitors. In the “More” – “Settings” menu, enter by what phrases or words to find you.

Promotion of the group in Odnoklassniki

To get people interested and they would like to join your group, apply the publicity settings. We advise you to choose:

  1. Members of the group are allowed to add their videos, photos, topics;
  2. Only members can leave comments.

The most important thing is to develop the group, make it interesting, publish posts in the group on Odnoklassniki everyday. Write new facts, photos.

If you create a theme manually add a photo. Insert hashtags so that your post can be found by keywords.

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Polls can also attract and make your group more popular. They can be humorous, funny, entertaining. Or if you are promoting a product, you can arrange a survey on it. There are many options.

This will encourage people to discuss, comment, participate in the development of the group. There is no need to add a special discussion. When uploading and posting, everything is automatically created by itself. You just need to open “Comment”.

Promotion of the group in Odnoklassniki

All discussions will be there. If not, then no one has commented on this post.

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Group promotion for a fee

Interact with admins of other groups. It is especially beneficial to communicate with those whose topics are similar to yours. For those who sell products, you need to consider which geographic point the site represents. If you do not trade with Belarus, then you will not need the group “Vitebsk, hello”, etc. Use targeted ads.

Discuss publishing information about your group to others. You may need to pay for publication first. But, if you have more participants, you can change links.

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