How to promote a YouTube video: 7 ways to promote your video

Nobody knows how the YouTube algorithms work and are arranged, since the hosting does not tell how the videos are ranked. Therefore, in order to promote the video on YouTube and increase the number of subscribers on the channel, use a set of measures.

In this article, we will describe the most common and effective video promotion methods. We will tell you how to get the first thousand views and subscribers. If you have your own channel and you are engaged in its promotion, then this article will be useful to you.

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How to promote YouTube videos yourself for free

Do not think that you can only promote a video on YouTube for money, there are a lot of free ways, which we will talk about below.

SEO video optimization

The first step in promoting a video is to optimize it. Correctly filled metadata: title, tags and description for the video. There must be keywords in there – phrases that YouTube users enter when they are looking for interesting content. There are special services for the selection of keys, one of the most common is Yandex.Wordstat.

There are high, medium and low frequency queries. The higher the frequency of the word, the more difficult it is to promote the video along it, and the higher the return. The first type of keys is used to optimize videos by popular channels, if you are new to YouTube, then most of your semantic core should be medium and low frequency queries, and only 2-3 high frequency ones. Take a look at the SERPs and see for yourself that search engines rank video content well.

Ranking of videos in search engines

In addition, you can use the Google search statistics. To do this, visit the Google Trends service, enter a word and select a time period. There you can compare several keys to see which one is better to use. The downside is that the data is relative and this service can be used as an add-on.

YouTube Query Statistics

Below, under the graphs, you can see the regions in which users enter these words into the search engine more often than others, similar queries are indicated.

In details: YouTube video SEO optimization

Seeding videos on social media

Another way to promote is by seeding videos on social media. Search for groups according to your topic and offer videos through the “Submit news” button. You need to write a short teaser for the video to increase your chances of publishing content.

Seeding videos on social media

In most cases, such publications will be rejected, especially in large communities. You can also do it differently – write in private messages to people who are responsible for advertising. Tell about yourself, that you are making interesting content and are ready to mention them in your videos. Perhaps you will be offered a publication with a good discount, which will be a great start for you.

But if this method doesn’t work, look for communities with few subscribers and an open wall. Before you publish a video there, you need to make sure that it is not prohibited. Look through the wall and if you see that there are many videos on it and they are not deleted, then you can safely publish your video. But if there is only group news, then you should ask the administrator for permission to publish your content, describing that the information will be useful to their subscribers, since you have one target audience. There are almost 20,000 subscribers in the group and it is allowed to post videos.

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Call for activity

Think over the script for each video and encourage viewers to be active: like, comment, subscribe and share the video on social networks. All this is necessary for greater audience retention and good ranking.

If YouTube sees that your channel is being subscribed to after watching a certain video or during it, then the system will understand that the video is of high quality and will begin to promote it. You can conduct polls and ask viewers to leave their opinions in the comments. You need to respond to every comment to help promote your content. In addition, include your videos in the end screens and invite viewers to watch your other videos.

Use your resources

Like your video, share it on all social networks. If you have a site, even with a small traffic, post a new video on it and link to the channel.

In addition to the fact that you distribute the video to groups, you need to fix it on your personal page and ask your friends to repost. In the early stages, this will greatly help you in promotion. But this should be done immediately after posting the video on Youtube, since it is important how many views the video will get in the first 60 minutes and 48 hours. If you don’t have your own blog yet, experienced youtubers advise starting one – it’s easier than ever to do it on the WordPress site.

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Paid video promotion

But if you want to see the results immediately after the release of the video, then use paid methods of promoting the video. We will talk about them below.

Services for the promotion of YouTube videos

Below we will describe several services that will help you get the first views.


This is one of the first YouTube promotion services, here you can buy views and subscriptions separately. The service has been around for quite some time, so there is no doubt about its reliability.

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Programs for boosting YouTube subscribers

The site interface is very clear. Create an assignment, select YouTube, indicate the link you want to advertise and in the window that appears, indicate what to cheat (subscribers, views, comments, reposts, likes, dislikes).

A service dedicated exclusively to promotion on Youtube… Here you can be both a customer and a contractor, the main thing is to register. The service has an excellent design and interface, so it’s easy to manage your tasks here. There is also a bonus system by invitations – you get 15% of all points earned by your friends.

Ytuber service

This is one of the most common and reliable services where you can order the promotion of your video. In addition to views, you can order likes and comments. - service for video promotionViboom

It is a native advertising service that posts your videos to similarly-themed sites. The interface and functionality of the service is very simple: you need to register, add the link of the video you want to advertise, select the service package and the number of desired views, make a payment and launch the campaign. The cost of services is calculated based on the number of views. 1 viewing – 80 kopecks. The minimum number of views is 500, costing 400 rubles.

Viboom is a native advertising serviceSocelin

Another service for video promotion. Promotions are regularly held on the site when you can order a promotion at a bargain price. This service is often chosen by users for advertising, as it guarantees a refund in case of failures or other problems.

Socelin - a service for promoting views Buzzoola

A simple service for collecting views. You need to fill in the video details and select the type of ad campaign. The service offers you fixed advertising on a budget, an unlimited campaign, and showing ads until a specific goal is achieved (for example, 10,000 views). You should also choose a cost per view.


Service for boosting views and subscribers. It offers several service packages, the more views you order, the lower the total cost will be.


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Advertising with bloggers

Advertising on a YouTube channel from well-known bloggers can be an excellent source of traffic, but it costs a lot. For example, the YouTube channel, on which nearly 1.9 million subscribers, offers advertising at this price.

Promotion of YouTube videos for bloggers

To avoid misunderstandings, you need to choose the type of advertisement in advance, discuss what the presenter will say about your video, write a script. In order to make sure that the ad will be effective, you need to request statistics from the channel owner.

You must understand that if the advertising does not bring the result you expected, no one will return your money. Therefore, you need to carefully select the channel on which you want to advertise yourself. In addition, you must have quality content and a similar target audience.

On the Internet, you can find channels with a smaller number of audiences, the cost of advertising for them will be much lower. You need to find the channel where you would like to advertise and go to the “About channel” tab. Usually the authors leave a mail or a link to social networks there, where they can guide you according to the price list.

If you do not have a large amount of money at once, you need to choose different channels and gradually test ads on them. Look for growing channels with an active audience and order advertising from them. So, if you have a children’s channel, then the channel offers you an advantageous offerYoung king, which has just over 72,000 subscribers.

Advertising video

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Official advertisement

One of the most common advertising methods is to promote videos on YouTube itself. This method is suitable for short videos (trailers, announcements). You can customize it through YouTube or Google Ads. The main advantage of this type of advertising is that you manage to set your budget. And even if you have a little money, you can run ads. The site offers several types of advertising campaigns:

  • displaying a banner on videos of various channels;
  • advertising with a fragment of your video before showing the video on other channels;
  • first positions in the heading recommended content (a preview is shown and there is a note that this is an advertisement).

Analyze YouTube video promotion work and get better

After you have done this difficult job, it is important to analyze whether it is effective. It will be most convenient to track statistics if you advertised one video. To do this, go to “Youtube Analytics“, Click on the” Traffic Sources “button and add the video you were promoting in the search bar.

Video promotion analysis

Below, under the graphs, you can see in detail the total number of transitions from different sources. In order to understand exactly where the transitions came from, you need to click on different sources and see in detail the number of transitions.

For example, when you click on “End screensavers”, a menu will open in front of you, where the videos from which there were transitions in descending order will be indicated. By clicking on “External sources” you will see all third-party resources from which your video was viewed, including social networks.

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