How to promote an Instagram post: step by step instructions

This material is for those who want to learn how to promote an Instagram post right from the app. Those who want to quickly launch ads and are not ready to spend hours figuring out the intricacies of the Ads Manager settings on Facebook.

The article includes:

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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  • step-by-step instructions on how to promote your post on Instagram;
  • recommendations for choosing a promotion object;
  • examples of post advertising cost estimation and budget calculation;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions;
  • ways to solve the most common problems associated with permission to promote.

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What does the “Promote” button mean and how does it work

If you need a quick launch of an advertising campaign, then promoting your publication on Instagram is exactly what you need. The “Promote” button under each post will appear when you connect a business profile or go to the author’s account.

When you click on the “Promote” button, an advertisement is automatically created with the selected post. You can also call this function, raise a post or bring a post to the TOP, because your promo post will be shown one of the first in the feed.

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At the same time, promotion will not be possible for some posts, in this case the “Promote” button will be displayed, but will be inactive.

How to promote an Instagram post: step by step instructions

Step 1:

Choosing what to promote

Decide what problem you need to solve by promoting your post and what is the best solution. Here are 3 types of content you can promote:

  • usual post with photo – suitable in most cases;
  • video – if you want to get coverage;
  • gallery – for the presentation of several products.

If the goal is to attract customers, prepare a selling post for Instagram, if the goal is to get feedback, then make an engaging post. After selecting a publication, open it and click below button “Promote”

Advice: Prepare your promotion publication in advance. Use an image that the eye can easily catch or post a photo with a caption.

The most important thing in the text is the first line. This is what the user sees when flipping through the feed. Try to interest from the very beginning, and finish call to action: leave a comment, go to the site, register.

Step 2:

Choosing an action

Next, a gallery will appear with tips on promotion goals (Destinations). We need to choose the action that we want to achieve from users – go to the site, go to the profile, reach or post to Direct. Let’s choose “Your messages in Direct” – it is suitable if you want to immediately receive messages from clients.


Choose the action that suits your ad campaign. If your goal is to sell on the site, then put a link to a specific product or category. If advertising on Instagram is the first step in the auto funnel, then link to the lead magnet.

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Step 3:

Action button

Depending on the choice of the target of the ad post, different call-to-action buttons will be shown:

  • The goal of “My profile” is the “Go to profile” button.
  • The goal of Messages in Direct is the button Write to Direct.

For the button that will accompany the advertising publication leading to the site, you can edit the label on the button. The options are: More, Shop, Contact us, Book & Register

Action button

Step 4:

Audience building

You can leave the automatic selection of the audience, but it is better to configure it manually.

Target audience selection

For the audience, we choose the name, geolocation, interests, age and gender, as well as gender. To properly set up targeting, first create a portrait of your target audience.

Target audience portrait

Step 5.

Budget and duration

To begin with, you should set a small budget.

Instagram post promotion budget

To change the budget and duration of an ad campaign, simply move the mark on the slider.

Step 6:


Here you can see how your advertising post will look in the feed and check if all the options for promoting a post on Instagram are configured correctly.

Create a promotion

At the end, we tap “Create a promotion”. Advertising publication will go to moderation, after which you will receive a corresponding notification.

Advertising publication statistics

To see statistics on the promotion of a publication on Instagram, go to the advertising publication – click “View promotion” and then look “View statistics”.

Since our advertising company has not yet been launched, there are zero indicators here. When these statistics are updated, it will be possible to calculate the cost of a click and the cost of one application or registration when using this type of advertising.

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Promotion of a post on Instagram via Facebook

If you still want to go into more detail about the targeting settings, you can run a post advertisement on Facebook. I will not describe the whole process in detail, we already have a corresponding article: Setting up advertising on Instagram through Facebook. Start tuning on it.

Next, when creating a creative, you need to select “Use an existing publication” and click the “Select a publication” button.

How to Promote an Instagram Post on Facebook

Then we switch to the “Instagram” tab and select the post that we will promote from those published in our account.

Promotion of Instagram posting via Facebook

Topic article: How to set up Instagram Stories ads via Facebook

If the button Promote on Instagram does not work or there is no permission to advertise, then …

There may be several reasons:

  • payment arrears in your personal account – the solution is simple, pay off the debt or top up the balance;
  • no administrator access rights to the Facebook page to which the Instagram account is linked. Decision: ask the page owner to grant you administrator rights;
  • the account is not linked to the Facebook page;
    Can't promote an Instagram post
  • Facebook glitches. On the territory of the Russian Federation, a Facebook advertising account in conjunction with Instagram does not always work stably, so the problem with the “Promote” button can arise literally out of the blue. Decision: from the company’s business profile on Instagram, go to your personal profile, and then reconnect the business account;
  • if none of the above helps, but you need to run ads from your phone, install the free Ads Manager Facebook app and run ads from it.

So, I hope this tutorial was useful, as in it you got acquainted with the light method of setting up Instagram ads.

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