How to Promote Instagram Stories: Setting Up Fast Promotion

Did you know that Instagram Stories has a quick promotion button? Using this button, you can launch the promotion of the Story literally in 5 minutes. This is similar to the “Promote Post” button on Instagram.

Let’s consider how to set up fast promotion of stories on Instagram, what are the limitations and requirements of this method. Let’s figure out what to do if the error “Unable to promote the publication” or “No permission” appears for promotion.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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How to promote a story on Instagram

To promote a Story on Instagram, first publish the Story that you will be promoting in the future.

Step 1… After posting, open Stories and swipe up. Statistics will appear, above which there are save and delete buttons, and in the middle there is a advance button in the form of a zigzag with an up arrow. Click on it.

Also, you can go to promotion through the History menu. Open Storey, click on three dots in the lower right corner and select the “Promote” item in the menu that appears.

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How to make a promo story on Instagram

Attention! To quickly promote your Stories, you need to go to the author’s profile or connect a business account on Instagram.

Step 2… Next, you will need to specify the parameters of the audience, which will be shown the promo story:

  • geolocation;
  • floor;
  • age;
  • interests.

There is an option to leave the automatic selection of the audience. Advertising for Stories is ready, it remains to replenish the budget.

Requirements for advertising stories

Instagram has significant restrictions on Stories that can be run in ads.

You cannot start a quick story advance if:

  • it contains video of too low quality;
  • it has elements with touch support (geolocation, hashtag, mention, question, etc.);
  • History was created too long ago;
  • Story materials violate copyright;
  • camera effects were used in the creation.

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Unable to promote post to Stories and other problems

“Unable to promote publication” – most often this message appears when there are clickable elements on the story. Geolocation, hashtags, quiz, survey and others. Also, you will not be able to promote a story if its aspect ratio does not match the required one.

Unable to promote publication

Can’t be promoted: album covers, live broadcasts, reposts, profile photos.

When launching a promo Story, problems may arise when Instagram reports that “No permission”… An error can occur for 2 reasons: there is a debt on the advertising account or if the connected Facebook profile does not have enough permissions. The first problem is solved by simple replenishment of the balance, and the second requires more sophisticated manipulations. Let’s tell.

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To connect a Facebook account with the required permissions to an advertising account on the Pages:

  • Reconnect the Instagram business account (unlink and re-link the Facebook business page).
  • Try promoting the post again.

If that doesn’t help, try switching the ad account connected to your business profile:

  • Open Settings in your Instagram account and select “Pay for Promotions”.
  • Select or change Facebook Advertising Account.
  • Try promoting the post again.

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Now you know how to promote your Instagram Story without leaving the app itself. Problems can arise with this method of promotion, but they can be easily avoided if you use the Instagram camera when creating a story and do not add clickable stickers to the publication.

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