How to promote your site with articles

How to promote your site with articles

Article promotion of sites is a technique of attracting traffic and promoting a site by posting articles on other resources with links to your promoted resource.

Most sources of information on the Internet talk about an outdated method of article promotion, so we decided to write this recommendation, where we will tell you in detail about the most relevant techniques for promoting a website through articles in 2021.

Cons of the old approach

Typically, optimizers have worked like this:

  • We wrote or ordered articles from copywriters on the topic of the promoted resource;

  • On a special exchange, they chose sites for posting their articles;

  • They posted their articles on them, in which they inserted two or three links to the pages of the promoted resource.

It was considered the height of skill to contact the owner of the site directly and agree on placement by barter (mutual PR) or even free of charge if the written article is needed by the author.

What problems are there when using this method now?

  • Google has long included guest blogging in its recommendations to webmasters as prohibited.

  • Sites from exchanges that post such articles with links gradually lose quality and, over time, turn into cesspools of the Internet.

For the use of such SEO links, Yandex has a punishment and a special algorithm – Minusinsk. Google is a little simpler, it just doesn’t take such links into account, which means you are wasting your time and money.

About a qualitatively new approach

A new approach to promoting SEO with texts involves writing high-quality articles on the topic and posting on your site.

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The essence of website promotion with texts is to collect all possible queries that users can enter at different stages of solving the problem, and write SEO articles for them.

This method is based on the fact that before buying a product or service, a person spends a large amount of time reading forums, blogs or thematic texts. This is where we catch the client in the early stages of decision making. After all, from the articles written, you get your own information section, where potential customers come.

An added benefit of this method is that your site answers many of the questions in your field. The greater the coverage of search queries in a topic, the more conditional expertise your site has, which is taken into account as a ranking factor.

Using this method can be a profitable alternative to paid promotion, especially in a competitive environment with overheated advertising auctions.

What articles to write

The key to the success of article promotion is to choose topics that are in search demand, that is, people ask questions to the search engine. The most affordable way is to use the service There you can find out how often requests are entered.

Let’s list the factors that are important when creating a page for the queries for which you want to be in the TOP:

  • Page type. Check how the TOP of search results looks for your queries in Yandex and Google. If there are product pages, then you also need a product page. Algorithms of search engines, based on user behavior, determine what should be in the first positions and it is useless to argue with them.

  • If people are interested in video, then without video on the page, you will not get traffic.

  • When writing an article, be guided by the following parameters: volume (usually, the more, the better), content (tables, pictures, videos, attachments and documents), videos and feedback forms. It makes no sense to publish bare text.

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What you don’t need to do is cram keywords into the direct entry. Search engines have learned to understand the meaning of phrases and for such a gross manipulation, you can get penalties.

How many articles to write? Write about all your products and services. And when the topics run out, then write about the problems that your proposal solves.

SEO Optimization Guidelines for Articles

Here’s what we recommend you pay attention to when writing an article:

  • Key phrases. Collect all the phrases on the topic of the article and scatter them throughout the text. It is important that phrases are in place. You can rearrange words and bend.

  • Title and Description meta tags. The Title meta tag is the most important page meta tag, it sets the page title, which is visible in the title of the browser window and in the search engine results. Description – specifies the description of the page in the search engine results. It doesn’t really affect positions, but it creates an attractive snippet.

  • Headings should be highlighted with HTML tags H1-H6, so the search engine robot will understand the structure of the article.

  • Use lists. Search engines are very fond of showing excerpts from sites in the form of a list in search results.

  • Images. Images should correspond to the topic of the article (and search engines already know how to understand what is shown in the picture). Pay particular attention to the presence of the ALT tag.

  • Tags , and . The text that is highlighted with this tag looks more important than the rest.


Now you know how to post articles to promote your site. And you will do it right.

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