How to quickly wind up likes in VK for free or without tasks


Cheat likes on VKontakte (massliking on the contrary) is a way to create the illusion of popularity. You should use the promotion of likes only in the most exceptional cases. For example, if the community is very young and you need to make it trustworthy, you can use a promotion.

Next, we will consider a few more cases in which you can wind hearts under posts, as well as share an overview of the best services that will help with this. Go!

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocksRecommended: Jesica is an Instagram promotion app (from the creators of Install Jesica on your Android phone or computer and the app will like, follow, and unsubscribe as if you were doing it yourself:

  • No blocks. The limits work as if you were doing it all manually.
  • Safely. You do not need to enter a password for your account.
  • High speed. You can put up to 1000 likes and 500 subscriptions per day.

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Services and programs for cheating VKontakte likes

Most of the services are made as a blueprint. In any of them you can perform tasks yourself (put likes, join groups, repost, write comments), earning points and spending these points to boost likes. But there is an opportunity not to waste your time, throw in a small amount of money – 100-200 rubles, and immediately create cheat tasks.


A more expensive, but also convenient service that offers not only cheat, but also posting on VK and Insta. You can work with VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and even Odnoklassniki. The minimum deposit amount is 100 rubles.

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Of the minuses – the high cost of completing the task (like, subscription, comment) from 10 to 20 points, with a lower cost, tasks are performed very slowly. Plus the commission of the service itself for tasks in the amount of 100%. An e-mail is required to verify your account.

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2. Mrpopular

An online service that allows you to promote pages on social networks, including winding up likes and other indicators in VK. A distinctive feature is the support of a huge number of resources: from YouTube and Instagram to Tik-Tok and Telegram.

In MRPOPULAR you can buy likes from both bots and offers, and from real people. The cost of one subscriber is from 0.1 rubles. To start a promotion, you must specify a link to a post or photo of VK, the number of marks I like, and then top up your account. This can be done using a bank card, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi and even cryptocurrency.

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3. VkTarget

Wrapping likes in all social networks is suitable. The site has a pleasant and intuitive interface. Here you can not only wind up likes, but also other indicators – comments, subscribers, views. Also, VkTarget allows you to increase the number of all indicators so as not to arouse suspicion in VKontakte.


Does not require authorization in the service, just go to the site, provide a link to the page and buy the required number of likes. If you want to receive likes for free, then you can receive them one by one. Instead of buying, click “Get another like!” Each time.

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Cheat likes on ava, photos or posts on the wall of the VKontakte page.


Works only with VK. Go through authorization – you get 5 bonus points, +10 points every day for visiting. For the balls you order the wrapping of the required number of hearts. You can wind up not only likes, but also comments, subscribers, votes in polls and reposts.


The largest list of available social networks, besides VK and the rest, is, Pinterest and even page views of the site. You can log in through any social. network, for which you will receive 25 points.

But for sites, it is definitely better not to use it, since the task indicates that you need to stay on the site for at least 10 seconds, and this is even lower than the bounce rate in Yandex Metric.


One of the cheapest and most convenient services. For each visit to the service, 5 bonus points are awarded. They can be used to boost likes for free.

Supports work in three social networks VK, Insta and Tvi – you can go through authorization through any of these 3 social networks. networks. The minimum amount is 50 rubles, for which you will receive 250 points. The average cost of a like is from 1 to 3 points.

To work in these services, we recommend creating several fake accounts, since VKontakte periodically blocks accounts for frequently completing tasks.


Why do I need to boost likes on VK?

If you think that boosting likes on VK will help you or the group you lead become popular, then you are very much mistaken. In the event that there really is a goal to become a popular blogger, then you need to focus not on likes, but on what will set you apart from the rest and the quality of the content that you will produce. The same goes for publics and communities, pay attention to the content rather than creating the illusion that the community has a lot of fans.

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In what cases can you use wrapping likes?

1. If you run native advertising on VKontakte and use an existing post as a promotional post. Then you can wind up this post with a few likes (about 200) and reposts (up to 50). So that when an advertisement gets into the feed of a target audience, it inspires more confidence. In addition, there is an increased chance that a person who has seen a post with non-zero indicators will share it with their friends.

2. For the young community / public… At the very beginning of the journey, you can resort to a little trick, and so that people are more willing to subscribe – to wind up subscribers and likes.

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