How to register in Tik Tok from your phone and computer

“How to register at TikTok” is the # 1 question among beginners. After all, the musical community is highly valued by young people who want to express themselves. At the beginning of 2021, analytics was carried out – downloads over one billion. The popularity of the application is growing every day. You can register using a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop. For instructions on registering with (as the Platform is often called), read this article.

Where to begin?

First of all, download the Tik Tok app. With the Android operating system, this is done through Google Play, with iOS – through the App Store. Open an online store and enter your query in the search bar. Install the program to your device. In Ukraine, the initial version is in Russian. Optionally, after activating the profile, change the language.

For PC, first download and install the Android BlueStacks emulator. Only then can you download the new social network. Loading the emulator will take time. How much depends on the power of the computer.tik tok register

Now let’s proceed directly to creating a profile from different devices.

How to register in Tik Tok from your phone

To register an account from a mobile device, open the downloaded application. First you will see the “Home” page, and the recommended video of another user will start playing. Go to the “Me” menu and press “Registration” in the center of the display.tick current register

You will see three options for creating an account: through mail, by phone number, through other social networks. Let’s consider each method in stages.

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By email

To register at TikTok by email, follow the instructions.

  1. Select “Registration by phone or mail”.tik tok registration online
  2. Enter your date of birth (according to Community Guidelines, age is at least 13 years old).register in tik tok in russian
  3. In the next window, switch to “Mail”.
  4. Enter your e-mail address.tick tok registration from computer without downloading
  5. Next, you need to set a password.register in tik tok in Russian
  6. Done.

Now edit your personal information and shoot the first clips for users to see. Accordingly, select “Change Profile” and “+” in the middle of the bottom panel.

By phone number

Registration in TikTok by mobile device number is even easier.

  1. After entering the date, select “Phone”.
  2. Change the country code to the required one and enter the number you are using.tik tok registration from phone
  3. A window will open – activate by code.tik tok online on the computer register
  4. An SMS with a four-digit code will come.
  5. You are given 1 minute to have time to enter, otherwise you will need to re-request.
  6. The code will automatically be pulled into the input field (if not, enter it manually).
  7. The account has been created.

Change your nickname, fill in the missing data – mail and password, so that you have several ways to log in. There is a “Share Profile” option so that subscribers can find you. Look for the feature in Settings. It is also one of the ways to boost your profile views.

Through social media

To do this, select the service you are using. It can be Google, Facebook, Instagram, VK or Twitter. Go through the authorization, if you are not online now – enter the login and password of this social network. When registering, the name and photo (avatar) will be pulled up to the profile. Edit your personal information in the “Edit Profile” tab and “Account Management” in the “Settings” (three dots in the upper corner of the “Me” menu). Using the example of logging in through Facebook, it looks like this:how to register in tik tok on a computer

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Registration in Tik Tok from a computer / laptop

If you have installed an Android emulator and downloaded the application, it will not be difficult to create an account on Tik Tok via a computer. The procedure is carried out without downloading to the phone.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. In the bottom panel, go to the little man – the “Me” menu.
  3. Click “Register”.
  4. Similarly, as in a smartphone, this can be done in three ways – mail, phone or social network.
  5. Depending on the method, follow the steps.

But if you already have a profile on a mobile device, and the data of the smartphone and computer are synchronized, this procedure does not need to be repeated. Just sign in to your account.

Now you can watch videos and share them with your friends and subscribers.

Is it possible to create an account without downloading

Unfortunately, the Platform has not yet introduced this functionality into the program, which would not require downloading. You can create an account only by installing the program. If you don’t want to install on your smartphone, try using the emulator on your PC. Without an app, watch the new popular community videos on the official TikTok page.

How much is charged for registration?

Signing up on the social network is completely free. You don’t need to pay anything. Any demand for money is considered fraudulent. If this happened to you, immediately contact TikTok technical support. Search the official site in the Community Guidelines.

Each user will choose a convenient method for themselves, which depends on the type of device used. The instruction is relevant for new TikTokers.

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